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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author muffinman277

Its a trap!

muffinman277 Last updated on January 22, 2011
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So i started playing cait sense she came out, one of my favorite champs to play to date and can be very effective.

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Pros / Cons

-ranged carry
-heavy/quick hitter

(seriously, her run speed is so freaking low even after getting ur full boots.)

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I run Armor pen. quints and marks for obvious reasons, shes an AD carry

Mana Regen seals to help with the early game laneing.

CD per level glyphs, cause i can? You can play around with the glyphs to fit your play style more

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standard 21/0/9

alternatively you can go 9/0/21 if that fits your style more

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Item build

This is were things get tricky.

Start with Dorans blade and a health pot, go mid unless your team has a better mid champ like anivia or MF or vlad, cait is very capable of doing side lane or top solo so dont hog mid if hits unnecessary

Make sure your last hitting, its very easy to do with cait so keep on it. harass only as necessary, a few pokes here and there with head shots and maybe a few piltover peace makers to keep them scared.

keep this up untill your forced out of lane or you've dominated the lane and have time to go back.

buy a BF sword if you have the money, i know i said shes slow and getting boots would help with that, but BF swords are to valuable to cait and rushing a quick black cleaver is amazing.

go back to lane, gank as necessary, generally be aware as you should with any char you take to mid, and continue into mid game.

after the BF sword you should get your berseker boots followed by a black cleaver. if your doing well you can hit these by about 16 or so minutes into the game.

after your Black cleaver you can go to another BF sword if you've got the money, or you can go zeal if you need more run speed, or last whisper if you feel you need more armor pen.

by the time you get to this point the games proably been decided and you can free style your items from here based on how well your doing.

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Skill Sequence

Max piltover peace maker first

traps second

and net last

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Setting up your lanes with traps and how to position yourself in fights

Its a trap!

If your mid lane your trap options are not the greatest, but what i like to do is shut off one side of the lane with traps so that a ganker has the chance of hitting one when they come in but on a bigger not the person your laning against has only half a lane to work with making it much easier for you to land your Q's for extra dmg.

if your doing top or bottom, i always put my first trap in the river side bush, to warn me of any gankers attempting to kill me. i usually place the next in one of the two side bushes depending on which one is being more heavily used by the players ur laning against.

if the jungler is getting smart and starting to avoid the bush and just runs in, than place the second trap between the bush and the wall in the river.

Team fights

in team fights, stay back and try to position your self to get a Q to hit multiple people.

open up with Q and then go straight into auto attacks as late game Q will take off dps because of the cast time.

like any carry, target the squishiest thing you can find first, however because of they quick black cleaver we've built if the weak champs are being well protected and it would put you in bad positioning to fight them, then tap the tanky chars with a few outta shots to decrease their armor. (it often surprises the tanks when their health starts dropping faster than normal and they tend to forget they are a tank and panic)

Cait's Ult

its a tricky thing to use well, as it can be blocked by any character of the opposing team, but i useally fire it at the first person to start running from the team fight, if it hits them, they die, if it doesnt...hell at least it did dmg to something.

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Team Work

placing traps as your team moves into a fight can allow for an escape route if things go bad, equally if a teammate is being chased placing traps in front of the enemy a little ways will make them dodge it or get hit by it buying your team a little more time to run. her net can be equally helpful in slowing pursuers down.