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Janna Build Guide by D3aN0 Supr33mo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3aN0 Supr33mo

Janna, AD's best friend

D3aN0 Supr33mo Last updated on March 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, my name is D3aN0 Supr33mo and I'm a high elo OCE support main. Janna was the first support that I played and fell in love with. My first ranked game back in season 1 was top lane Janna with Mordekaiser. My KDA's with Janna were extremely high, being 9.3 in Season 2 and 9.0 in Season 3 while having a 87% win ratio.

This guide will be written according to my playstyle with Janna, so I suppose it's up to you whether or not to trust this guide. I'm sure there are many better ones out there as I don't have the time to put enough effort required. Anyways, please enjoy.

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Janna's Role

Janna is a very passive and peel (protecting allies) based support. It is Janna's goal to protect her team's carries and to disable the enemies'. This is accomplished with her item choices and her abilities. In lane, she usually gets abused because of how squishy she is, but that doesn't mean she can't be useful.

In the current support meta, strong initiations and lock-down on targets are generally required, these champions are Leona, Annie and Thresh. Although since these champions are so frequently used, it is time for people to start countering them. This has already started with the Morgana support picks. Janna is another champion who can deny the enemy support's ambitions. Janna's strong disengage will re-position unfavorable fights and allow your team to re-initiate while the enemy have no more ultimate abilities. If done correctly, you can win fights from mid - late game easily.

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Champions Against Janna

Janna excels at stopping enemy initiations and is good against anyone who she can stop, although useless against abilities she can't prevent.

Janna is good against:

Leona, because she can use Howling Gale to stop Leona's Zenith Blade (Note: this can only be done with fast reflexes and smart cast)

Alistar, because she can prevent all-in engagements and can simply stop the enemy AD Carry from damaging yours

Fiddlesticks, because Fiddle's true power comes in team fights in which case Janna can ult fiddles away rendering him useless. Even in lane Janna can shield most of his damage and Howling Gale him if he's stupid enough to level it.

Nunu, for the same reason as Fiddlesticks. Janna prevents his ult and can stop his harass with her shield.

There are some forms of initiations that Janna cannot prevent, making her fairly average against these champions.

Janna is bad against:

Sona, because you can only shield one target while Sona harasses two, and sustain the little return damage you give. It's also unlikely to prevent Sona's ult without using a summoner or your own ult, in which case Sona has already won.

Nami, mostly because of the same reasons as Sona. She can harass both targets when you can only shield one and the initiation is unpreventable.

Zyra, because of the unpreventable initiation and high burst damage.

Blitzcrank, because you can't prevent his pull, or out trade it.

All other picks are questionable and most likely unfavorable to Janna because of her weak laning.

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Champions With Janna

In this section I will only mention AD Carries that synergize particularly well with Janna, although these are by no means the only carries to pick Janna for.

Twitch, because he needs a high amount of peel because he has no reliable form of escapes. His ultimate in team fights is also greatly improved by the bonus Attack Damage given from Janna's shield.

Ashe, because she needs peel to be able to kite effectively and she has a reliable form of poke in Volley, which can easily be booted with Janna's shield. Trading should be extremely beneficial to you in lane as long as you can keep the enemies off her.

Kog'maw, because his extremely high damage is his trade off for not having any form of escape. Even his passive relies on him dying. If you peel for Kog'maw correctly in late-game team fights, you will win the game. There is a 85% change you will lose lane with this combo however. You should be happy with a 30 cs disadvantage into the mid game.

Varus, he has no escapes and his poke on his Q is immensely powerful with Janna's shield on him. Laning shouldn't be too difficult depending the enemy's skill level and champions.

Draven, is amazing with Janna. These days it's the most likely pick to play with Janna is his lane dominance relinquishes Janna's weakness. This is my favorite champion to play with as Janna because with proper peel, Draven can kill everything. Shielding Draven early game allows him to do insane amounts of damage in lane.

Janna is mainly favored by champions that don't have escapes and need Janna, but that's not all she is useful for.

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Summoner Spells

The best summoner spells to use on Janna are Flash and Exhaust.

Flash allows you to survive from mis-positioning or allows you to Flash - Monsoon an enemy into your own team.

Exhaust is best for peeling your ADC and letting them live for burst.

Heal is a potential summoner spell, but unlikely in the current burst - initiate meta. I would only take this if you knew that the enemy support isn't taking Ignite.

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The Items I choose are somewhat questionable to other Janna players as they currently want to build Ability Power to increase the capabilities of her spells. Which isn't the wrong idea to have, it's just not what I do. I lean more towards a peel - tank Janna and use my item build to help me accomplish this. (Note: this build will only work if you plan on using item activates"

I start with the Ancient Coin, a Ward and 2 Health pots. You shouldn't need mana pots if you use your mana correctly. The Ancient Coin is best because you are a passive laner, you don't gain gold from fighting the enemy, you try to avoid it until it's your strength at mid - late game.

Then depending on how much gold you have when you first go back to base, you buy Nomad's Medallion or Sightstone. Hell, why not both. And boots if you can afford it. They're your next items. The Sightstone will help your vision in lane and prevent you from getting ganked. The Nomad's Medallion will just increase your gold stacking. It's around this time that you want to buy a pink ward for Dragon control as well.

Next is the early team fights - Dragon fights stage of the game. For this you will need to rush Ruby Sightstone and Aegis of the Legion. This will allow your team some sustain, and resistance against multiple people, giving your team an edge in the fight.

Then you should finish building the Aegis into the Locket of the Iron Solari and buy some boots depending on what you need. If their team is heavily Attack Damage champions, you should buy Ninja Tabi and if they're heavily Magic Damage or have a lot of CC, then opt for the Merc Treads. I personally like taking Boots of Mobility because I trust my positioning in fights and wont need the defensive boots, but that's up to you. The Locket will improve your teamfighting ability and you should take advantage of this to get more objectives.

Next you build Talisman of Ascension to further increase your team's initiation capabilities to force objectives. Also build Mikael's Crucible, because it's around this time that the enemies will start to get enough items to be able to dive your back lane and get to your carries. With Mikael's you give them a free cleanse and a heal, so they shouldn't die in that fight. If you are getting killed in these fights, then buy a Giant's Belt before the Mikael's Crucible. The longer you live in the fight, the longer you can help your carry live.

Next you want to be able to survive for as long as possible, so you decide based on their team which option is better between the Banshee's Veil and the Randuin's Omen. Both items are extremely useful with their stats and abilities. There are other optional items you could pick, such as Frozen Heart, but that's up to you in the game.

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The masteries are pretty standard for a passive laner hoping to survive and have as much utility as possible. It's important that you get the "Intelligence" mastery as it reduces the cooldown of activated items.

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Additional Tips

These could be for just Janna or all supports in general.

Don't ward when your ADC is farming a wave, you'll only lose EXP and leave them in a 1v2.

Stay at the back of the fight and use your ult after enemies initiations are burnt.

Put your Howling Gale on smartcast and practice that against Leona Zenith Blades. If you practice that enough, you'll get good enough to do it to all sorts of things such as Lee Sin's Resonatin Strike, Jarvan's E-Q, Zac's Elastic Slingshot.

When you have mana, Janna should not die in a game. Janna is good for learning proper positioning. Just keep practicing.

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Although Janna isn't the best pick in the current meta, I believe she will be soon. I will try update this guide every time something happens to affect Janna and possibly to improve this later on.

I hope you enjoyed my guide, Cya!