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Janna Build Guide by SteelFlux

Janna - Here Take My BF Sword!

Janna - Here Take My BF Sword!

Updated on March 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SteelFlux Build Guide By SteelFlux 11 2 18,910 Views 3 Comments
11 2 18,910 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SteelFlux Janna Build Guide By SteelFlux Updated on March 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


A Quick Intro...

Hiya Summoners! Welcome to my first ever guide on MOBAFire! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about loaning out your BF swords to your teammates. It will cover the loaning of the BF sword in ALL phases of the game and in every situation. With enough practice, you will be able to lend ALL the BF Swords!

If this guide made you a better Janna player, please give it a thumbs up! It only takes 1 click and more women will like you if you do it -wink-

I main support all day and if you want to see me and my buddies play LoL come check out our stream at:

Check out our YouTube channel as well oh and that thing called Facebook too!
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Super Strengths vs. Dumbsauce Weaknesses

-Super Strengths-
  • Lots of get the fu*ck off my carry CC (knock up with Howling Gale, slow with Zephyr AND knockback with Monsoon.
  • Sexy.
  • Great Steroid for your AD carry or Protection for a low health team member with Eye Of The Storm
  • Attractive.
  • Her Passive, Tailwind, makes people move fast.
  • bOObies!

-Dumbsauce Weaknesses-
  • No heal until 6 and it has a high CD
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Ability Breakdown!

PASSIVE - Tailwind
The easiest passive to understand. If you are alive, then everyone on your team moves 3% faster. If you are not alive, your team does not move 3% faster. This effect stacks with boots and other movement speed increases i.e. Shurelya's Battlesong.

On the Q - Howling Gale!
A very nice AoE skill shot knock up that does more damage the longer you let it charge up. After a 5 seconds, or if you activate the ability again, Janna's Howling Gale knocks up all enemies in the line of the tornado. This is primarily a CC ability since it will be doing almost no damage. It is best used in the middle of the team fight, for some nice cc, or when you are running from an enemy, just cast it behind you and immediately release it.

On the W - Zephyr!
Another simple ability! yay! A simple point and click ability that slows the enemy hit. Also, it comes with a nice passive that increases your movespeed 8/10/12/14/16% AND allows you to move through units. But...when Janna uses Zephyr, she loses her passive movespeed buff for the duration of Zephyr's cooldown.

On the E - Eye Of The Storm! aka Your FREE BF Sword!
The staple ability of [Janna]. What it does is simple, it lends a FREE BF Sword to the friendly selected champion of your choice! When used on a friendly unit or turret, you give them a damage blocking shield which is full of awesomesauce and is awesome. Its best used on your AD carry in any teamfight or in lane when your carry is going in for some harass.

Here comes the Ulti! - MONSOON!
The OMGBBQWTFIMONTHEOTHERSIDEOFTHEMAPWTFJUSTHAPPEND ulti. That has to be the best way to describe this ability. Janna's ulti does almost everything. First it's AoE CC knockback. Second, it's a heal and it has a bunch of great uses. Use it as an initiate ( Flash + Monsoon to push their team around and give your time time to do the damages) Use it during a teamfight for some mega CC/secondary initiate (after you get a nice initiate from your tank (i.e. Amumu or Maokai), pop your ulti, heal your team up and **** on their team. GG.
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Time to Chose Runes!

Well runes are basically all personal preference on Janna. I recommend Greater Mark of Armor in one slot because you will almost always be laning against an AD carry so that extra boost to your armor will help deal with the enemies harass. Next, take Greater Seal of Replenishment in another slot. This will greatly enhance the spamminess of your abilities since you will be lending our TONS of BF Swords during the laning phase, the extra mana regeneration will help you greatly. In the third slot I recommend Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for some late game sustain. Finally for Quints I take 1 Greater Quintessence of Vigor for some better early game sustain and 2 Greater Quintessence of Health for more durability. If you like, you can substitute the Greater Quintessence of Vigor for another Greater Quintessence of Health or some other rune of your choice.
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Supple Summoner Spells

There are a few options for summoners so I am going to list them from greatest usefulness to the least amount of goodness on a scale of 1-10

Usefulness level - 10
Clairvoyance, even after its small nerf is still incredibly valuable to any team. It allows you to view any part of the map and it can be the difference between a Baron for your team and a Baron for theirs. Try using Clairvoyance in between 2 jungle camps to spot their jungler or see if the other teams buffs are up.

Usefulness level - 9
Flash, is highly recommended because it can really save yo' ***. However, its not necessary because your large amount of CC will be able to let you and your carry escape fights without the use of Flash. If our team doesnt have Exhaust for some reason, take that over Flash.

Usefulness level - 9
Exhaust is a nice substitute for Flash. If your team is missing Exhaust, take that instead of Flash. If your feeling frisky, or if you have an Ashe on your team, feel free to sub CV for Exhaust and keep Flash too.

Usefulness level - 8
Heal is a viable choice on Janna because of her lack of sustain in the laning phase. However, its more common these days to see the AD carries taking Heal so its not always needed.

Usefulness level - 6
Clarity is well.....meh. Just meh. Maybe worse. I'd avoid it. But if you and your AD partner are eating too much mana, take it.

Usefulness level - 6
Ghost can be alright I guess. But since you get so much movespeed from your passive and Zephyr, Flash would be a much better option.

Usefulness level - 6
Ignite is basically the same deal as Exhaust really. For some odd reason, if nobody on your team takes it, then pick it up. The healing debuff is far too valuable to miss out on.

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Incresingly Interesting Items


->Sight Wardx3 -> ->

Very basic first couple of items for almost any support. I like taking the Vision Ward in place of another Sight Ward because it allows me to easily destroy enemy wards that are placed near the Dragon or in the brush early game. By getting rid of those enemy wards, it makes ganking as a Jungler much easier to accomplish. Alternatively, you can substitute that Vision Ward for another Sight Ward + 1 Health Potion.


Philosopher's Stone -> ->

Again, very basic items on every support champion. Build your Faerie Charm into Philosopher's Stone first. Follow that up by building Heart of Gold and Boots. DO NOT FORGET TO BUY Sight Ward's and Vision Ward's!!


Now this is where your item builds will start to diverge. You should never be building the same items every game, that's bad. Don't do it. What you should be doing is building towards countering the enemy team.

-> OR -> OR -> -> -> Zeke's Herald OR

Make sure if you take Mercury's Treads or any other boot, be sure to get another form of CDR either through Soul Shroud or Glacial Shroud/ Frozen Heart or another CDR item.

-> -> OR -> -> Zeke's Herald

Make sure if you take Ninja Tabi or any other boot, be sure to get another form of CDR either through Soul Shroud or Glacial Shroud/ Frozen Heart or another CDR item.

-> -> -> -> Zeke's Herald

**Note - If your tank, or another member of your team buys Aegis of the Legion DON'T buy it yourself because the passive auras do NOT stack.


When should I buy Aegis of the Legion? Aegis of the Legion is a powerful item that can fit into a bunch of good situations. I believe that Aegis of the Legion should be built sooner rather than later in a game. This is because the aura that Aegis of the Legion gives becomes not as powerful as the game goes on. Also, Aegis of the Legion should almost never be built before Shurelya's Battlesong. The only exception to that rule is if your team, for some reason, is getting murdered in teamfights. So, buy Aegis of the Legion if you feel that your team is losing teamfights early game or if the enemy team has a strong AoE team comp.
Zeke's Herald
When should I buy Zeke's Herald? Zeke's Herald is a very strong situational item that can change the way teamfights play out. Usually, when I build Zeke's Herald, I build it directly after Shurelya's Battlesong or very soon after. You should buy Zeke's Herald if your team is very AD based or 2-3 or more of your team members will benefit from having Zeke's Herald. Alternatively, you can buy Zeke's Herald if you want to give a strong boost to your AD carry. You may want to do this if your AD carry is lacking behind the rest of the team. Since your AD carry will be your main source of damage late game, it may be a good idea to give them a strong boost mid-late game with Zeke's Herald.
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Supporting Like a Boss

In this section I'm not going to link a match history full of Victory's because we all know that by playing a support you are not going to carry your team and a lot of the time you end up with awful players especially in solo que. However, there are some tactics that will improve your chances of winning.
  • Buying and USING wards, CV, and items effectively.
  • Playing it safe. Don't face check brush or run about the map on your own.
  • Remember, you are the support. Your job is to make everyone on your team do better by buffing them and aiding them in battle. You can do this by shielding low health targets + your AD carry, using your items ( Shurelya's Battlesong, Randuin's Omen etc.) at the proper time, and provide honey bunches of CC for your team.

If you want to see me and some of my buddies play LoL come check out our stream at:

Check out our YouTube channel as well!
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Change Log

3/29/12 - GUIDE PUBLISHED! :) + minor text changes
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