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Janna Build Guide by Raxacolyte

Janna - Newegg Gaming Guide

Janna - Newegg Gaming Guide

Updated on April 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raxacolyte Build Guide By Raxacolyte 13 3 13,014 Views 4 Comments
13 3 13,014 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Raxacolyte Janna Build Guide By Raxacolyte Updated on April 14, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance



www . NeweggGaming . us
Hello, I am Raxacolyte (The support player) for Newegg Gaming and I am here today to bring to you a full guide and inside look in playing the support champion Janna. Janna is a great utility to have on the field of battle and is one of my personal favorites and most used supports. In this guide I will explain why the masteries/runes/build is the way that it is and how to fully support your lane partner and your team. Thank you for visiting our guide via mobafire and GLHF!
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    Passive "Movement speed"
    High CC
    Powerful shield + bonus AD
    Great peels

    No heal
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The reason and thought behind these masteries are pretty basic to other trees you may have seen. You always want to start with some extra defensive stats (Not to mentioned combined with the runes below). This is pretty self explanatory. Moving on into the utility tree you'll notice the 1 point in Summoner's Insight . Map awareness is one of the strongest tools you can offer your team and with that Clairvoyance giving an extra 2 seconds of vision that can go a long way. Moving into the rest of the utility tree you'll notice the basics of mana regen, added movement speed some gold per 10 and increased starting gold. The increased starting gold is one of the biggest helpful tools in supporting your team early on. Increased amount of wards (Map Awareness) is such a blessing to have to avoid your team getting ganked/counter jungled or.. helping your team counter jungle if possible. The rest of the masteries are once again self explanatory and if you have any questions regarding these you can feel free to stop by the Newegg Gaming website and drop me a line on the forums.

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Greater Quintessence of Gold x3

Gp10 added with GP10 in your masteries as well as the items in your build keep you generating massive amounts of gold to fully support your team with Sight Ward, Vision Ward, Oracle's Elixir while creating your appropriate build. These quints are very useful but there are various types of rune builds you may use. Remember this is basic build.
=Incase you were wondering the math on this its 18 gold per minute=

Greater Mark of Armor x 9

Armor..Armor...Armor.. Armor... It is truly a must have. Not only does it keep you in lane longer, but you can actually turret dive to enable your carry to reach for a kill pretty early on with that Heart of Gold

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x 9

This extra added MR gives you more of a defensive edge against certain carrys (Because their ability may be AP based) or the opposing support. Making sure you can stay in lane to support your carry is a must.

Greater Seal of Armor x 9

Same concept as the Greater Marks. See above!
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Ability Sequence

The first one is the standard build for laning and getting the right amount of cc with sheild control.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


This particular sequence is for those more aggressive lane combos.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Summoner Spells

There are many different combinations for selection of summoner spells. This all various and depends from match to match. However with your ad ranged carry having the typical Flash & Heal spells, its really nice to compliment your fellow carry with something like Exhaust & Clairvoyance. Exhaust is a great utility to use defensive/offensively combined with the high amounts of CC your summoner already has. This makes for a pretty scary lane with map awaress for your entire team.

Other Combinations that could work with the right composition would be...


However, Flash is not something I am very fond of on Janna. The map on bottom is designed for our benefit. If warding is done properly there is 0 reason for threat. Because of Janna and her high amounts of CC and peels, it makes it extremely hard to get kills on her if you're constantly in the right position. I will rarely use flash on Janna unless their team composition really requires I do. If your ad carry happens to NOT be the typial Flash & Heal combo, and goes Flash Cleanse or Flash Exhaust Then its probably a good time to pick up that Heal. Small common sense things like this you'll pick up and learn on the way.

Also, sometimes you may have champions on your team with some form of stealth detection such as Teemo mushroooms Shaco jacks or Caitlyn traps. In this case its even safe sometimes to get rid of Clairvoyance and get something more of a utility for your lane partner and your team.

All these different types of summoner spells can be used in all types of situations that you will learn over time of playing this game and sutdying guides. However seeing as most ad ranged carry at the moment use Flash & Heal combo, its safe to use the spells I used in this guide.
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Item Build

The starting items in this build are pretty universal for ANY support champion.

, Sight Ward x2, ,

Starting with the Faerie is pretty self explanatory, having that added mana regen comes a long way when trying to stay in long as long as you can allowing your carry to farm as much as he can. Sight Wardx2 is also a nice way to start the match, you're able to get vision on the map which creates a safety net for you and your team. Vision Ward is also a definite must. (Example: Its about 9 minutes in and their support or jungler has warded infront of dragon. You as support can now counter ward that dragon and eliminate their vision on that part of the map which in turn.. gives you a huge vantage point for taking dragon)) In the end these things are a must have to start! {Buying wards and things like oracles throughout the game are a huge part of helping your team succeed to victory. You should be picking these things up along they way while building your builds.}


Philosopher's Stone

These two GP5 items are a must! With the philosopher's stone it gives you that nice health regen ontop of that already needed mana regen with an added bonus of Gold per 5. The Heart of Gold is always a must have for multiple reasons. 1) More GP5 2) Gives a nice health boost with all that extra defensive masteries and runes you started and creates more saftey for you as a gamer. These two items are always a must right away on Janna and can not be argued.


With your new pair of boots Janna passive and that shurelya's you and your team will be moving fast in no time! The added CD reduction obviously comes in handy and the increased speed is another plus on the field of battle. Having shurelya's is also so nice to have to use for your team offensively and defensively. Not to mention having a really short cooldown is AWESOME! This are must haves...


These two items offer so much for your team. Added defensive stats as well as a temporary Janna like shield for everyone on your team? Oooohhh yeah! Many people will disagree with the locket or maybe not even recognize. This item is such a strong utility in fights thats its almost hard to say. Things always change in situational circumstances. Below I will show you other items you may want to consider if it calls for it.


Zeke's Herald You should grab this if it benefits more than Shurelya's Battlesong

If the damage in lacking a bit, you can always pick up this utility AP item to give your team some of that added boost.
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Skill Breakdown

Increases the movement speed of all allied champions by 3%. This passive is so huge. Especially for your carry that will most likely be starting with Boots. The added movement speed makes for great mobility and makes for great deny in lane if you have a stronger team comp.

Having an aoe CC really early? Who would want that? I have used this ability countless times to save either myself or a team mate from death. This CC with the added movement speed increases always a teammate or myself to get to safety before they can finish us off. Or, same concept but from an offensive standpoint. This ability can be used to knockup your foe and continue to stay on their heals and finish the kill.

Cooldown 11seconds
Cost 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150mana
Range 1700

{The above image was done by xspecial from TSM}

Sometimes I have been known to start with Zephyr. Typically when I start with Zephyr its because I am aware we're going to do a level 1 jungle invade. I pick up zephyr because of the ADDED movement speed for myself. Normally if we're going to invade I will ward our exposed area than catch up to the team for the invasion. Gonna have to get around quickly to drop some vision and catch up? Plus that added slow on a gank comes realy handy!

Cooldown 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9seconds
Cost 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80mana
Range 600

Nothing really needs to be said about this ability. This keeps you and your team alive and is extremely strong. This with the locket makes for a nasty combination in team fights. Also including all your cc.

Cooldown 12seconds
Cost 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110mana
Range 800

I have used this ultimate in almost everyway you could think of. The standard uses to get your team away from saftey. Using it to stop someones ult. To protect a dragon or baron kill (When baron gets low or they are trying to come in and engage while we're doing either dragon or baron I can pop them back or keep them back from engaging. Thus giving us those few added seconds to grab what we wanted and head out. This ability is one of the most strongest utilities in the game. Just last night I can remember using this ability to counter nunu's ult. He would try to ult and as soon as he did.. he was done =p.

Cooldown 120seconds
Cost 200 / 275 / 350mana
Range 725
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Ward Placement

In this image you'll notice the tiny green squares on the map. These are the basic areas you'll be warding on the map throughout the entire game. Early game laning warding the tribush and dragon are vital key points of constant awareness on the map. By doing so, you'll have vision and some control over dragon and you ensure safety to your lane partner since he can see incoming ganks. The wards that are placed in your jungle & their jungle are to help prevent your team from getting countered jungled as well as helping your team to counter jungle them.
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Gamer Dictionary

Gamers dictionary

=Honestly I thought this was the coolest thing so I had to add this to this guide. THIS IS NOT MY WORK IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. JUST VERY USEFUL=


In computer games the word kite is used to name the ability to keep your enemies away from your team mates with force. The players who love range champions should learn how to kite anyone at any time.


The word disable is used as a whole for all kinds of spells that get you out of order. As disable are considered spells that: Stun, Slow, Fear, Suppress, Hold, Silence, Lift up, Blind and the summoner spell Exhaust itself.
Stun, Fear, Suppress and lift up are considered as hard Disables, as you cant do anything during their effect.
Slow, Hold, Silence, Blind and Exhaust are considered soft Disables, as you can take some action during their duration.


As you'd suggest this means how someone is positioned to the enemy. Positioning is very important for every champion.


The word creeps is often used as a replacement for the word Minion in LoL. Just a little habit from the good old times in DotA.

CC = Crowd Control

Crowd control includes all the disables, but it also includes some other things that can control the enemy. Apart from the disables CC includes: Pushbacks, Artificially created walls, Flings, Grabs. Sometimes the soft Disables are referred as CC.

AP = Ability power

Ability power is the stat in LoL that gives bonus damage to your magical spells. Its almost always abbreviated as AP.
Often AP or APs is used for champions that use ability power to boost their spells. With two words casters.

AD = Attack damage

Attack damage is the stat in LoL that tells you how much damage you will deal to the opponent with auto attack. Lots of abilities also take direct bonus from the attack damage as well. Its almost always abbreviated as AD.
Often AD or ADs is used for champions who are specialized in auto attacks.

CD = Cooldown

The time that spell needs to recover after being used, and be ready to be used again. Almost always abbreviated as CD.


Push is used to indicate when your creeps are pressuring the enemy creeps and towers. People usually push, when the enemy is back to the base, in order to destroy the tower.
Pusher is word for champion who has the ability to kill masses of creeps fast, pressure the tower and eventually destroy it.


Term used to name the last spell of every champion. Hotkey R.


In almost every game, there are spells that requires you to sit still in order to work. They require your champion to actually "do the spell" while sitting, or to "complete the weaving of the spell" in order to work. The process is usually named channeling in every game.


Its meaning is the literal but for spells. To interrupt a spell means to stop it while its being channeled, or to stop someone flying in mid air.


The ability to last-hit creeps. The difference between last-hitting and farming, is that farming means your ability not only to last-hit, but to last hit under pressure. Also it means your overall gold earned from creeps.


To engage means to clash with the enemy team in direct battle. To engage means to start frontal battle with the enemy team.


Harass means to deal discontinuous damage to the enemy. You throw few spells at the enemy without engaging? You drop one or two hits at the enemy avoiding engage? Then this means you are harassing.


Some spells need time to form in order to do something. These spells are charging spells. Some spells need to be channeled to charge ( Nunu's Absolute Zero).
Charge is also used for spells that allow your champion to jump quickly at enemy champion.


Term used for champions dedicated on doing damage. Usually they die fast if the enemy targets them, but if your team manages to keep them alive they can kill the whole team.


To initiate start a frontal battle. Champions who has abilities, that can initiate a battle, in a way, so it can be in your favour are called Initiators.


Fights where the both teams engage in direct 5v5 battle.

Mana hungry

When your champion needs mana, a lot, and suffers from lack of mana often, its called to be mana hungry.
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There are many things you can learn by just reading a couple of guides or playing many games over and over and picking up the small things on the way. Everything takes time and a bit of patience. Through using the basics in this guide I hope it teaches you the ropes on how to support your team to victory. Eventually I will be getting a video up on here for all to see. However I have many more support guides to write so I will get the videos done on each guide shortly. Thank you for visiting a Newegg Gaming guide here on Mobafire and we hope this helps. Thank you!
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