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Janna Build Guide by blubberbal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blubberbal

Janna - Rock You Like A Hurricane!

blubberbal Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Janna - Rock You Like A Hurricane

This will be my first guide and I hope you will get more comfortable with playing Janna after reading this guide.

Have fun :)

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Pros and Cons of Support Janna.


  • Insane shields with Attack damage bonus, which can also protect turrets.
  • Nice cc to protect you and your partner.
  • Can be built for higher damage and slowing aoe spells.


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My runes , and why.

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Putting Master in Masteries.

My masteries are 0-9-21 Picking up Greed as you won't be farming, also picked up improved summoner spells , Clairvoyance and Flash , Clairvoyance has a longer duration and a shorter cooldown, Flash also has a shorter cooldown, Rest is pretty straight forward,took 9 points in defense just to extend your time between recalling, as you will live longer, if they focus you.

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Early Game

Regrowth Pendant + Mana Potion To have a quick boost of mana from the potion and health regen to extend laning period.

Mana Manipulator for whenever your laning with somebody who is extremely mana hungry at low level.

fearie charm + Health Potion + 3 sight wards if you think you may need map awareness for extremely dangerous gankers like : Amumu , Nocturne , Warwick or any other dangerous ganker.

Mid game

Right now you should have your gold per 10 items, Aegis of the Legion and
Ionian Boots of Lucidity now you should pick priorities for your items like, if they have a very mobile team , you should prioritize Rylai's Crystal Scepter or a very tanky team, you want to go with Abyssal Mask.

Late game

All you should do now is , either pick up a defensive item like Banshee's Veil, or continue building support aura, just follow the cheat sheet from here.

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Skills, I know you want them.

I won't be copying the skill itself as you can read the tooltip of it , I will explain it and give some nice uses of it.

  • Q -- Howling Gale This is a skillshot that knocks up everyone it touches, minions and champions. This ability can be used to

  • W

  • E

  • R

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Clarity and Flash.