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Build Guide by William#29250

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author William#29250

Jarvan - Cataclysmic Jungling.

William#29250 Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Hello and Welcome to my guide on how to Jungle as Jarvan IV, The Exemplar of Demacia. Let me just say that so far I have only done a few games, but more or less all of them have been a huge success following the jungling route I usually take, and then doing what I do.

In an ordinary game I get 10+ kills, 10+ assists, and only 2-3 deaths.

Everything else will of course be explained in much more details in the later chapters.

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    Good for singling out a target
    Good chaser
    Easy jungling
    Easy travel through jungle
    Great team ganker
    Great for team fights
    Can charge through THICK walls (awesome)
    Can escape easily from ganks AFTER level 6
    Can easily be interrupted in jungling, if the enemy team is compitent.
    Very dependant on quick level 2
    Easily focused down (Not the most survivability)
    Easily ganked until level 6.

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To be filled.

Your passive ability, it removes 10% of your targets CURRENT health upon auto attack every 6 seconds, maxing at 400 extra damage. That simple

Shoots the top of your spear out, hitting all enemies in a line dealing damage and removing a percentage of your enemies armor. If it connects with your Demacian Standard You get pulled towards it, knocking up all enemies in your path.

Shields yourself for a flat amount, increased by the amount of enemy champions around you. Upon activation, slows all enemy champions around you. If you go beneat 300 hp, the shield automatically activates, if it is off CD, and you have enough mana.

Places a battle standard upon targeted location, dealing damage where it hits and increasing all alied champions around it's Attack Speed and Armor.

Passively increases your Attack Speed and armor, stacks with the effect when it is used.

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Jungling Route

You want to start the game out with instantly taking the small Golem Camp, follow it to Wraiths, Wolves. Back to base, Golem, Wraiths, Wolves, Ancient Golem, Elder Lizard.

(Note: This is only the route, NOT an explenation on how you do it, this will come in the section "Early Game: Jungling")

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The ulti is almost a must for a succesful gank with NO CHANCE for the enemy. This is what makes Jarvan such a pain in the A for the enemy.

Demacian Standard(E)
Dragon Strike(Q)
Golden Aegis(W)
Demacian Standard(E)
Dragon Strike(Q)

Golden Aegis should be used right as Cataclysm ends, so right after the wall goes down, you can slow them, damage them with the standard, and then knock them up into the air. SECURE KILL. (If they even survive your cataclysm)

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Early Game: Jungling.

Start out the game by buying a Cloth Armor and two Health Potions, then head out to the golems, put a point in Demacian Standard(E), and ready yourself. Keep staying in the bush at the spot (Between the lane and Jungle) until about 1:30, to secure that the enemy is NOT trying to gank you.

Now, do like this:
Demacian Standard in the middle of the both
Auto hit both once, the second one you hit will be your main target afterwards, keep autohitting it and then Smite it, turn to the next one, your passive should be off by now, and ready for extra burst damage. Hurray, easy kills.

By now you're level two, put a point in Dragon Strike(Q), run towards the Wraiths. Now, put your Demacian Standard Inbetween all four wraiths, and Dragon Strike towards the Standard. As we all know, this will drag you to the spot quicker, and knock all of them up into the air. Use atleast 1 Health Potion for this, as the Wraiths are by far the most dangerous jungle Group for early level. Keep hitting the blue one until death, and then just start taking out the red ones, one by one.

You should very likely be level 3 now, or close to it, if you are, put another point into Demacian Standard, more attack speed, armor, and damage. Always nice. Proceed across the middle lane towards the wolves and do what you did before, the nice thing is, you can even use your Demacian Standard/ Dragon Strike Combo THROUGH the wall, reducing your runing time suitably, and dealing a fair amount of damage. If you are used to jungling go for this approach as I assume you have become quite well known to where they actually stand, 100%, if you are new to Jungling, I say go up to them so you can see them first, then use your combo.

Once they are dead you will, guaranteed, be level 3. Recall back to your base, buy a Long Sword, heal up, and rince repeat (Except smiting the small golems. You should not do that). Once all three spawns have been killed you should be level 4, and about halfway through it if I am correct. Take a point in Golden Aegis
Once again recall back to base and get Madred's Razors. You're now ready to go down and take down the Blue Golem, using Smite, and your usual combo of attacks every time available. Same, Use your combo to get through to the wraiths quicker, kill the wraiths while at it, then walk behind the Red buff, combo through the wall, SAME DEAL AS WITH BLUE BUFF.

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Mid Game: Ganking.

Keep going around doing this until level 6, then determine this: Which of the three lanes is the easiest, and most plauisible for you to get an easy gank or two in, back to jungling until more ganking opportunities come up, and you make sure you have your buffs when you go to do so.

Remember, always use your judgement to determine "Whom of these enemies could I easily kill, WITHOUT dying myself". In some cases, this comes to the solo lane, not the middle, but the one where you have been "lacking" in. This is caused by what I call "cockiness". Basically. They for some reason don't anticipate that you suddenly come at level 6, while they're usually only level 4-5, to gank them. And since there has previously only been one person, he has most likely been pushed backwards which means, they'll be closer to your tower. During the part of the game, always keep jungling, and then seize EVERY opportunity you can for an easy gank. If a lane starts getting into trouble, go to help it. You can potentially save it, and even get a kill.

Announce to your team mate that you're coming for a gank and go!

Remember to use your combo (See under "Ganking.") to secure atleast one kill atleast, and if all goes well, both.

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Late Game: Team Fights.

If all goes well, by this point you should have a good load of the items you already need, your team loves you, and hey. THE TEAM FIGHTS ARE STARTING TO BREAK OUT! - Now this is where you, playing as Jarvan, REALLY start to shine the most. If you use your CataclysmAt the correct time and spot you can turn the tide of the battle to your favor no matter what. For my point, I usually wait to use it on their carry, and get my whole team to burst him down while about half of their team can do NOTHING to help their carry at all, guaranteed success.

Now, not only are you perfect for making your whole team into an anti-carry. But your Dragon Strike and Martial Cadence make you a SUPERP anti tank, even without Madred's Bloodrazors (Which I do recommend in case of loads of tanky enemies), And since with my build you'll have: Loads of AS, AD, Crit, MS, LS. You'll basically, as long as you keep hitting, be an unstopable force to be reckoned with.

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Now, just because I love being an Anti-tank, I get ARP Marks and Quintessences, giving me a solid flat amount of ArP to go straight through their tanks, in combination with Dragon Strike[[, that is A LOT of the tanks armor gone, [[Martial Cadence will take care of healthy tanks such as Cho'Gath nicely

Health Seals, for extra survivability whilst jungling and ganking. Always nice to have a little bit extra.

CDR Glyphs, Making you able to use your attacks and abilities more frequently.

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I usually go for 21/0/9, of course maximizing it for Physical damage, with one point in Sorcery as a filler, a point in improved Smite gives you more gold whilst Jungling.

Utility I go for extra HPR% and MPR%, less time spent death as a filler, extra XP gain is a must to make yourself level 2 after just golems, and the 1 point in Greed for even more gold throughout the hole game. AWESOME.

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Madred's Razors is a must for jungling, and turning it into Wriggle's Lantern early game gives you a free ward to place anywhere you want, with a relatively low CD, and LS, making it easy to kill the dragon fast. Now you might ask myself "Why don't you go for something more complex at the end of the game. WHY DO YOU SPAM BUILD."

If it works, use it and don't fix it. Double Bloodthirster gives 200 damage and 50% lifesteal.

Double Phantom gives 30% MS, 60% Crit, 110% AS, combo that double together with an Infinity Edge, aswell as the damage from Bloodthirsters, and you'll be running around critting 80% of the times you hit, for a well rounded 800 damage, and heal for 50% of that (400), aswell as being able to always catch up whilst your Golden Aegis slows them Unstopable.
Now, in the case of a very very healthy enemy team, I suggest selling the boots, and go for Madred's Bloodrazors. Double Phantom will give you enough running speed.

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Summoner Spells.

Me, personally, I pick Flash and of course Smite, Smite is rather mandatory for jungling, atleast as moth champions.

I usually pick Flash because of the amount of ways it can be used, initiating, going through walls when quicker than your combo allows you to, escaping, getting out of ganks. Loads of possibilities.

You could also go for either Ghost or Cleanse, Ghost is of course good for chasing as you can imagine, awesome for catching up, and awesome for outrunning your enemy. Cleanse is probably THE ultimate escape tool, as it cancels all CCs currently on you, even stuns.

Exhaust is also a good summoner spell to consider.