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Jarvan IV Build Guide by imevilstoplaughing

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imevilstoplaughing

Jarvan, Dominion Offtank Top

imevilstoplaughing Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1. Introduction.

Hi and welcome to my first guide to Dominion Offtanks.

First of all I would like to apologise for my english, as it is not that advanced, but lets move on.

I always wanted to make a guide, in fact I have made alot of guides for other games that I play, but never for League of Legends as I do not really have a main champion, but Jarvan IV is definitely a strong pick for dominion, so thats why i would give it a go!

This will be the first Champion guide, and if you guys like it then I will make guides for other (off)tanks aswell as they are my preffered role in dominion.

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1.5 Basics about Jarvan

Here is the (already older) Champion Spotlight from RiotGamesInc, its a good video to see some basics, but thats really about it, since they don't say anything about dominion, and that is what we will focus on!

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2. Runes / Items / Masteries / ProsCons

2.1 : Runes

For runes I take Greater Mark of Desolation for some Armor pen., Greater Seal of Armor or if you have them: Greater Seal of Defence as you level up quickly in dominion and above level 9 I believe, you get more Armor out of those. Finnaly Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for my blues and Greater Quintessence of Health as Quint for some extra health and eventually AD with atma's.

2.2 : Items

*Start out with Boots of Speed , a Chain Vest and some Health Potions
*Midgame you want your boots, either Mercury's Treads or Boots of Mobility finished, aswell as your Sunfire Cape and started up your Phage
*Later on you want to Finish your Frozen Mallet and get an Atma's Impaler, this purchase can be done much quicklier in the game as it is a HUGE boost of damage

2.3 : Masteries

For my masteries I have gone for a 9/21/0 build, Making me tankier and creating some damage.

I think the Offense tree is pretty self explanatory, increased Ghost(Or Exhaust, Whatever you prefer) , Attack Speed and Armor Penetration.

The Defensive tree is maybe a bit different then normal, I take a point in Summoner's Resolve for my Key Skill Garrison, which enables splash damage from turrets, more info later.
For the rest I just take damage reduction and movement speed.

2.4 : ProsCons

+Extremely Tanky Later into the game.
+Good Passive damage versus other Tanks.
+Great initiate with Damacian Standard and Dragon Strike.
+Great lockdown with Cataclysm.
+Able to escape out of sticky situations.
+Awesome CC all around.

-Weak damage early game.
-Moderate/High CD on Cataclysm for the fastpaced dominion.
-Relies on allies early on.

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3. The First Capture

When you enter The Crystal Scar you would normally go top with 3 other people. Let the first Point be taken by someone of your allies, and head on to the top.

With your Chain Vest and Defensive masteries, you should wait for the fourth member of your team to come and then go in first, leading with Demacian Standard into Dragon Strike, followed by Golden Aegis.

This should provide the rest of your team enough time to get in and deal damage and kill the opponents.

Spoiler: You may die here.

*When you capped the point you want to recall ASAP and pop Ghost to quickly reach the top capture point agian and defend it.

*When you failed to cap the point, look if Bottom needs any help, otherwise Regroup with your allies, push the minion wave and Assault the top Capture Point.

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4. Defending Your (Personal) Capture Point.

Now, where Jarvan IV really shines with this build is defending his point.

If you are well built you can take on a 1v2 assault (I have succesfully defended a 1v3 assault with the Stormbuff, but don't excpect that every game.)
and come out alive with a double kill.

How to defend:

* Try to hold their minionwave with Dragon Strike as long as possible, so allies can come and help you. You can take on certain champs 1v2, but idealy you want your allies to back you up.

*If they can not arrive in time, Wait till they go for the cap, Interrupt in with Damacian Standard into Dragon Strike and Cataclysm, this should lock them into turret range for a good amount of time.

*If they fight back, pop Garrison and Golden Aegis right away and let the turret do the splash damage!
Turret damage is often underestimated in Dominion, but if you keep attacking your targets so they can't cap, it deals a massive amount of damage.

Try to hit every target, to gain maximum effect of your passive!
you also want to use Exhaust if you have this instead of Ghost. use it on the target with the most damage (which is most of the times going to be an AP one, because you should have tons of armor)

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5. Assaulting a Capture Point.

In addition to Garrisons effect to defend, it is also a very usefull tool to Assault an enemy capture point, as it reduces turret damage imensely.

Lead up with Damacian Standard into Dragon Strike and Cataclysm the highest priority target, prefereble just OUTSIDE turret range, so you don't have to pop Garrison to negate incomming turret damage.

Tip: This 'assaulting technique' works very well with teammates like Tristana or Blitzcranck, who can Shoot/ Rocket Grab enemys away from their turret so you can lock them in place ouside turret range and take them down.

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6. The End.

Thanks for reading my Guide for Dominion offtank Jarvan IV, its not a long guide , but any tips and crytisism is appreciated and i will continue to work on it and add some more pictueres!

- Fly is Fake Sin , EUW