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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fizwidget

Jarvan IV In Depth Jungle Guide

fizwidget Last updated on March 4, 2011
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A little background infomation.
I started playing LoL while it was in Beta after about month i had a dedicated 5man team who i would play with using vent at least 4 games a day with for the period of about 3 months, due to personal differnces we stop playing together and soon after i quit LoL and went back to Wow arena... after a considerable amount of time i realised my mistake and went back to LoL to find that Beta had ended and that my Account (that i had invested a lot of time and money probably around ���£100, damn RP) was stuck on the US servers and that i living in the EU could no longer use it unless i wanted 400 ping every game. After a day of raging i made a new EU account bought myself Ezreal (thankyou Bushido for your great Ezreal builds) and spammed my way to level 30 once again.

I have played LoL for nearly a year if you add up my total game play, i've watch this game develop from its buggy roots, experience of premades, extensive use of skillshot champions, the experince of playing AD & AP carries, tanks and support so i feel that i am able to give you all some advice and tips on how to play this amazing new Hero.

I do not claim to be 'Pro' but this build will show you how to jungle, gank and hopefully how to rape face with my new favorite champion Jarvan IV. If you attempt to jungle without following my advice you will fail, get flamed by your team, lack farm and will feed all day. So for your own sake follow my item order/jungle route/shop times.

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Not the convential jungle runes but i find them to offer everything i need throughout a game and work very well.
Marks, Greater Mark of Desolation get Armor pen x9 (Standard runes for a physical bruiser/jungler)

Glyphs, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Magic resist PER LEVEL x9 (Magic resist is always valuable and since i focus on offensive items early game you need defensive runes! Also flat stats are useless they will be overpowered by per level runes very early and since you are in the jungle, it is very unlikely for you to be eating that much magic damage early on, unless you have poor map awareness and get ganked)

Seals, Greater Seal of VitalityHealth PER LEVEL x9 (Again flat hp soon becomes worthless compared to PER LEVEL read above for reasons why i pick health)

Quints, Greater Quintessence of DesolationArmor pen x3 (Standard runes for a physical bruiser/jungler)

Jungling will not work without the armor pens runes!!! also you will struggle a lot without the extra health UNLESS you are using armor or dodge(many people swear by dodge however armor beats dodge in rune slots mitigation wise also since the major nerf to dodge items its near impossible to get dodge to a worthwhile percentage anymore) seals in which case it should balance out.

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Now some of you may be wondering why i spec 20/0/10 havoc is worthless (the extra damage is from your BASE DAMAGE!) you are far better off with the extra time on your golem/lizard buffs.
The regen really isnt worth it as again that is BASE REGEN good hands is much better.
This jungle spec is mainly based around DEWO's amazing jungle Warwick guide.

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Summoner Spells

What to Get
- Smite, mandatory must have for jungle
- Ghost, even after the 4 second nerf it is still superior to Flash, however if you are a die-hard flash fan then pick it over ghost

- Ignite, helps jungling can be used if needed on Buff neutrals/dragon or ganking however i find the extra mobility from ghost far more useful
- Teleport, amazing if used on a well Co-ordinated team, Good synergy with your Wriggles Lantern/Champions like Teemo
- Revive, hear me out on CO-ORDINATED teams it has some rather lol worthy tricks, ward tanking mid tower, group BD'ing etc however should nearly always be avoided

What to avoid
- cleanse, meh since it stop removing ignite i stopped using this spell. Just buy a quicksilver sash its cheap lets you pick another spell and it removes malz/ww ultimates that cleanse doesn't even work on!
- Clarity, shouldn't be picked by a Carry leave to support/tanks and if you are having mana issues as jungle jarvan you are doing something very wrong!
- heal size 32 Heal, you have lifesteal...
- clairvoyance size 32Clairvoyance, shouldn't be picked by Jarvan anyway you can use your standard to scout...

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-jungler means you have 2 solo lanes, putting your team at a huge xp/gold advantage also you can easily match a solo lane or at least outfarm the experience of a duo lane.
-amazing ganker matched with jungle play style makes you very dangerous
-your E,Q combo allows you to escape people trying to gank you while you jungle/escape or chase an enemy jungler
-Very balanced hero with strong 1v1/team-fight capabilities
-aoe slow, aoe knock-up and aoe terrain and a blink what more could you want from a champion?
-Very few weaknesses

-slow but ghost fixes this problem
-New champion so often focus fired, however this wont last for that long. Also this is counter acted by the fact that many people don't understand how Jarvan works so this acts as an advantage as well
-Vunerable to hard disables, but hey who isnt? Anyway buying a Quicksilver Sash an often overlooked item will solve your problems and completely ruin Malz,WW,Rammus cc chains.

Overall a very strong and fun to play champion, i personally don't find him overpowered but given the state of whine forums i wouldn't be surprised if he gets a nerf...

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Start with cloth armor and 5 health potions, then head into the jungle (follow my chapter on Jungle route to learn when exactly to go back to base and buy your next items)

Now you may be wondering why my item build stop at B.F Sword that is because every game is different and you need to adjust your build accordingly. Now Wriggles Lantern, level 1 Boots and B.F Sword is your core you must get these items every game and you should usually have them around 15minutes 20 if your slacking ^^.

When you go to upgrade your boots there is no perfect choice which will suit every game.
- Is there a lot of CC(3 or more) buy Mercury's Treads
- Enemy team got speedy champs ( Teemo, Janna etc) buy Boots of Swiftness.
- Heavy AD team (i've already stated my view of Dodge) get Berserker's Greaves and turn your B.F Sword into a The Bloodthirster
- Balanced team get your personal favorite (I tend to focus on Mercury's Treads)

After my B,F sword i like to buy 1 defensive item, this is by no means a tank build but you need some defensive items against any competent team. Look at the enemy setup is there ,
1). A lot of escaper's buy a frozen mallet although generally i find W/E,Q combo enough.
2). Hard CC quicksilver Sash,
3). Heavy AD thornmail
4). Annoying Karthus, get yourself a Hexdrinker and watch him rage in chat
5). If your against a balanced team i recommend either buying a health item ( if you do this turn your BF sword into Infinity Edge and then buy an Atma's giving you loads of DMG/crit.) or get a Guardians angel, Jarvan is such a hardy champion that you can easily ress and either get yourself a few kills or escape with your W slow, E,Q combo.

Most games will be near an end at this point upgrade your B.F sword into either a Bloodthirster if you need the extra life steal or Infinity Edge if you need raw damage(yes Infinity Edge does more damage than a fully stacked Bloodthirster don't start QQ)

If you need Armor Pen then DO NOT BUY a black axe (Jarvan just does not have the attack speed) get your self a Last Whisper it is a lot cheaper and is way ahead of Black Axe.

If the game is still going then focus on items that boost your damage unless survivability is really an issue. Use any spare money on elixirs/wards they win games!

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Jungle route/Ganking pattern

Once you have your items go down to the small Golems, use your standard (make sure you hit them both!) smite right away, use your first hp pot and just fight them Golems down you should only have to use your standard one more time, once they are dead you will hit level 2 put a point in Dragon Strike, use your next hp pot and head to Wraiths.

Throw your standard into the middle of the Wraiths and dragon strike into them. Kill the blue Wraith first then auto attack the red ones until they are all dead remember to refresh your health potion and go to wolves.

Again make sure your standard hits all of them and Dragon Strike into the pack Kill the big Wolf first then the little ones refreshing your hp pot as you go.

Now walk up to Blue Golem and wait in the brush for your hp pot to finish (you must wait or you will die!) use your last health potion wait for a few ticks then E,Q combo into them killing Blue Golem first then the mini lizards. At level 4 make sure you put 1 point in W for ganks/escapes.

Blue pill back to base buy 1 longsword and another health potion At this point your half of the jungle should of re-spawned do the same route again and once you have killed wolves you have 2 options either go back to base and finish your Madreds or if your top lane is pushed go for a gank meaning that you can finish your Madreds and get level 1 boots at the same time.

I tend to go for the second option which allows me to gank/farm faster your main aim at this point is to control the buffs on both sides of the map and gank when possible. By around level 7-9 you should have finished your Wriggles Lantern have level 1 boots and a few kills/assists under your belt. As soon as you have finished your Wriggles (should be level 7ish)drop a ward in the middle of the river by dragon (this gives you sight of dragon, the path to Blue Golem and gives you sight of the river allowing bottom/mid lane the ability to judge/escape ganks after you have dropped the ward proceed to kill dragon(you can easily solo him but by all means have team mates help you if they are near) make sure you fight him with your back to the wall so if needed you can use your E,Q combo to blink to safety in case the enemy team catches you.

Once dragon is dead i am usually around half health so i kill afew jungle creeps in order to get some heals from my wriggles lantern.

If possible i will then tell my team that i am going to gank bottom lane giving my teammates time to do a little last minute harass. It is generally best to let the enemy push the lane to at least halfway before you attempt to gank just wait in the bushes untill the right moment, run in (making sure that you do not use your E,Q combo to early incase the enemy team has flash, but not to late that they can escape) i try and save my ult if possible (allowing me to gank mid after or as a mean of escape in case the enemy mid/jungler attempts to help counter your gank) now if the gank was succesful and depending on your health you have 3 options

1).You can either push the bottom tower with your team mates (if you do so make sure you use your standard whenever off CD as it helps tower pushing A LOT!) make sure you b as soon as you see the enemy coming, it is far better to play it safe as by this point unless you have been very unlucky with assist, you will have a kill streak and you do not want to give your bounty to the enemy.

2). If you are above 50% health signal your middle lane telling him that you are going to gank, this give your mid time to regen/harass/let enemy push. If you managed to save your Ultimate then this gank will be easy E,Q in drop your ultimate and then W once your ultimate ends to slow.

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Teamfights/Skill usage

you can initiate with this build however generally it is best left to your tank/disablers.
Throw your Standard(E) behind the enemy and Dragon Strike (Q) your standard this blinks you to your standard location knocking up all enemies in your path and reducing their armor. If you want to conserve your ultimate wait until they start running and then Golden Aegis(W) to slow them rinse repeat until they are dead.

If you are planning on using your Ult then E,Q into them then R (make sure that you do not trap your team! if you do press R again to let them escape) save W for when your ultimate wears off, by this point your EQ is off CD make sure you knock them up and you just got yourself a free kill.

Your E,Q can be used to escape if its off CD simply throw your E over a wall and blink through it.

If your waiting for it to come of CD you have 2 options either
1).juke them using bushes (run into the edge of a bush and stop moving, the enemy will expect you to run through it meaning they will over click letting you turn around as they run straight past you.
2). or hug the nearest wall and make them chase you AWAY from the escape paths meaning that when your EQ does come off CD you can blink through the wall and the enemy has further to run just to get around the wall giving you more than enough time to escape.

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Finishing Words

I hope this has been helpful, i will soon update this guide with pictures, i also plan on adding a section on how to counter champions but that will take me some time and depending on feedback i will alter my build to match what the community thinks thank for reading my first guide i look forward to seeing you all on the fields of justice.

Work in Progress finished pictures will come going to a gig :< so can't do it now.