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Jarvan IV Build Guide by WandererofNorth

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WandererofNorth

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia, as a Melee DPS Carry

WandererofNorth Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Change Log

Dec 20, 2011

*Fixed minor typographical errors.
*Changed the Mastery Build.
Dec 5, 2011

*Added the 'Questions and Answers' Chapter
*Added Banshee's Veil in the Item Table.
*Fixed some minor typos.
*Replied the comments in the 'Questions and Answers' Chapter.
*Changed the 'Summary' Chapter to 'Last Words' Chapter.
*Added some details regarding the comments in the 'Last Words' Chapter.

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Yep. First guide. Hope it is useful. :D

So, this is a Jarvan IV DPS carry build.

And, yes, I'm an Asian.

And, finally, I got used to the new masteries.

Right. Before I forget, I added Banshee's Veil as an alternative item. So don't go posting questions if there's a new item slot.

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Things to remember

Jarvan IV is a tanky, melee, DPS semi-carry. So, his role is not pure DPS or hard carry. Always remember that Jarvan can't keep the pace with other hard carries. Sure, Jarvan has good farming, ganking, damaging ability but, alas, he was created as a bruiser.

Also, bear this in your mind, that his Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard + Cataclysm is perfect for ganking, disrupting, isolating, or escaping.

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Masteries and Runes

As I said earlier, I'm not yet familiar with the new masteries but I'm pretty sure that it gives Jarvan an edge in early game.

As for the runes, Greater Mark of Desolation gives Dragon Strike a hell lot of damage that I almost considered it as a burst. It's already enough but, of course, anyone won't be satisfied by 9 Marks, right? So, I took Greater Seal of Attack Speed to ensure that any champion caught in the Cataclysm we'll be dead already before he/she escapes or any reinforcement from the opposing team comes. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to stay in lane longer and to shrug off that annoying Vladimir. Also, because Jarvan IV is prone to magic, as do almost all champions.

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This is the most crucial yet fun part of playing Jarvan IV. Any lane will work but I recommend the mid lane for Jarvan.

If your enemy in the mid lane is ranged, worry not! Dragon Strike can skewer minions that are low in health. As much as possible, use Dragon Strike to minions and the enemy champion. Keep in mind that ranged champions are squishy and Meki Pendant regenerates your mana. At level 2, you should let Jarvan be aggressive! Use your Dragon Combo to be close to the ranged champion and smash him/her with that Martial Cadence

If the opposing enemy is a melee, don't be afraid to land a hit on him/her since your Martial Cadence shreds 8% of the target's current health. Keep this up and the enemy champion will surely die.

You can follow this sequence if you like:

Dragon Combo, slap the enemy champion with Martial Cadence, press W, then walk back to your original position. This could be done by roughly 3 seconds.

At level 6, you should go roaming. But, if you're having trouble killing their mid lane champion, don't leave mid lane yet! Kill him/her and show him/her who's the boss.

Same goes for any lane. Show them who's the boss.

In mid, once he/she is killed, go help your teammates by ganking. Prioritize the lane that is constantly ganked or having a trouble farming. If none of the lanes are having a trouble, go hunting. If there's no jungler in the opposing team, keep on farming (mid lane) in your lane.

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So, as shown in the item table above, I took Meki Pendant and two health potions as the first item. A good mana regeneration rate makes Jarvan IV stable in the lane. After that, I bought Boots of Speed (better if Boots of Swiftness) and, if I have enough gold, upgraded my Meki Pendant to Chalice of Harmony. This way, I can continuously harass, if not kill, the enemy champion in the mid lane and roam.

Pre mid-game, I start building my core item for Jarvan IV, Frozen Mallet.
Frozen Mallet gives Jarvan IV health and more chances of a successful gank.

After Frozen Mallet (pre late game), I start building damaging items, like Infinity Edge. Inifnity Edge + Phantom Dancer will make Jarvan IV a killing machine. You know, kill-on-sight-champion.

Now, read this carefully. Jarvan IV can't keep up with hard carries in late game. You'll be slapped by Tibbers, slashed into bits by Tryndamere and/or Master Yi and more horrible things! Many times I have done this. Every time a team fight ensues, I'll be shred to pieces by roughly 5 seconds.

Lesson? Jarvan IV can't keep the pace with the hard carries.

So, take my advice. Build defensive items, like Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil. Better Warmog's Armor.

If they continue to ignore you in team fights (which I doubt), build a The Black Cleaver.

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Summoner Spells

So, as shown in the table above, I take Flash and Ignite.

I don't need to explain how or when to use them. If you can't use them at the right time, then you are not a worthy Summoner.

Any spells will do (for me), as long as Flash is one of the two.

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Seriously, you can't let me do this. But, I'll give you an advice. Jarvan's Dragon Combo initiates a fight. After initiating, you're in the middle of chaos. You'd better press W before you get stunned and be slapped by Tibbers.

Plus, I already wrote it in the Laning chapter.

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Best friends and Worst foes

Best friends

- Any champion that has a decent damage and taunting abilities ( Shen). But, of
course, Garen will be his best friend than any other champion out there.

Worst foes

- All champions that has CCs ( Annie) , life shredder ( Kog'Maw), and hard
carries ( Tryndamere). Show them who's the boss by smashing them in your

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Questions and Answers

Question: Why do I need to build Chalice of Harmony? The Blue Golem buff is enough, right? Or I could just build something like Manamune and have, like, more mana?

Answer: Yep. It is good to have a Golem Buff instead of having Chalice of Harmony. But having it in early game is pretty hard, right? Sure, you can get some help from your teammates but then, this is not a jungler Jarvan build, right? Also, you might also start a quarrel with your jungler (if you have) if you do that. Plus, Golem Buff does not stay in you like the Chalice does, right?

For the Manamune matter, it'll cost you some gold, and you can't delay building Frozen Mallet. Manamune can't give Jarvan IV the required mana regeneration rate for roaming. Plus, it'll be another, say, 25 minutes before you get a full stacked Manamune.

Q: Is it advisable to build Jarvan IV this way?

A: Depends. If you are not yet that fast to respond to your teammates call and to complete Jarvan's Dragon Combo (in short, a... *cough* noob), then the answer is no. If you don't have a beefy tank, then the answer is no. But if you think you can carry the team with Jarvan's shoulder, then the answer is yes.

Q: Say, if we have a tank but doesn't have a build like a tank, is still advisable to build this way?

A: No. The first three items should be bought( Boots of Swiftness, Chalice of Harmony, and Frozen Mallet.) After building Infinity Edge, you should go buy defensive items. If you're having trouble farming, The Black Cleaver will do the job instead of Infinity Edge.

Q: "1st step. Dont play DPS jarvan." Why?

A: I wrote this guide, IF a summoner just thought "Oh, how about I build Jarvan IV as a DPS Carry?"

Q: Is this guide worth my time?

A: Well... I'm not sure with that. But I wrote all the things that should be learned from Jarvan IV. From the basic harassing to knowing his limits. So... I guess it is worth your time. (Especially if you are not that good yet.)

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Last part of the guide! Thanks to myself, and to my enemies out there for showing me Jarvan's weaknesses.

Comment and rate below! :D

Got a question? Don't be afraid to ask! Got a problem? Post it below and I'll explain my build!

Questions will be answered in the 'Questions and Answers' Chapter.