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Jarvan IV Build Guide by sAlatji

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sAlatji

Jarvan, the demacian way to support

sAlatji Last updated on July 28, 2012
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Hi ladies and gentleman who love to play support and also love to try new and strange stuff.

I want to present to you guys today a guide for supportjarvan.

Some of you might say now:
Wait, Jarvan, are you serious? Actually, yes, i am. He is a fun to play hero, you can play aggressive, you can play passive or you just can play smart win the game.

All of you agree: A good support gives you a high chance to win the lane and make the AD-carry so fed that he is able to win the game for your team.

Ok, enough of the smalltalk, let's go to the core of this guide.

I would be really happy to hear your thoughts about this guide, since it is my first guide i ever wrote. ;)

(just a little warning ahead: my english might be a bit rusty, so sometimes there might be some weird sentences in this guide ;))

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You have some bonusincome and a little bit more movementspeed to escape from ganks or catch up to your enemies.

Nice armor early on, allowes you to stay in the lane longer, tank some minionaggro and allowes you to put some early pressure on the enemy bottomlane.

Some pretty decent alternatives to Greater Mark of Armor would be Greater Mark of Attack Damage or Greater Mark of Desolation, especially the Greater Mark of Attack Damage maximizes the damage you deal in the first few levels.

This rune provides you some CDR, which is actually really nice for your skillcombo ( Demacian Standard --> Dragon Strike --> Golden Aegis).

An alternative Glyph you could use would be Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, since the AD-carrys who are popular right now (e.g. Corki and Ezreal) have a pretty decent ammount of magic damage the first few levels)

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One masterypoint in Summoner's Wrath : Exhaust also reduces armor and magicresistance of the exhausted champion, this means more damage recieved and an easier kill for your team.

21 masterypoints in the defenisve masterytree: You get lanesustain, movementspeed and cooldown/crowdcontrol-reduction

8 masterypoints in the utilitysection: Movementspeed, more mana and a lower cooldown on Flash thanks to Summoner's Insight

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Summoner Spells

"Best summonerspell ingame" - Phreak

Exhaust reduces the damage a enemy deals and also reduces his resistance? A must-have on support-Jarvan!

Other spells that might suit for supports:

Ignite, Heal or Clairvoyance

I personally like the combination Flash/ Exhaust the most and use it on every supportchampion i play.

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Start of the game:


Nice healthregeneration at start of the game, gives you a pretty nice sustain the first levels. Also allowes you to get Philosoper's Stone really quick.

Usually you start with Faerie Charm,3 Sight Wards and 2 Health Potions, but not with Jarvan. You want to go for the kill once you hit level 2, no matter what, therefore you need some sustain to survive possible lvl1-pokes from your enemies with as much health as possible.

First recall:

Sight Ward,Philosopher's Stone

it is important to get 1 or 2 Sight Wards now, because you are going to zone the enemies out of XP/Gold. This means, you will tend to overextend, so you need vision in the river to avoid ganks by the enemy jungler. If you have enough gold after you did buy the wards, you can buy your Philosopher's Stone for extra-income and increased health/manaregeneration.

Items you should have after

Philosopher's Stone, ,

This is basically your corebuild, the must-have in every game. Nice income thanks to the passive, decent tankyness and okish movementspeed


,Shurelya's Reverie, , or

Gives you decent armor and magicresistance, also some health and cooldownreduction. Plus a nice speedboots thanks to the active of Shurelya's Reverie. Oracle's Elixir is needed to clear the enemy wards.

,Zeke's Herald

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Team Work


Well, Jarvan is a champ, that can easily close gaps and slow the enemy champions down and disable their movement for quite some time.

Therefore you have to be patient but fast to react. Also: the more enemys are, the stronger your shield gets, so don't be too afraid to open a teamfight if you see a good spot to fight.

Ok, i don't really know what to explain more, only a few tips i can give you:

1.: Hit your knockups

2.: Don't spam your skills to harass, only if your carry will follow you

3.: Don't trap your own teammates with your ultimate, especially not your squishys

4.: good warding will help you a lot, if you run out of wards, your "E" is a little "emergency"-ward

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Pros / Cons


- uncommon support, most people might have trouble to deal with him

- quite tanky champ that has decent CC/ground control

- nice escapemechanism


- no heal, your lanepartner has to know what he is doing

- if you are bad at "skill-shots", this champ might be quite useless during laning/later in teamfights

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Ok, that's it, i hope you like this guid and will get some inspiration out of it. I would be really happy if you tell me what you think about my build/what i could improve in my guid, so enjoy gaming and KEEP ON PLAYING!

sAlatji (EU-West)

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- overworked skillorder/masteries/runes
- added some information in runesection

To Do:
- overwork mastery-chapter
- overwork summoner spells
- overwork build order/full build list
- overwork teamplay-chapter

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