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League of Legends Build Guide Author prominencer

Jax - The Fat Samurai (AP/Hybrid)

prominencer Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Hey guys, this is my first guide,

Jax is a great bulky melee champion, who is very hard to itemize against. Jax deals a considerable amount of both magic and physical damage. With his new ultimate, he can initiate team battles with some success. Generally though, you will want your tank or someone with more consistent crowd control to do this.

Jax has gone through some iterations, with having differing opinions on Jax's strength as a champion. However, the latest buffs are very welcome as Jax is the only melee DPS champions without some way to regenerate health after harassment in the laning phase.

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History of Jax

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

- It is seldom the case where a champion is defined by his actions after joining the League of Legends rather than before. Such is the case for Jax, for whom the argument could be made that he is the most prolific tournament fighter currently at the Institute of War. The self-proclaimed ''Armsmaster of the League'' has rattled off a streak of consecutive wins that to this day has not been matched. Concerned that the perceived objectivity of the battle arenas would be questioned by a fighter who was unbeatable, the League at one time created special sanctions for Jax. The burly fighter responded by imposing his own special condition as a means of protest he limited himself to fight using only a brass lamppost. Neither the League's sanctions nor his own put a significant dent in his winning ways. The League has since rescinded its sanctions, but Jax has not. To this day, he fights and fights well with his trusty brass lamppost. ''Be advised - there have been an outbreak of lamppost-shaped bruises in the League of Legends.''

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+ Strong mid-late game
+ One of the easier characters to learn
+ Consistent damage output
+ Very bulky if built correctly
+ Can completely bypass the enemy team's tank
+ Unbeatable 1v1 once you build at least 4 items.

- Weak laning phase
- Extremely item dependent
- Can be easily shut down by crowd control effects
- Unreliable escape mechanisms

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That's a great start item, the HP and AP will help you dominate your lane. The mana regeneration should remove any mana problems for the rest of the game.

They complement your Nimbleness and Counter Strike, give armor, give magic resist with Relentless Assault's active, and are very affordable.

Is often considered the best item on Jax, and not without good reason. It is extremely cost-effective, and if you can keep its stacks up with your Relentless Assault at the same time, it gives even more AP. The attack speed is helpful too.

This is by far the best item in the game for Jax. It gives extremely cost effective AD/AP, amazing lifesteal/spellvamp, and an extremely needed active slow. Besides the massive AD/AP, this item really covers Jax's weakest points.

It gives almost as much movespeed with potentially more burst damage output. It also provides that extra magic resist, which is always good. Between the two, I wouldn't say either of them is more useful than the other; they both work better in different situations, and more than anything, it's a matter of preference. You can get either one, but a Trinity Force might work better if your team is lacking physical damage, and a Lich Bane is probably more useful if your team is lacking magic damage. The only downside to a Lich Bane is that it doesn't give that Phage effect on auto-attacks. If you're not happy without the slow, you could get also get the Frozen Mallet.

That thing is cost effective in and of itself, without any outside AP. Add in a Gunblade, Rageblade, masteries and runes, and you'll have easily 400 AP. You'll notice a huge buff to your health when you get it, too. There is no reason why this shouldn't be your third or fourth item.

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This is what makes Jax very powerful in Mid to Late game. You do not need to worry about getting health items. You will get it from Attack Damage and Ability Power.

This is Jax's blinking ability, even though is not very reliable for escaping, it definitely is for chasing. You can Leap Strike to your Team Mates, Minions and Wards for escaping.

Great for last hitting minions and burst damage. This ability is essential in my Harrasing Combo I'll explain later on. This ability resets autoattacking, which means you can triguer an instant second attack right after the first one.

Max this ability at Last. If you're smart enough you will save this stun along with Leap Strike for when enemies try to escape or to interrupt some ultimates like Death Lotus and Absolute Zero.

This is why they will fear to go toe-to-toe against you. Combined with Guinsoo's Rageblade you will get an amazing attack speed rate. There's a lot of tricks you can pull from this ultimate. One example is hitting a minion twice and then do the third hit on a champion, or hitting a champion after several hits on a turret, and Leap Strike out right away.

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Summoner Spells

My personal favorites spells for Jax are Ghost and Exhaust

- It is simply the best summoner spells in the game. It can be used for chasing, escaping or to move quickly from one lane to another.

- Is used mainly for its slow as Jax has no consistent crowd control, it is also great for 1vs1

Optional Spells:

- Deserves a special mention due to its sheer popularity. It can be used to dodge incoming attacks and abilities. It is very helpful for newer players as the effect is instantaneous.

- Is an extremely useful for melee DPS characters like Jax. It prevents Jax from being completely useless when stunned or snared, and removes blinds from abilities or Exhaust.

- Can be another choice, that will get you some early kills.

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Working in the team

Since CC can leave Jax in the world of Useless-ness, you want to wait until the enemy team starts wasting some CC on your tank and off tank.

Go for the squishies first, you should be able to get on them with Leap Strike + and in this cases, use Empower to trigger instant attacks instead of
trying to burst them down with +.

+ is just to finish off runners or for early game harrasing. Do not use that combo when taking someone down from full health.

Save your Counter Strike for champions like Nunu and Katarina using their ultimates or for when a champion wants to escape. It just not about using your stun whenever it is up. Try to hit as many targets you can with it, since it is AoE.

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Working in lane phase

Now this is very important. You need to get at least 2 or more kills before you move on to mid game. If you start with a 0-2 or 0-3 it will be way too difficult to recover, unless you steal a few kills, you won't supply enough damage for your team later on. If this happens your best choice is... to either get hopefully carried by your team, or to make the game as long as possible so you can have a good late game since Jax excells at this.

You MUST NOT push your lane, period. If you push the lane, you can never make enemy minions attack you to get dodge procs which will greatly reduce your chances to perform a stunning combo to get kills and will greatly increase the chance to get ganked instead.

If your partner is pushing, advice him NOT to do it, last hit minions only. The best spot is to get minions encounter at the middle or near your tower.

Once you get your Bilgewater Cutlass you can help gank the mid lane if you want.

Jax's laning phase is not easy as you can see, this is why Jax is not very good on solo ranked 5v5.
You need to partner up with at least 1 friend at this phase so you can take control over the lane. (2 players premades do still count as Solo Queue, take this in mind)

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5-hit Combo

Jax is the only champion that can rely on Dodges to make offensive pressure.

Now get ready and pay attention, this next harrasing combo is unique and really powerful when you practice it.

I have not seen other Jax players doing it, if you are one of those, pay attention.

Once you reach level 3 and get Counter Strike
You can start now harrasing carefully.

Let minions attack you in each wave, with the purpose of getting a dodge. You now have 7 seconds to do the following:

- Leap Strike to an enemy champion (WITHOUT ACTIVATING EMPOWER!)
- Immediately use your Counter Strike
- Let a normal autoattack hit him.
- Right after that normal attack you must activate Empower to get an instant second attack on your target (remember how Empower resets autoattacking??)

All of this will happen in matter of 2-3 seconds. Since you made 2 autoattacks already while your target was stunned, the next one will be a Relentless Assault third-consecutive blasting attack.

With that combo you're guaranteed to take at least half health of most non-tank enemy champions. With the help of your laning partner this can get you a few kills early on.

TIP - Experienced players will stand back when they see Jax getting a dodge proc, because they know you might be using a stun on them. If this is the case, just be patient and do not try to stun them everytime you get a dodge proc. They will eventually get close enough for you to perform the combo.

Here's a video to show you how I do it.

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Well and thats my guide, I will keep that updated, and dont forget that its my 1st guide, im kinda newbie in that things, if you liked it just vote! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section or just add me as friend in LoL (EU): Summoner Name: prominencer