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Jax Build Guide by rockthecasbah1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rockthecasbah1

Jax, the lamppost wielding death-dealer.

rockthecasbah1 Last updated on March 22, 2014
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Jax Build

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We all know Jax is the most bad *** champion in the game

But what we don't all know is how to play him. Well neither do I, but this is what I learned in four weeks of rocking out with Jaximus Prime.

This guide is primarily for a top fighter Jax. You may believe that Jax, with his deep voice, broad shoulders, strength, poor communication skills and tasteless outfit is the most rambo-esque of the champions. This may lead you to believe that Jax should retire to the jungle position, where he is best equipped to avoid overzealous local sherifs bent on making his postwar reintegration more difficult. You would be wrong. Aside from Jax's aoe stun, which has a long cooldown, I think he's quite poorly equiped to jungle. He also lacks jungle mobility, as his jump requires creeps to jump to best found in lane. Don't get me wrong, he's great for ambushing but his jump range is so long that in my opinion he an quite effectively ambush from his own lane as easily as he can from the side. So there is little benefit to putting Jax in the jungle position.

Jax is best played as a solo top lane. By level six his damage should have reached the point where he can dominate the lane. What I mean by dominate the lane is use his long jump rage, incredible dps, and good chasing ability to instill the fear in his opposing laner that any move within jack's jump rage will seriously risk his death. This strategy requires gold focus on dps, abilities focus on his jump attack and speed to be effective. It's also hit or miss and can be difficult to use against some ap characters and good jumpers/stunners. However, it remains Jax's most effective strategy.

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summoner spells


Really a no brainer for almost every champ. Or so I've heard, I'm not actually a high enough level to use it (a solitary tear slides down my cheek).

obvious choice for a fighter, particularly for one who likes to chase.

I often use teleport with my ignite when I play Jax. He has a lot of mobility so you may not need flash, and if you're fighting mostly lower levels the added cross/map mobility. In the late game a green coil alone will instill fear into the hearts of puny newbs faced by the might Jax.

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1-e 2-q 3-q 4-w 5-q 6-r 7-q 8-q 9-w 10-w 11-r 12-w 13-w 15-e 16-r 17-e 18-e

You're fist spell should always be your stun Counter Strike

After that I like to pump the q Leap Strike

After the q I hit the w for an easy boost to dps Relentless Assault

Once the q and w are maxed spent the remaining points on the stun, which is more or less irrelevant because the stun length won't increase.

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Start with Doran's Shield

then drive straight for Bilgewater Cutlass, and from there Blade of the Ruined King, then Randuin's Omen, followed by Trinity Force.

For extra chasiness go for Ninja Tabi or mercury's threads, depending on wether you're facing more ad or ap type characters.

For extra damage I recommend the Hextech Gunblade to finish out your build.

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Gameplay and Summary

Jax is strongest in the late game. Once you've passed level eleven you should be able to take on all but the tankiest of tanks, and slaughter all the lesser squishies. Jax's jump and dps makes him a greater squishie slayer. Your late gameplay shouldtherefore revolve primarily around finding your enemies AD carry and destroying the puny squishie. I have generally found that it is easier to destroy the ad squishies than ap squishies who can have higher burst dps's and other tricks up their sleeves. Squishies will try to survive using invulns, so it's important to know how far you can chase the squishie, taking turrent distance, enemies mia, and your slows and stuns into account. If you have successfully suppressed your AD carry, whatever else happens you have done well as Jax. Conversely, even if you push your lane very effectively but you have allowed the enemy ad carry to wreak havoc on your poor teammates, you have failed in your responsibilities.
So in using my guide feel free to deviate from specifics as long as you remember the golden rule; DESTROY AD SQUISHIES!