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Build Guide by proc

Jeff winger

By proc | Updated on February 16, 2011

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Hello people tanks for looking at this build and congrats to every person that understands where the name comes from. I am showing you a rammus build I use but have 2 make a note before we continue. The tables you see above are off rammus ends with more than 4000 health when we are done because of warmog and I don�t know why it will not show. If any vets on this page know please let me know. Now I must say this is for the rammus champ this build is not effective on anybody else. The reason it will not work is it takes advantage of rammus abilities. His spiked shell means 25 percent of your armor is added to your attack. So the tougher you are the harder you hit. Plus rammus has curl and taunt. This means he can make you hit him and then damage you for half off what you hit him with. Add thorn mail and you will be returning 80 percent of what they hit you for in addition to what you hit for. Gentlemen and lovely ladies think of that for a sec. This simple fact is why Yi will never win in a one on one with rammus. He will hit so hard and fast he will kill himself in addition I have seen so many people kill themselves buy attacking a hurt fleeing rammus when they think he cant hit back. In addition the power ball ability allows for him to chase down fleeing enemies unless the minion streams get in the way.

Now to start we need runes. You know what runes are so I will get on with it. Rammus needs armor and health regeneration runes. This allows him to linger in an area longer earning you more money in the beginning of the game allowing you to get items early.

Now we get to the real fun part of the build Masteries. Because rammus is a tank he will be hit. It is a fact of life deal and move on. Move on by getting the upgrades for good hands first and then getting awareness so you can level up faster. YOU MUST GET THESE NO MATTER WHAT. Next get the upgrade for ghost because you will be using it. Then grab greed= for more gold this build costs money so reduce your workload ASAP. Then max out your defense as shown. I know it seems counterproductive since he gives damage back but trust me you are going too become very popular for the other team. This lets u have a better conversation. Plus you are going to be dealing a lot of damage in your own right as slowing their attacks and movement when u hit them and they hit you. So u will be able to hold up.

Note I am detailing what big things to buy without going into the minor items in the build. This is because it would get confusing and the items you need to buy depends on the gold you have at the moment. So in general buy the most expensive item you can so you can lower the overall cost of the items you want and still receive the bonus from the weaker item.

Ok first get the avarice blade going so you get 5 extra gold per ten seconds. Then buy heart of gold because it also gives you five gold per ten seconds. This means you are earning twelve gold every ten The order you buy these items depend on the teams you are playing against but here it goes. Warmog boosts health and regeneration and armor making it a must have on this build. Angel helps magic and brings you back 2 life if you die. Omen boosts health armor attack heath regeneration and slow your enemies when they hit you. Ghost blade improves attack speed attack and slows the enemies when u hit them.

Curl is the rammus bread and butter I boosts your armor and hurts the enemy when they hurt you. Get it maxed out ASAP. Then get Taunt maxed as it makes them hit u and lowers their armor. Roll gets u around but you have ghost for that and the other items are more important.
Tremors should be upgraded at every opportunity even if you have to wait on curl. It kills everything...........even fiddlesticks.

So in closing let me say this: Winger here is designed to sit in a lane feeding as much as possible so he can get his items and then he kills turrets and anything that gets in between turrets and him. Many will say why turrets? It is because they have such an impact. Eliminating turrets allows you access to more of the map without being seen by enemy minions and allows your minions to push forward at the pace of an anemic snail. It forces the enemy to make hard choices like do I allow them into the base and go after theirs or do I go back and relive pressure on their team. In other words it makes them indecisive and allows your teammates to feed for experience gold and push their lanes forward. I am not saying you cannot fight enemies or help teammates. I am saying if you need to you can push a lane and even go one on one with a turret. I am also trying to say that taking turrets helps your team. If you take 4 turrets you gave every member of your team 600 gold to use and 600 experience. Fun no? Try this build out I am going to have some people that have played against this build comment on the board below thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Oh I am also adding tips here for vsing certain people with rammus.

Kattrina is an assasin with great dammage per second and wicked speed. Stay away from her in the beginging and by the niddle of the game ex level 10 or 11 your skills will be high enough to go solo against her with no problems.

Chogarth is a feind that eats. He can match your health and regneration with silence and his toss. That said if you have thornmail and a level 5 curl u cam take him without worry. He cant stun u enough to match the amount of damage he recives.

Ashe is an evil little pest that can slow you with arrows and pick ypu off without letting you get close. She is one of the two most dangerous opponets for rammus. However you can sneak up on her from behind if you back out of her sight leave the lane and come around behind her. If you grab her it is over because she is just so squishy. However I cannot stress enough that she is dangerous in the hands of a pro. CAREFUL

Fiddlesticks................ yeah this ones a pain in the butt. He is a close in spell caster that steals health and fears u and stuns. However laye in the game ex level 18 or higher you can outlast him.
League of Legends Build Guide Author proc
proc Guide

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