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Soraka Build Guide by SouldEaterX



Updated on May 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SouldEaterX Build Guide By SouldEaterX 7,486 Views 0 Comments
7,486 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SouldEaterX Soraka Build Guide By SouldEaterX Updated on May 2, 2014
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Intro and how i got into JG raka

The first time i tried JG raka is when im in a ranked game. Enemy picked a heavy poke comp, and i decided to raka so i can heal teammates before we get poked down, but there is miss communication so i became jungle...... This worked out really well, better than i thought.
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Pros and cons

-Global gank
-Aoe clear
-Infinite sustain
-Great counterganker

-Slow initial clear
-Blue reliant
-No cc (other than silence)
-Counter jungle f*ck you up
^if you have a bad start, you're whole team will conclude that you are trolling

Long story short, raka cannot gank. She is meant to farm in her jg till 6, and or go into lane randomly and heal teammates. Farm till late game and u will be an annoying teamfight monster. AOE MR shred, AOE slow, AOE burn, global heal.
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Why E max last?

1. E scales with mana
2. W saves teammates (which is your job)
3. W armor scales with AP
4. Maxing E = more dmg = more kills. You don't want kills, you want assists.
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How to jungle raka?

1. Assure your team that you're not trolling
2. Get everyone to guard your blue buff
3. Get blue buff
4. Proceed on to hard farm till 6
5. TP to countergank if you see an opportunity to do so
6. Get to late game
7. Heal adc and adc only. (jk, heal whoever that needs help)
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Who dafuq an i?

Welp, i'm a D5 player.
I like to try out new things and somewhat of a metabreaker?
I spammed JG TF back in s3 and make it worked well. I think a few people copied me and do the same thing.
So basically, i'm D5, and i main top/mid, but i've been transitioning into JG lately.

*I am looking for a ranked 5 consist of mainly plats or diamonds, add me and MSG me if interested*

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