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Jhin Build Guide by Carikeo

Bottom Jhin Tonic - In Depth Guide

By Carikeo | Updated on November 25, 2019
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Welcome to my Jhin guide!
I am a player from LAS who plays mainly ADC and Toplane
The main goal of this guide is to provide an updated build and tips to improve as Jhin, I want more people to go out and try my favorite marksman so it will mostly cover the basics of Jhin, useful items, some tips & strategies, etc.
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Why should you play Jhin?

Jhin is currently performing extremely well, and can stomp botlane and other lanes if you manage to get fed during the early game, the damage from his 4th bullet is unexpectedly high.
In my opinion he's the most unique and fun marksman out there, if you are tired of the classic adc this is a good choice.
Aside from good damage he provides good utiliy like rooting enemies or shooting for very far with his ultimate, which makes him excel in these circumstances, while also being a finisher type of adc when using his 4th bullet.
A somewhat similar champion is graves, if you enjoyed the benefits and cons of being limited by bullets, you will like Jhin
While most marksmen have the job of dishing out a lot of damage in all health % of the enemy, Jhin is more focused towards executing low health enemies, and is the only adc capable of engaging in teamfight from very far away with Deadly Flourish

A motivational video of some Jhin plays:
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Season 9 Runes

This helps a little bit on many aspects, it provides you with more sustain during the lane phase, allows you to move faster after activating it, and contributes to a massive burst of damage if combined with 4th shot and rapidfire cannon

Restoring missing health after a kill is very useful throughout the entire game. It helps you to get that tasty double kill during laning phase, while also staying relevant during the late game. Great rune for sustain while also providing some gold, it may save you from dying if you decide to dive the enemy. Just keep in mind that the healing is not instant

This rune works very well against squishy targets and tanks as well. Jhin's damage increases naturally as the enemy drops in %health, this rune helps you to be even stronger in those situations and to finish low health enemies. Considering how much a 4th bullet can damage, the 10% bonus means a lot

This item will help you to save some gold and get some extra needed movement speed. In addition to this, if you manage to get many kills during the early game you will get the free boots sooner, and since most adc are running this rune, you will have a movement speed advantage over them

This will help you with mana issues during the lane phase, specially useful when against a heavy pusher like tristana, who can push all the wave to your turret and make it hard for you to farm without spending mana
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Pros / Cons

- Extremely high burst damage, even able to one shot people with some builds
- Very long range abilities
- His damaged is oriented to execute targets
- Versatile ultimate which can be used to start or finish a teamfight
- Easier to last hit each minion (higher damage per hit)
- One of the highest AD escaling in the game, you can reach 900+ AD with some builds
- Good map control through Captive Audience
- Able to chain cc with Deadly Flourish
- Harder to farm a wave, having to reload might cause you to lose cs until you get the hang of it
- No escape mechanism aside getting extra movement speed from Whisper
- Feels weird to play compared to other marksmen
- Has 5 skill shots which travel slow
- Can become mana hungry if you don't manage it properly
- You become almost useless while reloading
- One of the worst 1v1 marksmen if not ahead
- Needs help from the team to deal with high health enemy tanks
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Abilities explanation & Tips

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your passive ability adn the reason why Jhin is so fun, weird, and difficult to play. You must understand the basics of the passive in order to be good at Jhin.
Your weapon carries 4 bullets, it has a 2.5s reload time and will automatically reload after 10s. Your last bullet will always be a critical strike and deals extra damage based on missing health.
Jhin's critical strikes deal 25% less damage but grant extra movement speed, his AD increases with critical strike chance and attack speed but he does not gain attack speed (He fires the bullets at a fixed attack speed, getting more only increases his AD)
- This is your make execute and poke ability, while laning you should try to use your 4th bullet to damage the enemy adc or support specially if they are low on health because it will deal even more damage, however doing this must not cause you to lose farm, you will get many 4th bullets so don't run arround saving it and use it to farm if needed
- Once you get RFC it will be easier to land a basic attack without getting damaged back, the best use of RFC is to use the first three bullets on minions, then hit the enemy with an empowered 4th bullet
- Not being able to increase your attack speed and having limited bullets will likely cause you to miss some minions, to prevent this use Dancing Grenade as a complementary farming tool, just keep in mind its mana cost
- There will be many times where you are fighting and you run out of bullets, making you unable to deal damage (if you used your other skills first), so it's a good idea to remind your team not to over extend during the laning phase, or else they may turret dive while you are out of bullets
- The last bullet should be used on enemies as low as possible on health, so it's generally a good idea to use Dancing Grenade before the 4th bullet, you can use it just after the 3rd and it won't delay your next attack
- This passive makes you bad at 1v1 fights when the enemy does not run away, most adc and enemies with damage will kill you before you kill them, so remember to always stay with your team

This is a low base damage ability, which you use on a target and bounces up to three more times for a total of 4 enemies hit. If you kill an enemy, the next target will recieve 35% extra damage stacking. Keep in mind that this will not bounce back to a target alredy hit by it
- This skill is extremely weak and worthless if used on a full health minion during the early game, its power lays on being able to kill a minion with it and make a chain reaction, hopefully hitting an enemy champion with the last bounce. The only time you want to use it on a target that will not die is before your 4th bullet of Whisper or if a minion next to it will die.
- A good way to make the most out of this skill is to hit a melee creep with your first bullet of Whisper, then hit two different ranged creeps with the 2nd and 3rd bullet and a third ranged minion with the last bullet. This will setup a chain effect if you use Dancing Grenade on the minion you hit with the 4th bullet, killing all ranged minions and damaging a melee one. Do keep in mind that it may not work at the very first levels or once you are too geared and one-shot the ranged minions, but the basic idea remains the same
- Depending on how you use it, the previous tip can be used to deal maximum amount of damage to an enemy hero, similar to Miss Fortune's Double Up

A long range skillshot dealing a small amount of damage. If it hits an enemy champion who was damaged in the last 4 seconds by an ally, your basic attacks or activated a Captive Audience trap, it will also root them for up to 1.75s at max level. Deadly flourish deals 75% damage to minions

- While far from ideal, you can use this skill to farm a minion if you ran out of bullets and your Dancing Grenade is on cooldown, or if you are too far away for it to be used
- You never want to use this as a poke skill unless you are 100% sure you won't be hitting the enemy in the next 14s (basically, never use it to poke). The strenght of the skill and what makes Jhin very strong is its capability to root an enemy, so generally you want to save it for those situations
- The best situation to use it is after you support uses a cc skill on the enemy (for example Bard's stun or Nami's bubble). This will allow you to close distance while dealing a small amount of damage and stoping them from running away
- I can't emphasize enough how useful this skill can be, you can initiate teamfights when a enemy frontile separates from the group and your ally damages him. You can save allys running away from an enemy if they hit the enemy during the last 4 seconds. Finally, using this on an enemy who activated Captive Audience can deal huge amounts of damage during the late game

Jhin places an invisible trap (he can store up to 2 traps) which activates once stepped on, slowing the targets in an AoE circle and detonating after 2 seconds. The trap deals 65% to minions and targets hit by more than one trap, and each trap lasts 2 minutes or until activated.
When Jhin kills an enemy, a trap spawns under its dead body and activates immediately
- During the early and mid game the only use of the traps is to provide map control. They work as a reliable ward that allows you to see the enemy and escape on time thanks to the slow it provides. Keep in mind that an enemy walking through it will never get hit by the damage unless he is cc'd while inside the area. Traps can be revealed with pink wards and destroyed by enemies
- During the late game however, each trap may be able to deal arround 1k damage, making it more important to use Deadly Flourish on an enemy who activated it
- A viable strategy is to stack lots of traps together, then once an enemy activates them you root them, and they are one-shot. The downside of this tactic is that you lose a lot of map control, and that the enemy can dodge your Deadly Flourish and thus rendering this strategy useless
- During the late game you can use this to farm waves, however it is much better to save them for enemy champions to activate them
- The free trap you get for killing an enemy can be devastating if the enemy is stacked, for example after Orianna's ultimate

Jhin channels for 10s, becoming a sniper with 4 bullets he can shoot in a long range cone. Each bullet will slow by 80% for 0.5s the first enemy hit and will go through minions in the path. Bullets deal extra damage based on missing health and the last bullet will deal increased damage. Moving, using all 4 shots, or waiting 10s will end the ultimate.
- This ultimate can deal a huge amount of damage, the slow can help your tanks engage the enemy, your allies escape a chasing team, or it can help you finish low health enemies.
- Enemies you hit that are out of your zone of vision will be revealed to you for some seconds, allowing you to shoot that enemy many times
- During the late game hitting an ADC or Midlaner with all four bullets will likely kill him, although it's not easy to pull off
- This ultimate is made of 4 skill shots, making it one if not the hardest ultimate to aim. Bullets are not super fast so you must analize the movement patterns of the enemy, while also keeping in mind that once they exit the cone they will be safe
- Each bullet (and specially the last one) can be used to steal dragons or Baron, because of the high damage they deal it becomes a smite bullet. Even if you don't shoot the objective itself, the amount of damage and pressure it applies on the enemy may cause them yo run away.
- Once activated your vision radius is reduced and you stand still, this will make you an easy target, so always make sure to be either protected or far from enemies
- Stuns and knockups will cancel your ultimate prematurly
- NEVER use it on enemies in melee range, they will be able to walk to your back and hit you, which will make you waste the ultimate and a lot of time of dealing damage.
- A good way to make sure your first bullet hits, is to activate Curtain Call right after you rooted an enemy with Deadly Flourish. That way the first bullet will hit, and make the next bullets easier to hit

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Items Choices

A fundamental item for any crit dependant champion, it will make your crits hit harder, while also increasing your crit chance and giving you some damage, a must pick for every fight and usually a damage spike when purchased

A great item for poking as Jhin. Just keep in mind that Jhin's "poke" can deal 1k damage. This will make poking a lot safer, you can hit them and then run away with the help of the extra movement speed your passive gives you on crit. Jhin is in my opinion the adc that makes the most out of this item. Combining the benefits from crit strike chance with the extra range and damage for your 4th bullet can result in a huge burst of damage from a safe distance

The more i try them the more i like them. The perfect "escape the killer" situation for Jhin is being able to outrun the enemy, hit him once, run again, then rooting him and killing him while he is rooted. This is the best way imo to deal with melee enemies chasing you, and it becomes much easier to do by combining these boots with the runes i chose

Another item that increases your burst potential, stronger when coupled with RFC. It will also give you more crit and atk speed along with some movement speed

One of my favorite items in the game. Burst damage is very relevant in League of Legends for its capability of one-shot'ing people, specially adc's. With this item you will be able to negate some of that burst and give yourself and your teammates for time to react. Since it also provides lifesteal, just fighting and kiting may save you for an otherwise 1shot death.
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Lane phase and farming

Farming can be a bit difficult with Jhin when compared to other adc's, because you have to keep an eye on how many bullets you have. Try to save your Q to last hit minions you would lose while reloading.
If you want to poke, it's usually better to do it by landing your 4th hit on the enemy, or damaging the three caster minions so that one Q kills the three of them and then an empowered Q jumps to the enemy
It's not a good idea to use your W to farm, it's better to use it to root enemies after you or your support hit them
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Jhin has a huge engage potential, you just need an enemy to be hit by a small ability and root them with your W, then your team jumps in and cc's him to death.
Jhin excels at catching unaware enemies moving alone and securing the kill, the same when the enemy goes too close to your team. Try to take advantage of this situations, specially in lower ranks players won't be expecting to be rooted when you are not in their vision range, and could cause them to overextend and get rooted to death
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-[9.16] Returned to the game after a while without playing, i will try to update the guide more if i can
-[8.6] [Duskblade of Draktharr] got nerfed, so the lethality build which used duskblade and yomumu is not as good as before
-[8.5] Patch 8.5 increases jhin's bonus AD from his passive, while also making his Dancing Grenade scale more with AD. This basically means that higher attack damage builds become stronger, such as the crit build, while lower daamge builds such as the lethality build become weaker

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