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Urgot General Guide by Jineba

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jineba

Jineba's Urgot Guide

Jineba Last updated on June 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Vayne Try not to take too much free harass and she's easy if you land your e's after she tumbles.
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Hello and welcome to my Urgot guide. I am a Gold 2 Division all around player who enjoys playing the most under-rated champions or Vayne. I have around 300+ games with Urgot and noticed how unpopular of a pick he was. However, I do believe he is still in the meta still if played correctly. As most of you knew he was called the Lane Bully and he could easily harass you out of lane. Mostly known for his Top laning and in 1 of the LCS games with Doublelift he is still not very popular. I believe people just lack the positioning on him and knowing when to go in. No, not using your ultimate on the AD-Carry will win you the team fight, as seen by Doublelift. In this guide I would like to simply and shortly describe how you should play him in laning and etc.

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Pros / Cons


    Great laning harass
    Ultimate gives Armor and Magic Resist while repositioning them towards your allies
    Has a shield using W
    Qs auto-lock anyone affected by E using your mouse
    The only AD-Carry who's a tank and has high DPS

    Low auto-attack range
    Difficult to master
    Ultimate can get you killed if used incorrectly
    E is hard to hit high mobility champions
    Mana hungry
    He is very ugly

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Ranked Play

Early Game

You should play passive until you are level 2 or 4 depending on the situation. If you are fighting someone such as Jinx, Caitlyn or Sivir. I would recommend you stay far behind until you can sucessfully land the E's. Also try not to spam Q so much on just minions as that will lead you to no mana and you won't be able to harass anymore. Urgot is very mana hungry early games without tears and even with tears he still drains mana quickly. So you should try to get tears as fast as possible and then try to harass as much as possible. Note you can get roughly 2 Q's off per E at low level Q ranks. Also if you're losing really bad in lane try building Ninja Tabi as a defense item and then into a Glacial Shroud for cool down reductions. Once you reach level 9 you should be able to use 3 Q's per E's and you can win lane more easily if you're fed or not fed. Since Urgot is excellent at laning phase trading it shouldn't be that hard to win any match ups unless you get camped. While using his ultimate seems completely useless it really isn't. Since the ultimate gives Armor and Magic Resist you should use it whenever you feel secured enough to get the kills. Be careful not to use it near the turrets because you don't want to tank that turret even with the bonus stats. Also after the ultimate's make sure you Q afterwards as soon as you can attack and when they run use E, Q, W as a way to catch up to them. Now if the jungler ganks your lane you should use your ultimate on them to start the chase while you still have the bonus stats. If you however get interupted during the channel then you should run while using your skills. Because most people underestimate Urgot's early game damage and you could turn and win a fight in a 3 vs 2.

Mid Game

By now you should be well-fed or 3 items or 2 already. So what you want to do is position yourself behind your tanks. But, not in the back lines since Urgot is a bruiser AD-Carry. Due to his short range and his kit you shouldn't just harass the enemy AD-Carry in fights or Mid Laners. You should actually peel for your team so you can push together that way you can use your ultimate on the important carries. You should always save the ultimate just for the carries of the game. Most importantly, you shouldn't use your ultimate and put yourself in danger just for the carries in team fights. In most cases that could throw the game because you just made it a 4 vs 5 and the carry somehow gets away. However, if you know for a fact, that could change the game outcome you can do it if your team is as committed as you are.

Late Game

Most people will believe Urgot falls off during this time. However, I don't believe he does unless of course you're fighting a full build Vayne. But, I also believe that any AD-Carry can carry late game if they are mechnically good. As for Urgot, late game is harder for him due to the vast amount of tanks in game versus him and your team. Since Urgot is only good at nuking squishies in short periods of time the only choices you can do is just to fight with your teammates. However, once again if you can make big plays on them such as Orianna shielding you and you ulti'd to get in the middle of their team and she ults. That could possibly be the biggest surprise to them because they wouldn't expect it. Since you are considered a Marksman then you would 9 out of 10 be the main focus. But, if your team is mostly consisted of long range harasses such as Nidalee. I would personally, wait for my tanks to iniate the fights whenever they feel comfortable and continually using my E's and Q's to get as much damage in as possible. And if the numbers are low enough I will use my ultimate to continue the chase and push. Although Urgot damage cap isn't as large as hyper carries late game he can still beat them late game if played correctly. So just remember to always stick by your tanks and protect your mid laner and win the game or lose.

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Alright, well that is the end of my Urgot guide. Sorry if it ain't as pretty as others but, I want my guides to be short and yet informative as possible. For those who play Urgot as a main I salute you for playing the under-rated champions. Hopefully someday Urgot will be popular in Season 4 and hopefully this does help you. As for all you guys who are climbing and trying to reach Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Challenger. I wish you all good luck and happy gaming! ^_^


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