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Jinx Build Guide by Mad_Doctor

AD Carry Jinx, how to carry a bot lane

AD Carry Jinx, how to carry a bot lane

Updated on May 29, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad_Doctor Build Guide By Mad_Doctor 6 1 76,026 Views 3 Comments
6 1 76,026 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad_Doctor Jinx Build Guide By Mad_Doctor Updated on May 29, 2016
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Hello fellow summoners. My summoner name is The Mad Doctor, and I'm a player in EUwest since late season 2. I main ADC being jinx one of my mains. I play ranked solo, ranked duo and ranked premade 5v5 and use jinx on all of them. She is a very well made champion with a lot to offer those who spend time on her. Her kit can be used full agressive style giving little or no chance to escape as it can be used to play more in a defensive style, so she is always a good champion to pick! We will see how to use her skills later on this guide!

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The runes I use give Jinx more damage with the Greater quintessence of attack damage and the marks of attack damage. Also, adcs tend to be very weak in defense so I also bet in some runes that boost her armor and magic resistance as you can see and I find that it helps her win most trades cause she always finishes with a bit more health than the enemy adc,and succesfully killing him first.

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The masteries go with the same logic as the runes. I put 21 points in offense in all the things that boost her attack speed and attack damage. I leave only 8 points in the defense one just to give her a little more armor and magic resistance. With this runes and masteries you will have the damages to bring anyone down and the little investement made in defense combined with her passive of more attack speed will garantee almost everytime that you will be able to survive and trade and win most of them!

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    The first pick you make is the same for most adcs : doran's blade for a small damage, a potion and the ward. Nothing more to be said here.

    If you are ahead with gold , in which I mean, if you already drawn blood on the lane and killed an enemy or have 1500 gold before you go back then buy B.F sword. It will give you a bigger boost in damage and the trade will get more agressive , you'll deal more damage win trades easier and make the enemy lane retreat.

    If you're getting a hard time farming or the enemies are putting a lot of pressure just rush vampiric scepter. It will give more sustain so you can estay in the lane longer, and keep on trading. The tatic here is poke a bit and retreat to use your lifesteal on minions, then poke again. Meanwhile you are farming and they are getting poked withouht getting anywhere.

    The first item you should rush is infinite edge. It does wonders. Gives you 80 attack damage and 20% critical strike. That and its passive will rocket your damages way high. Its your major source of damage and you will notice it. Combined with jinx passive of increase attack speed this item will shred enemies life away.

    Statikk shiv gives you a great boost in attack speed and critical strike and has the cool passive of every 100 charges dealing more magic damage. Its the item you should take if you are behind cause it is cheap or if the teams are balance dont loose time going for phantom dancer , cause you will neeed the speed asap. Phantom dancer gives more stats its true, but its more expensive and in games where you are behind you cant afford to loose time. Only buy phantom when ahead and dominating the lane. Don't forget when you have your build complete and have no clue where to spend the money , here you can switch statikk with phantom.

    After this you should get bloodthirster, cause it gives 80 damage more, which makes your overall damage through the roof and has the lifesteal. With this you will have a lot more sustain to keep on pushing through enemies and team fights , bringing damages to the table for a longer time. Hell it can keep you alive against other fed enemies as well give you a higher chance of leaving a team fight alive.

    Last whisper gives you 40 damage, which kinda makes your overall damage OP now. Besides if you already wrecked fragile targets now you have 35 percent more of armor penetration which equals to wrecking away the tanks armor. At this point there is no player that will be able to resist you 1 on 1 unless they have a lot of CC or attacks that make them untargatable.

    The last item you can choose between becoming a God of attack speed with runann's hurricane or having guardian's angel. Now runann should be bought if your team is doing very well and you just want to kill them faster. You need to have some tanks or allies with CC to help you in teamfights i order to buy this. If not and you are getting killed in teamfights or focused on buy guardian's angel. It will allow you to ressurect when they arent focusing on you anymore and your ressurected damage may turn the tables in a team fight.

    The last thing I want to add is berserker greaves with homeguard. When they are very close to your base homeguard is ectremely usefull to get to any point in the outer limits of your base in no time. It can save turrets and inhibitors. You must see when it is needed.
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So this is jinx passive " Get excited" . So what is it for? Positioning or pushing objectives to the edge. Let me explain. Whenever you kill a enemy, destroy a turret, do an assist or wreck an inhibitor you gain 175% movement speed. Well this is wonderfull for positioning in teamfights for example. Kill one do an assist run off to get out of range, when the focus on you is lost return and do it all again. They wont chase you with 175% speed cause they wont catch you so you can just ran out of focus and come back to help allies again and kill someone. It is also awesome in pushing objectives cause you can stay longer killing a turret cause you know that even if enemies get to you when you destroy the turret you can just run off like sonic the hedgehog out of there.

Use this ability in the machine gun form as the main form of damage. It stacks speed and your damage combined with that speed will destroy anyone. You should only change to the rocket launcher when enemies are running and you have no range!

Zap deals damage in a straight line to the first enemy it hits and slows him. I use it to poke in a lane and when the target is about to run for the slow. It your Q being the biggest form of damage this spell is more used for utility than otherwise.I've seen jinxes using this a form of mais damage and it doenst stack up to the power of Q so trust the attack speed!

The chompers I love them. Its the first spell to use when engaging in a fight so the enemy wont be able to leave when he is about to die. Imagine the supports makes a pull or an engage. You should immediatly put the chompers behind the enemy adc and focus on him. When he tries to retreat and gets sutck prepare the Zap for the extra slow and he is a gonner. It can also save you from ganks. The ganker jumps on you so you send the chompers s bit ahead of you and run towards them they will get stunned there. Prepare zap right away in case of an extra slow to safety!

This is jinx R . The ultimate attack. Use it when the enemy is completely out of range even for your Q rocket launcher and has low hp. Try not to hit anyone else or it will be blocked. If you're in a tight fight 1 on 1 and he is low hp and so are you and nobody knows who is going to win you can and should smash the super mega death rocket straight on his face. In teamfights it is always usefull to damage everyone and if the other laners need some extra help send it from anywhere in tha map. Try to predict where the enemy will be. With pratice you wont miss
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Heal is very usefull in any adc. It helps you heal yourself for 90~345 health [75 + (15 x level)] to your champion and the allied champion nearest to the caster's cursor (or the most wounded ally if no target is near the cursor).It also gives you and your allies a movement speed buff. It should be taken anytime a support doesnt take it so you can keep you and him alive.

Barrier is also very usefull in an adc. It shields your champion for 115~455 health [95 + (20 × level)] for 2 seconds. It gives a little more defense than heal but it does nothing for your support so take it only when your support has heal.

Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor.Its uses are so vast since flashing out to safety, flash towards an emeny to kill, flash over a wall to garantee a kill or garantee your life. Its a must have for obvious reasons.
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In the laning phase focus on farming and poking with zap and the rocket launcher. Jinx goes well with agressive supports like blitz, tresh or leona. If they can land a pull on the adc imediatly put chompers behind the adc in order to avoid his escape. Land Q on him and let the attack speed passive do its magic. Zap him if you see he is about to back off or just got hit by chompers. If he manages to leave range while alive swicth Q for rocket launcher and try to kill him but never go on turret range and never forget not to go on a chase through an enemy minion wave! If you have finisher then you can always snipe him. Ward the river near dragon and the tribush and watch out for ganks. As an adc you are very fragile to ganks.

If you manage to kill the adc and the support go for turret or for the dragon if the junglers around. Do one of these imediatly. Objectives win games.

After pushing the first turret kill the ranged minions of the incoming wave and your minions will do the rest, you should now go gank mid and help other team mates win their lanes and push objectives. Ward everything and even if you get bad laners dont flame just win yours and go help. This will win lanes and turn the game around. You are now carrying the match.

In teamfights never engage , be the last one to go cause you will get focused if first and there goes the damage for your team. You can poke with zap and the rocket launcher but never go in with the machine gun, only do this when the rest of team has already engaged and they arent focusing you. You might use the death rocket on the whole enemy team here to boost the damage taken.

Make use of your passive to take down inhibitors and run to safety.
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Pros / Cons

-Extremely high attack speed
-Tower/objective control.
-One of the longest AA range in the game with Fishbones activated.
-Longe-range, AoE damage late game.
-Zap has a long-range, high base-damage skill with low use of mana and low cooldown.
-Chompers is AoE root.
-Super Mega Death Rocket is an awesome execute/snipping ability in the game and it takes AOE damage
-Very strong laning phase with a high kill potential


-Has no real escape.
-Very vulnerable to assassins
-Requires some protection in teamfights
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Final thoughts

Jinx is an awesome ADC, when played well can carry any game and win any other ADC. She fits well in any team and adds a lot of potential damage. I hope I could give you a bit of an insight on how to play with her. Anything else I come up with that I dint remember I'll add to the guide. Questions and opinions are always aprecciated. See you on the fields summoners!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad_Doctor
Mad_Doctor Jinx Guide
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Jinx, how to carry a bot lane

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