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Jinx Build Guide by MozaiX

AD Carry Jinx Kites to Victory!

AD Carry Jinx Kites to Victory!

Updated on October 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MozaiX Build Guide By MozaiX 2,722 Views 0 Comments
2,722 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MozaiX Jinx Build Guide By MozaiX Updated on October 9, 2014
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Hello! My name is MozaiX and this is my first guide. I've only been playing for 3 months. I understand this may have a lot of errors of information as I am new and only have what I have learned, and some of what I have read. Jinx is by far my favorite ADC, and playing her almost exclusively, ive learned alot about her playstyle, her strengths as well as her weaknesses.

In this Guide, i will make sure you have all the needed info you need to make sure you dominate the first time playing her. hopefully. x)
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This is how i choose my masteries for Jinx. I gave 21 points in Offensive, and 9 points in Defensive. This gives you all the necessary Offensive tree skills while being a little more Tanky, as Jinx is very squishy.

Offensive Tree Notes:
  • Run with Attack Speed instead of CoolDown Reduction. Jinx's 2 main strengths are Attack Speed, and Critical Chance.
  • The 2nd column is geared towards Physical Damage, while the 3rd column is geared towards Magic Damage. stay away from the 3rd column with Jinx. 3/4 of her abilities scale with her attack damage. Ability power will not help you in any way.
  • max out scaling attack damage, Brute Force, but skip the +4 attack damage. It is better to save that point to max out Devastating Strikes to give you an additional 2% armor/magic penetration. That 4 attack Damage does do better in the beginning, but once you get your BF sword, that skill becomes almost unnoticeable. the extra 2% will carry you much more overall.
  • Frenzy synergizes great with Jinx. She needs attack speed, as much as she can get, and being big on critical chance, you'll almost always keep +15% (3 stacks) since the beginning of the game, coupled with 9 Tier 3 Marks and 3 Tier 3 Quintessences of Critical Chance, giving you a total of 13.5% crit chance at the start of game. And let me not forget to mention that Frenzy lets you attack faster with your Rockets. With it's added range and faster attack speed with this, it will help you Kite better and from further away.
  • Executioner is also another great skill for Jinx. Her Ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket scales mainly on your target's amount of missing health. Having an extra 5% damage on top of that comes in handy.
  • Dangerous Game skill, comes in handy mainly for the 5% back on missing health. when it comes to jinx, she almost never runs out of mana except for the first 10 minutes of the game where poking and trapping exhaust her fairly quickly. With your extra health from Defensive tree and Frozen Mallet, that 5% comes in real handy when kiting the enemy team down 1 by 1 if it ever comes to you being last man alive from a team fight.

Defensive Tree Notes:
  • 5% armor and magic resist doesnt do TOO much since Jinx really lacks in those, but it does help.
  • The 5 points in Health stats. Regen is great to have while laning. flat health and a health increase of 3% goes real well with this build especially since you will be running Frozen Mallet which will give you an extra 21 hp. doesnt sound like alot, but no mastery is meant to be game changing. if you may, compare it to 2 points in flat health which give you 24 hp. this isnt even including the 3% health bonus you get from your basic health.
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Probably the most controversial part of my build as i know every guide out there for any ADC says go for attack damage. Instead, i go for critical chance. I am not saying this is better, I am just saying this is what i use. Attack damage may be better, and i may have a lot to learn.

x9 Marks of Critical Chance. If you have been reading, Jinx's main strengths are attack speed, and critical chance. since you also have Frenzy mastery, this critical chance give you some attack speed as well. while it is unreliable as you never know when crit chance will or will not happen, it really is a wonderful thing to happen so early in the game. and if you get 2 crits in a row.. thats pretty deadly. But to just have one is still really great.

x3 Quintessences of Critical Change. Some more crit chance. giving you a total of 13.95% including your marks. with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer giving you 55% crit chance. you now have 68.95%, which means you could crit chance 3 times in a row quite often. with Infinity Edge's passive making your crits 250% of your AD, it only makes those crits hit harder and more often.

x9 Seals of Armor. Pretty Standard. Armor is a primary statistic for Seal. This gives you a little just a tad bit more laning survivability. this is essential to have since you will be going against another AD carry.

x9 Glyphs of Magic Resist. Pretty Standard as well. Magic Resist is a primary statistic for Glyphs. while this wont help much against your adc opponent, it will against the enemy's support or jungler when he tries to gank you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MozaiX
MozaiX Jinx Guide
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Jinx Kites to Victory!

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