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Jinx Build Guide by AppleEnder

AD Carry Jinx - The Crazy Girl

AD Carry Jinx - The Crazy Girl

Updated on October 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleEnder Build Guide By AppleEnder 7,363 Views 8 Comments
7,363 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleEnder Jinx Build Guide By AppleEnder Updated on October 18, 2013
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Jinx does what she wants.
That's right. She doesn't care if you are a tank, adc, bruiser, or Ap carry. Jinx will kite you, and proceed to tell you who your daddy is. Its Jinx.
This is my first guide to a champion that kicks ***. I have played a ton of games with her, and I do well every time.
Note: This is my first guide, and I may have some bad habits. Explain to me why an Idea is bad and I will update the guide if your explanation is sufficient. I am willing to learn from anybody willing to make sense.
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Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
I use these for some much needed defense from magic damage. The build only calls for one magic defense item, and that is really only for AP heavy teams. This is much needed.
Seal of Armor
This is a no-brainer. Protects you against lane harass and all auto attack damage. Helps to reduce minion damage.
Mark of Attack Damage
You are an ADC and that means you need attack damage. These runes help you last hit, harass, and otherwise hold your own in lane. In combination with your quints, they also help keep you sustained, and are more efficient early game than armor penetration would be. Same goes for:
Quintessence of Attack Damage
Quintessence of Life Steal
This is my personal favorite for ADC bot laners. Two lifesteal quints give you 4% lifesteal, allowing you to stack it on top of a Doran's Blade and keep yourself sustained in lane. Late game, it adds some extra lifesteal for increased durability and dueling power. If you go for Boots and Health Potion x4, you can swap them out for Quintessence of Attack Damage or quintessence of armor penetration
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Skill Sequence

Get Excited! is an amazing passive. The movement speed it gives you in team-fights lets you chase, escape, and position as well as you need to in a fight.

Max Switcheroo! first. This skill gives you an amazing boost to your attack speed with Pow-Pow.
Actually, I understated it. With a Phantom Dancer and Berserker's Greaves as well as Frenzy , at max stats, you do over 2 attacks per second. This lets you skimp on the attack speed items and build crazy amounts of straight damage. This is what makes her one of my favorite AD carries.

You should definitely max Zap! second, as it is a decent nuke, a super long skill-shot that can net you kills and assists(important for your passive), and an amazing slow.

Flame Chompers! are one of your best tools for defensive or offensive play. The best part about them is that they only require one level for max snare duration. They scale of ability power, so level them last.

Super Mega Death Rocket! Is your multi-use skill that defines a good Jinx player. You can use it to execute. You can use it to defend a turret. You can use it to snipe kills. Unless you have practice with Lux or Ezreal I would be careful of how you shoot it.
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Go with the usual summoner spells.
Flash gets you away, over walls, closer, or anywhere in between.
Barrier fakes out your enemy and lets you survive a fight or duel as well as skill-shots you are unable to dodge.

Ghost useful, but with less utility than flash. You already have Get Excited! and two high damage skill-shots, decreasing the usefulness of this spell.
Ignite this will net you kills, but only shines against other champions with high health generation. You need to stay alive, so taking this over a well timed Barrier is not recommended.
Just don't take any other summoner spells. They are not worth it for a multiple reasons.
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Berserker's Greaves bring your attack speed up to the amount you need to take other, more important items. This is the best set out of the lot for this champion.

Phantom Dancer this item, stacked with your Switcheroo! and your masteries, puts your attack speed over 2 attacks per second, gives you critical chance, and boosts your movement speed significantly. Why wouldn't you get it?

Infinity Edge gives you a lot of attack damage, gives you critical strike to proc your Frenzy , and increases critical strike damage. Along with lifesteal, this lets you out-duel most opponents.

Bloodthirster gives you a high amount of life steal and damage. I used to love stacking a second one of these, but mathematically, it just isn't very viable. Thank you Laggermiester for pointing this out.

Frozen Mallet gives you a huge slow, making it impossible for enemies to get away from you. It give you a lot of health, increasing your ability to survive. It also gives you damage. You can skip this if you are doing really well in a game, but if it looks like the enemy is coming back, I would recommend it.

Blade of the Ruined King I recommend this if the enemy team is stacking health. It does over 100 extra damage to a champion with 2k health, has a good active for executing tanky targets as well as catching up or getting away from a champion, puts your attack speed at maximum, and gives you more life steal.

Last Whisper is a must have against a team building a large amount of armor. You don't have armor penetration items or runes, so against heavy armor you will be throwing yourself against brick walls unless you get this.

Maw of Malmortius is an item I would only get against very AP heavy teams. The passive effect is awesome, but seeing as you are building a lot of life steal and critical chance, you shouldn't be getting low enough for long enough to benefit from it.

Guardian Angel gives you resists and a resurrect. This item is only important if you die a lot from extreme focus, and your team cannot peel it from you. With your passive, you should be staying back far enough, and be slippery enough, to run in and out of the fight as you please.
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Grab your Doran's Blade and either watch/help with red buff or watch/help with blue buff. Play it safe, using Pow-Pow to last-hit and Fish-Bones to harass when the chance arises.Be careful not to run yourself out of mana using Fish-Bones. You can use Zap! to harass and check bushes, as well as set up kills along with Flame Chompers!. When fights happen, focus the lowest health target with Pow-Pow, when they die you can use your passive to either escape or chase the other lane opponent, possibly netting yourself a double kill.
If you are taking a lot of harass, you can pick up a Vampiric Scepter for sustain. If one opponent leaves the lane, try your best to kill them and/or push to the turret. Jinx can take it down to half health or less on one large push, alone.
When you hit 6, do your best to harass either enemy to low health, and then finish them off with Super Mega Death Rocket!
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Mid Game

Push down towers, but play safe. The main goal is to get enough farm for Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer and Bloodthirster. Once you have those 3 items and Berserker's Greaves you will be dealing some major damage. Don't push out too far without good warding, and don't stray to far from a team-fight, unless split-pushing is a viable option. Even then, keep an eye on the map, if two of them go missing, or somebody that poses a considerable threat, leave immediately.
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Late Game

Stick with your team, unless of course, split-pushing is viable. Try to finish off your late-game items as fast as possible. Stay outside of the enemies range of sight, if a fight starts, its usually best to circle around and start with the lowest health champions first. If that isn't an option, start from the front and work your way back, picking off anyone silly enough to try and solo focus you. Use your rockets only when you have 3 stacks from Pow-Pow and need to deal Area of Effect damage, or to finish off champions from a further range. Once you have a kill or assist, you can move about freely, running and rejoining the fight with ease. This makes it possible to finish off a low health enemy and retreat, only to come back after the enemy thought you were gone.
Your ultimate can be used a variety of ways. You can stay in the back lines, and pick off a low health enemy behind their line. You can save it and fire it into a low health group of enemies, who you then rapidly kill and chase down without mercy. You can use it to get a kill on the front lines, activating your passive for further use, offensively or defensively.
If your team has to retreat, cover it for them. Toss down your Flame Chompers! when they are off cool-down.
Use Zap! to keep anybody from getting too close. You can use Fish-Bones to keep creeps off your towers and remain safe defending your base.
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This is where I will post successful uses of the builds from this guide. Ill go to start off!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleEnder
AppleEnder Jinx Guide
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Jinx - The Crazy Girl

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