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Jinx Build Guide by DontHateTheDot

AD Carry JINX - the flat chested hypercarry (unfinished)

AD Carry JINX - the flat chested hypercarry (unfinished)

Updated on April 20, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DontHateTheDot Build Guide By DontHateTheDot 5,624 Views 0 Comments
5,624 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DontHateTheDot Jinx Build Guide By DontHateTheDot Updated on April 20, 2015
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be warned to everyone reading this at the moment this is a work in progress, and i will be working on it, and adding to it when i have the time. everything seen below, may be changed in the future, but the general idea of it will remain the same. if you honestly want a jinx guide from me and me alone, then come back in about a day and there should be more added to this guide. thank you for your cooperation, and ave a nice day.
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so you may be asking your self "why should i play Jinx over other adc's?"

well the answer to that question is easy to answer
you know that thing called critz? well, in the case of jinx critz gives you THE HIGHEST DAMAGE POTENTIAL IN THE GAME, even without the critz you still have the highest damage potential in the game. and i do mean potential, because odds are you wont be getting 100% of it off. the whole reason for playing jinx is that she can crit a whole team at one, at the same time, in one auto. meaning if their entire team is standing right next to eachother and you auto them and crit your going to do about ~2500 damage in one auto. that and global snipes makes it easy to get fed (and KS your team) when you get the hang of it.
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Pros / Cons

now if you look the pros seem to out weigh the cons, but in the whole the cons are very simple and not all that bad in the end because of the fact that you are a late game hypercarry. there's very little anyone can do if you get ahead, but if they get ahead of you there's even less that you can do.

  • amazing damage output
  • insane late game
  • amazing team fight
  • has the most static range in the game post 9
  • has a 130% attack speed buff that can be up 24/7
  • no escape
  • relatively hard to play
  • very easy to screw up early
  • many lane match ups aren't in your favor
  • very support dependent
  • her lane can be completely ruined with one gank
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Skill Sequence (and how they work)

just to bring it up in more detail
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Get Excited! your passive... honestly this is both an amazing passive and a terrible one. since it is based off of kills (and assists) if you dont get kills (and assists) it doesn't do anything. its main use is that if you can get a kill while your in a bad situation the speed boost Can get you out by the skin of your A**

Switcheroo!is your Q... your q is the entire reason you are a champion. your Q is what makes you good in lane, out of lane, in teamfights, your Q is you. love your Q care for your Q, and above all else don't piss off RNJesus, because without crits, and crit chance you are worthless compared to other adc's, and that is because unlike other adc's you dont have the abilities to do damage for you, you have your Q and autos to do damage and keep you alive.
your Q has two setting and the use of the skill differs drastically depending on weather its toggled on or off.
when your is toggled off it gives you a stacking attack speed buff that decays one stack every 2.5 seconds. this is the part of your kit that even lets you even look at other adc's and try to fight them, because this is that gives you damage in the early game, the free 30-130% attack speed lets you be an ok duelist (not the best, but not the worst by far), as well as meaning you don't need to rush complete your boots for the attack speed.
however when its toggled on... that's a completely different story. when your Q is toggled on you get range based off of the level of the skill (75 + (25 * your level)) and increases the damage your auto attacks do by 10%. don't be confused, it doesn't increase your AD itself, just the damage that your autos do. its third and final effect is that it makes your auto's do damage in an AOE (Area Of Effect), this AOE damage CAN AND WILL CRIT. this makes you an absolute monster in team fights, this is what gives you the god like late game. this is your best skill and thats why you level it first, ALWAYS LEVEL THIS SKILL FIRST!! I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH.
honestly if i could the leveling order would look like this
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Zap! zap is a straight line skill shot that has about a one second delay on hit. it sounds like i very easy skill to use in theory, but in reality its much harder to use, the delay makes it very weird to use, and you need to know when to use this and when to just auto attack. the main thing about this skill is that it has a 140% AD scaling on it making hit like a truck once you get some ad. the slow is nice, but the main point of this skill is the poke it lets you get off in lane. other than that, this is your go to skill for checking bushes, although if you angle it poorly there's a good chance that it wont hit whoever is in the bush. but still its a good skill for it

Flame Chompers! this is. the glitchiest. skill i have ever seen. nine out of ten jinx mains would agree (don't quote me on that). when you use your e, you throw one out directly on top of your cursor, one on each tangent from it to make a T of sorts. then after about 1.5 seconds (3 years) they arm. once armed any enemy champion who steps on them will be snared for 1.5 seconds (1.5 seconds). this skill is the biggest pain in the A** to actually snare people with on your own. the main way i suggest using this is to chain CC with your support for an easy kill.

Super Mega Death Rocket! this is your ult. all in all its a very simple ability to use, although compared to other global ults this one has a few quirks to it. this ability cant hit minions or jungle camps, this means that stealing baron and dragon with this skill can be difficult. the main thing being is you want to aim it at the lowest health enemy that is in melee range of the dragon/baron, this is because the lower the TARGET YOU HITS HEATH THE MORE DAMAGE THE AOE DOES. the damage this skill does is based off of the missing hp of the person that the rocket hits, not of the individuals health, this can make it VERY weird to calculate damage that it will do. my main tip with this skill is practice, there's no way for me to tell you how to aim this skill, it kinda just comes to you in time.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DontHateTheDot
DontHateTheDot Jinx Guide
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JINX - the flat chested hypercarry (unfinished)

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