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Jinx Build Guide by Productiveinsomniac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Productiveinsomniac

Jinx The mental paitent in TT

Productiveinsomniac Last updated on March 5, 2015
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i currently only play for fun now, due to my obligation with NetherRealmStudios Mortal Kombat. I play professionally on the Playstation consoles PS3 and PS4. i have played MK1, 2,3 UMK3, MK9 for NRS. and will be playing MKX upon release!

NOTE: i am no longer Diamond 1, i consider myself NO RANK DUE to my inactivity! i am currently Unranked as of now and will be for the remander of the next few years

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Team Work

ADC (now officially known as Marksmen) could refer to champions who have been tagged as Attack Damage Carries, such as: Reference:

I have found that many players on ][_ [()] ][_ have the misunderstanding that Melee or AKA Bruiser/fighter champions are ADC champs... this is not the case... the only thing that defines an ADC is its ability to Crowd Control and close gaps to get that kill with outstanding DPS. so preferably a ranged champ is the needed champion classification for an ADC
Example:Jinx: is an ADC because she does good damage normally without items.... Her normal abilities gain Critical hit with basic attacks... with her ult combined Physical damage can be very leathal to several champs in one area.... She also has great speed upon killing, assists, and taking a turret or assisting in taking a turret.... the last that fits this role completely is her CC or Crowd Control abilities... hercalled Zap has a very long range (one path) movement Slow and her called chompers roots enemy and leaves a DOT on them for 1.5 seconds...

the above is vital in a ADC role.... many use champs without CC for an adc or should I say they call them adc's but literally lack what is needed in an adc role.
The problem with these type of people playing ADC Champs is:
ADC's are high risk high reward champions: IE they are Squishy.. easily killed if caught off guard... they may do massive damage but can easily be over come by any champ on the field. when a player uses this role for just kills IE being greedy it will generally equal bad for the team... they are not meant for self gain rather providing the whole team that extra punch and should get as many assist as kills... an ADC by no means can solo the entire competition... with that said you must rely on good coordinated movments with your team... generally a tank/healer should run with your ADC... in most cases a top lane bruiser would suffice since top laners can take that extra damage!

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Pros / Cons


    Has an excellent escape
    two basics toggle
    aoe basic
    high dps
    has a CC slows
    has 2 CCs snare which is here escape=)


she is super slow without added movment boosting items
she is super squishy
if she is stuned-slowed-snared or silenced she is very dead very quick!
has to avoid CC's