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Jinx Build Guide by JBerger589

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JBerger589

Jinx: The Mini-Gun of Destruction

JBerger589 Last updated on October 11, 2013
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Welcome to Jinx: The Mini-Gun of Destruction!

Jinx is a short-ranged Attack Damage champion that scales well with pure damage and crit chance. She loves to kill champions and Towers as they activate her passive Get Excited!. Her specialty is dominating opposing champions by chasing them down as they turn to run: Her ult Super Mega Death Rocket! and her W Zap! are perfect for finishing off weak enemies trying to escape.

During the laning phase, Jinx prefers sustain and poke supports like Taric and Janna, not kill supports like Leona.

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Pros and Cons


*Excellent damage and a great dueler
*Good siege ability
*Global finisher skill shot
*Snowballs team fights
*Hard and soft CC abilities


*No escapes
*Susceptible to being out poked
*Goes mana heavy vs poke champs like Caitlyn
*Not a face-roll champion, aka: high skill cap.(is this a con?)

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Damage Marks are standard: they give Jinx the damage she needs early game for last hitting minions and poking champs.

Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs are also standard takes so pokes don't hurt as hard.

Life-steal Quints give Jinx some good sustain in lane, especially early game; However, mixing in Damage Quints is also encouraged.

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For masteries, I take the entire AD side of the Offensive tree, except for Summoner's Wrath , because we don't take Ignite. If you do take it, then please do put a talent here.

Make sure to talent into Destruction because, I mean, it's Jinx: She likes to kill buildings!

The rest of the points go into the defensive tree to give Jinx some early survivability. Note the talent into Summoner's Resolve for the extra 20 shield on Barrier.

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Summoner Spells

Barrier is currently the main summoner spell for the AD carry: It's pretty much a Heal with a lower cooldown.

Ignite is another pick for Jinx since she is frequently close enough to her targets to cast this spell. Use this to counter life-steal or regen centered champs like Twitch and Dr. Mundo.

Flash is mandatory. Accept no substitutes. No, not even Ghost: Jinx has no re-positioning spells like Graves or Caitlyn do, so this is a must.

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Get Excited! (passive)

This is Jinx's trademark feature. Everytime a champion or tower she is attacking dies, she gains 175% movement speed for 3 seconds! Fyi, that's a LOT. This passive gives Jinx an escape when over extended trying to take down a tower, and a chase if diving a weak tower.

Same concept goes for champions in lane or team fights: once one enemy goes down, Jinx gets really fast and can chase down most anyone trying to get away from the failed team fight.

Another tactic is to dive into a team fight, kill a target to proc Get Excited!, then run back to the edge of the fight to re-engage from safety.


Pow-Pow, The Mini-gun:

This is what makes Jinx so lethal. Lots of champs have a passive that stacks something, like resistances ( True Grit) or damage ( Silver Bolts), but Jinx just stacks attack speed. Think of it as Tristana's Rapid Fire with half the auto-attack range, but with it on all the time! In close quarters, and with a lot of damage from Infinity Edge, this becomes a nightmare to deal with.

Unlike most stacks, the mini-gun side of Switcheroo! loses only 1 stack at a time instead of all at once; so, if you can't attack the target for a few seconds, you won't have to start from zero.

Fishbones, The Rocket Launcher

This is a really handy toggle of Switcheroo!: it transforms Jinx's auto-attack from a 525 range mini-gun into a 600/625/650/675/700 ranged AoE rocket launcher! Yes, it costs mana, but only 20 at all ranks!

This is handy when you are being zoned by the other carry in lane as it allows Jinx to last hit minions she wouldn't otherwise be able to get. Additionally, it is great for wave clear!

The AoE is about a 50 radius, so not crazy big, but enough to hit a minion and the ones to it's immediate left and right. Note that the AoE does full splash damage!

Be sure to max this ability first!


This is a tricky spell to work with. Its main use is in scouting brush and slowing champions. It's 1 second cast time is a challenge to deal with as anyone with half a brain can see the path of the cast long before it casts. Preferably, use this spell on champions moving directly towards or away from Jinx. Any attempt to skill shot this spell at an angle is almost guaranteed to miss.

On a positive note, if it does hit, it grants true-sight, meaning stealth champions! Meaning Teemo, Shaco, and Wukong can be revealed and slowed!

As handy as this ability is, it doesn't scale well and is pretty expensive mana-wise early game; meaning, only level this once pre-lvl 6, then only as needed after.

Flame Chompers!

This is Jinx's main CC spell. While it takes a whole second to arm after casting, they do last for 5 seconds, creating a wall that nobody wants to get caught in. Perfect for deterring an oncoming jungler, or when retreating from a bad situation.

Conversely, this ability can be cast to prevent a weak enemy from fleeing, or to interrupt and lockdown a target.

The damage is negligible, so don't put more than 1 point into it before level 14.

Super Mega Death Rocket!

This is Jinx's global ultimate and specializes in finishing off weak enemies!

First, it deals a minimum of 150/200/250 (+50% AD).

The farther it goes, the more damage it does, up to a maximum of 300/400/500 (+100% AD).

It also does an additional 35% of missing HP, all as Attack Damage. Nearby enemies, to a radius of 100, receive 80% splash damage.

Level this ability at 6, 11, and 16, then prepare to Get Excited!

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Early Focus

Item Sequence

B. F. Sword

Vampiric Scepter

These are your early items to get. Rush B. F. Sword as fast as you can, but don't forget to snag a Vampiric Scepter as well for the life-steal. Keep in mind that we are pushing for an Infinity Edge first.

Resist the urge to rush The Bloodthirster, stay focused on getting Infinity Edge first: You will be so glad you did!

Core build

Item Sequence

Statikk Shiv

The Bloodthirster

These are Jinx's main tools of destruction: Pure Damage and Crit Chance! Infinity Edge should ALWAYS be your first finished item. The straight damage and crit chance is core to all of Jinx's abilities.

Statikk Shiv and The Bloodthirster add onto what Infinity Edge started with more damage and crit chance, plus the life-steal and move speed are excellent bonuses!

An mental picture for & :
Spoiler: Click to view

Last Whisperer

Last Whisper is a key item for Jinx as her ult and auto-attacks greatly benefit from the extra armor-penetration. This is best taken as a 4th item since by this time, the other team's bruisers will have stacked enough armor to annoy or thwart your team's damage. Take sooner if you are having trouble killing bruisers.

A word about :
Spoiler: Click to view

6th item

Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King

Guardian Angel

Banshee's Veil

Here are Jinx's options for a 6th item. These are totally situational, and maybe even eccentric. My preference is for Guardian Angel and Phantom Dancer, but never underestimate a well-chosen Banshee's Veil.

When to get a Banshee's Veil:
Other team only has 1-3 initiation spells.

When to get a Guardian Angel:
When you're team can't peel for you and you die early in team fights.

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Support Synergy

In general, Jinx is best paired with a sustain or poke support. As much as Jinx loves killing things, she is not a burst champion. She has some soft and hard CC abilities, but they are there to buy her time to auto-attack. Having a support that can augment this paradigm is preferred.


Alistar is a great combination of hard CC and sustain. His tanky from his Unbreakable Will is much appreciated when diving or being dived. His Q and W combo work well with Jinx's W and E and gives her time to auto-attack.

Janna brings a lot to the table that Jinx likes: extra damage, a shield, three forms of cc, poke, and extra movement speed!

Lulu is always a handy choice for a support: Her Whimsy and Wild Growth are outsanding, especially since Jinx is always diving, or getting dived.

Nami is another great sustain support with good poke. Her Aqua Prison synergizes well with Zap! and Flame Chompers! and they can all be chain cast together. Nami's passive Surging Tides is also nifty to give Jinx some extra move speed.
Important: read this spell: Tidecaller's Blessing

Sona is a great poke support with good sustain. Crescendo is amazing for team-fights.

Taric is another excellent sustain champion. His Dazzle is great at locking down a target for Jinx, and the armor aura and heal help Jinx survive the laning phase when dueling.

While Zilean is not a common pick for support, his kit synergizes PERFECTLY with Jinx: His Time Bomb is an excellent poke; Time Warp gives Jinx more move speed to chase or retreat; and Chronoshift is the perfect dive spell as it is a cast-able Guardian Angel. Jinx already brings cc to the table, so Zilean is fine to poke away with his bombs, and revive with Chronoshift.

Zyra is a great choice for a support: since Jinx is a short-ranged ADC, zyra's longer range of all her spells is much appreciated when facing enemies such as Caitlyn.

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Thanks for reading my guide! Be sure to vote leave feedback in the comments: I accept all forms of criticism and suggestions!

Much thanks to all the help pages listed in the header drop-down menus! I used all of them!
Jhoijhoi, thank you for all the help guides you have made! And your images that you so graciously share. I don't think I used them for this guide, but if you read this, thank you!

On a side note, I read this Ten Commandments of Writing a Guide by Laggermeister, and yes, I am consciously breaking #4 and #5: may doom come upon me as it may.

Note: One I figure out how to get LolReplay working again, I'll be posting some pics.