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Udyr Build Guide by JJ9000

Support Jitter. (Support Udyr)

Support Jitter. (Support Udyr)

Updated on December 31, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JJ9000 Build Guide By JJ9000 1 8 38,553 Views 12 Comments
1 8 38,553 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JJ9000 Udyr Build Guide By JJ9000 Updated on December 31, 2013
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Dear God Why?

Long, long ago, a friend of mine purchased Spirit Guard Udyr for me when he came out, completely taking me by surprise and making me overjoyed. Later on, that same person took very much so to Jinx, The Loose Cannon. Me, in my infinite wisdom, suggested that we go in the same lane with Udyr supporting Jinx. This was because I saw that together, the two of them had so much raw damage and potential that they could both lay waste to a battlefield and completely support their team while doing so. That is why I have created this guide, a guide for Support Udyr, but even more specifically for Jidyr, or Jitter, the combination of Jinx and Udyr.
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- Enter + The + Tank -



Quite frankly, you are playing Udyr to support Jinx. Your goal is to turn her into an absolute monster, plain and simple. You are her tank, her absolute WALL. Nothing should be able to bypass you, and your only shame is in her death. Your credits are in the amount of feed and enemy team kills you net. As you are playing Udyr as a support, you will originally be nothing more but a tank, and more specifically a stun master. Gradually you will transform into your own monster as Jinx begins to destroy the battlefield, but the items that you are going to have will only help her further while making you both tankier and increasing your damage. This is very much a partner guide, so you need to make absolutely certain that the communication between yourself and the Jinx are flawless. It is also very good to do with a good friend, as you will both have fun in the end.

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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Gun-Fu? (Team)


Synergy with your Jinx, your trigger-happy mistress, Powpow's Lady, her imperial bullet-master, runner, bullet buddy, blue haired-ness, Ms. Gunhappilicious, mischievous wonder, little trickster. She is the one you give the most attention to and the most assistance. You carry her early-game so that together you can raze everything in the mid and late game. After all, Udyr himself will become a monster with the scraps from the feed that he gives to Jinx, and they work synchronously with one another.

> Protects at all costs.
> Stuns and lines up kills.
> Initiates.
> Wards the area to prevent ganks.
> Holds off enemies.

> Carries.
> Grants assists.
> Grants Favors through talisman of ascension.
> Keeps enemies at bay.
> Secures kills.
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Flames and Smoke (Pros & Cons)

Flames / Smoke


+ Great mid game.
+ Working late game.
+ Scales with synchronization.
+ Very, very tank.
+ Supportive of the efforts of the team as a whole.
+ Interchangable with other ADCs (generally).

This combination gets better and better as the game progresses. The more in-tune the pair are, the greater they can become as the game goes on, meaning that this combination will kill more and more as the game goes on. In addition, it provides the team with both a very fed AD carry as well as a bruiser. Finally, it can usually be interchanged with other members of the team who wish to line up a kill with Udyr as well.

- Semi-weak early game.
- No crowd-control.
- Builds mediumly-slow.
- Fails if no synchronization.
- Dependent on an effective attack damage carry.
- Difficult to defend against ranged burst.

The cons of this primarily come from the susceptibility of Jinx to crowd control. Jinx has no escape abilities, making their early game difficult as she is very squishy. Meanwhile, Udyr takes some time to get rolling, but may never begin rolling if both players are not in sync. Finally, it is difficult for them to deal against ranged burst, as Udyr cannot always stop it, meaning that Jinx can be killed so fast that Udyr is unable to do something, meaning that he can only defend until his offensive part returns.
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Stances (Abilities)

Stance Explanation

  • Monkey's Agility: While using Support Udyr, Bridge Between is good for one thing: stacking. Udyr will build up plenty of CDR with talisman of ascension and Black Cleaver, meaning that spamming between two stances is the best way to act in offense, defense, and when you are fleeing from a battle. All of these build Bridge Between, which means that you do not need to worry about getting attack speed, as Wilding Claw and Bridge Between both tremendously increase your attack speed, which you only need when fighting towers or other tanks, such as Taric.
  • Furious Tiger (Q): Violent, powerful, fluffy, playful. The Wilding Claw is vital as the primary offense tool when you are paired up with your Jinx. Wilding Claw is best utilized when you are combating an enemy tower to reduce its power down to zero while alternating with Iron Mantle. Secondly, it can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to the dragon and Barron Nashor, aiding in capturing these objectives, in addition to dealing damage onto targets getting too close to your precious Jinx.
  • Fortress Turtle (W): The Iron Mantle is the second received skill that Udyr possesses in his stance collection to aid Ms. Gunhappilicious, but it is without a doubt the MOST IMPORTANT! The Iron Mantle allows him to fight enemies, run from fights, fight targets, survive in jungle fights, tank turrets, protect Jinx, and survive damage-over-time! Its uses are so many that having mana for support Udyr could be said to simply being there in order to sustain his ability to use Iron Mantle, as Iron Mantle can be used to the extent of creating entire extra lives from the sheer amount of shielding that it can produce. See the image below.

    As can plainly be seen, Udyr has defeated the dragon solo at level ten. Iron Mantle gave so much shielding to the point where Udyr would have been slain twice over without it. This is how utterly critical Iron Mantle is.
  • Fierce Bear (E): Blazing Stampede is the second most important stance that Udyr can perform, and the first that he obtains. This is because Blazing Stampede is the most easy to identify supportive move in his abilities, as it can stun enemies, setting the up for easy chases and take downs by that trigger-happy mistress. However, it has even more uses than this. It is perfect for distracting enemies from slaying Jinx, who by herself does not possess an escape, in addition to helping control the lane early game by stunning the enemies who attempt to poke. [/color]
  • Fiery Phoenix (R): Last is the Wingborne Storm. There is still a use for this stance while using this play style, and it is almost purely defensive. While it can definitely provide extra coverage in the middle of a battle, it can best be used to keep targets away from your objectives. Usually this will be a minion wave that is attacking your turret, but it may also be a group of jungle monsters that you are holding off so that your glorious carry may finish them off, or even against that chasing MOB of four enemy champions right on your tail feathers.
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Stance Order (Ability Sequence)

Stance Order

> > >
Skills are a very strange thing for Udyr while he is supporting Jinx. Jinx makes getting Wilding Claw early completely unnecessary, as it is primarily used against turrets, in addition to the small focus required to lane Udyr on Wingborne Storm. Obviously, Blazing Stampede is the very first skill you need to acquire, as it is the key to JIDYR. However, Iron Mantle is the skill you will use to make yourself very difficult to be killed, and the only thing that leveling up Blazing Stampede gives you is a more movement speed, whereas Iron Mantle gives more shielding, which is much more desirable, so we upgrade it first whenever we can.

Then, we get Wilding Claw. Wilding Claw is very useful against turrets and dealing damage to enemy champions to help beat them down quickly for your mischievous wonder to shoot down and net some very beautiful gold. As such, we build up Wilding Claw after Iron Mantle, though making sure to get Wingborne Storm at level six.

Once Wilding Claw is completely filled, we build up Blazing Stampede. Now into the late game where chases become more common after team fights you will be able to use the increased movement speed in addition to the talisman of ascension. Lastly we place two points into Wingborne Storm to round off the skills.
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Summoner Shenanigans (Spells)

Summoner Spells

[nextcol width=20]
[nextcol width=235]
Flash is the always get for when you are using Udyr, mostly because of the positioning it allows. It allows you to combo with Blazing Stampede in order to catch enemies and pin them down for your Jinx, as well as intercepting giant ranged attacks made at your Jinx with Iron Mantle, or just your normal Udyr. You are a meat shield after all, be proud of it!
[nextcol width=20]
[nextcol width=235]
Exhaust will generally be the item you want if your Jinx wants to get more kills or is having a hard time staying alive in general. It does help reach or continue to slow a target after using Blazing Stampede, and allows for you to lay more damage on them with Wingborne Storm and Wilding Claw.[/columns]
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Stones (Runes)


  • Greater Seal of Armor: You are building as much of a tank as you possibly can. Armor will mean that your Iron Mantle and runic shield are more effective, allowing you to stay in the fight longer to help your Jinx or even survive a battle where you otherwise would have died. Alone the bonus may not be much, but Greater Seal of Armor combined with Greater Mark of Armor allows for an increased bonus when combined with Enchanted Armor .
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These are one of your greatest source of magic resist. These also assist in increasing the effectiveness of your Iron Mantle and are aided by Enchanted Armor . Thankfully, due to the fact that you are in bottom lane, you will be more concerned with attack damage, meaning that magic resist is not as worrisome. However, the glyphs and masteries do provide you with some defense against them.
  • Greater Quintessence of Gold: You are playing a support Udyr. Gold is going to be the hardest thing for you to obtain, which is why you take these quintessences, which will stack with talisman of ascension.
  • Greater Mark of Armor: You are building as much of a tank as you possibly can. Armor will mean that your Iron Mantle and runic shield are more effective, allowing you to stay in the fight longer to help your Jinx or even survive a battle where you otherwise would have died. Alone the bonus may not be much, but Greater Seal of Armor combined with Greater Mark of Armor allows for an increased bonus when combined with Enchanted Armor .
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Artifacts (Items)


Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads 1100
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Zeke's Harbinger 2250
Black Cleaver 3100
Frozen Mallet 3100
Warmog's Armor 3000

Tenacity and Magic Resist. Magic Resist is the most lacking area in this build for Udyr, and early game it should be the thing you will need the least. Come mid game, however, it becomes necessary, in addition to the tenacity being very helpful against casters. Overall, a very good pair of boots and the ones that will best amplify the effects of the tanky Udyr you are creating for her imperial bullets-master.
TALISMAN OF ASCENSION The talisman of ascension really makes JIDYR work. This trinket both gives Udyr enough gold to be able to properly support and make his build, while at the same time granting him a large amount of cool-down reduction, which allows him to pose faster. Finally, its activated ability allows for not only himself, but also his runner to move much faster, allowing for escapes as well as pursuits. Also enjoy the health regeneration and especially the mana regeneration, which allow for more stances to be used overall.
ZEKE'S HERALD Blood everywhere! This is a fantastic item to have for Udyr, as not only does it support satan's hit girl, but it also gives its owner access to life steal, which adds onto the amount he gets from his Iron Mantle, in addition to giving health and cool down reduction, overall making it a very, very helpful item to have in this combination.

The first of the offensive supporting items, Black Cleaver directly chops down the targets armor, the same target that is being stunned with Udyr's paws and shot with Jinx's bullets. This means that they are not only stunned, but have their armor dropping rapidly as well, meaning that they are taking even more damage than they would be normally. IN addition, it gives Udyr even more cool-down reduction, health, and damage, all of which help his stances and level of bruiser.

Raw defense. Coming into the heart of the mid-game, protecting your bullet buddy may be becoming quite difficult. However, with the ever-helpful Randuin's Omen, not only do you yourself become much harder to kill, but when enemies touch you while chasing Jinx they loss some of their ability to do damage, in addition to you being able to fire off a trigger that further de-buffs them. Using this trinket is all about timing, and also enjoy the massive increase in armor that it provides.

Frozen Mallet is one of the choices for your finishing items. This will be the primary finishing item of your build, as not only does it give you a stupid amount of health, it also gives you a stupid amount of attack damage, and finally allows you to assist her blue-hairedness by slowing the enemies who you are stunning while also reducing their armor levels, making it very, very difficult for them to escape the combination.

This item should only be used if you are going full out tank. Having nearly five THOUSAND health, in addition to your Iron Mantle and other defenses, will make a tank that can survive massive amounts of damage, in addition to performing his role as the bodyguard of Powpow's Lady. If you get killed while wearing this, then it must be a late game after all. Or you need a quack.
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You are the tank who accepts all the damage that Jinx would normally take. This aids you, especially considering that you will be going up against the enemy team's ADC.
Health regeneration will allow you to stay in the fight longer, as well as take more damage for your Jinx, increasing your overall effectiveness.
This increases your bonus Armor and Magic Resist by 1/20th. This means that for every 100 Armor or Magic Resist you obtain, you receive another 5 on top of that. This is a fantastic bonus that cooperates with Randuin's Omen, Greater Mark of Armor, Greater Seal of Armor, and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.
Adding onto Block , Unyielding further allows you to deal with the enemy team's ADC, stopping 3-4 of their damage with every basic attack and 1-2 of all their damage, total.
The more health you have, the longer you can stay in battle and guard and help your Jinx, and the more often you can initiate. .
Percent health increase? Absolutely fantastic for the build that is being used, with Frozen Mallet and Black Cleaver becoming even more effective, not to mention Veteran's Scars and zeke's herald.
More armor. Makes all the health that you have harder to take away from you, not to mention the bonus from Iron Mantle.
Get your health back faster, and get it for a percentage based on the amount you've lost! This means that even with Iron Mantle active, you will still be gaining more health than the damage than you are able to take would normally allow you to, in addition to giving you more incentive to protect Jinx and initiate to stun your enemies.
Some ADCs, such as Ashe, love to slow down enemy champions, not to mention debuffs granted by their supports. With Swiftness , you will be able to get back into the fray faster and feel the effects of their slows less. With Mercury's Treads and Legendary Guardian , that's a whopping 60% reduction to some slowing effects!
Your Iron Mantle, and health regeneration bonuses granted by things such as Perseverance and Recovery , not to mention life steal granted by zeke's herald, will all be enhanced when you need it most in critical moments, allowing you to get out just enough health when you need it during and after battles.
Always by your side is Jinx. Unlike most Udyr in solo top or jungle, you always have your little psycho right next to you, allowing you to always utilize this bonus. IN addition, if or when your jungler comes down into your lane, even more Armor and Magic Resist are given, allowing you to initiate and deal damage even longer than you would normally be able to, in addition to a large bonus in team fights.
RUNIC SHIELD This shield could be considered similar to Iron Mantle in nature. It receives Armor and Magic Resist bonuses that keep it there longer thanks to things like Enchanted Armor and your runes, but it also allows you to have a bit more of an edge when you initially arrive into combat, allowing for a better chance at a successful dive after respawning and making the enemies more likely to be killed.
15% Tenacity, linking up with your Mercury's Treads for a total of 50% attempted tenacity. This will allow you to perform your greatest duty of being mobile with Blazing Stampede, in addition to taking less damage overall due to your mobility and ability to escape from the opponents.
Just a touch of movement speed. Because this build does not use trinkets with activated abilities for the most part and focuses almost entirely on mobility and mana-using abilities, Fleet of Foot receives the one point extra in reaching the second support tier.
Meditation grants mana regeneration, which is very crucial to Udyr. Having mana allows for Udyr to be at his maximum level of effectiveness, and recovering it quickly allows for him to sustain better.
Even more health regeneration. Rejoice, Udyr.
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Tricks and Plays

As the support, it is YOUR JOB to ward your area. In the beginning, take Boots of Swiftness and two regular wards, in addition to the free ward trinket. Use these with the usage of your Blazing Stampede and Iron Mantle to defend yourself and move quickly to place these wards down in the early game, in addition to when the game progresses.
Tiger Towers.
Towers are best taken down using a mix of Wilding Claw and Iron Mantle. Iron Mantle will protect you from the enemies that are attacking you and in addition to the tower itself, while Wilding Claw will rip the tower into shreds. In addition, alternating quickly between the two will trigger the speed boost of Bridge Between, the temporary attack speed boost of Wilding Claw, and the shield granted by Iron Mantle. Combined with the assault of Jinx, towers will typically melt like butter under this attack.
Jungle Buffing.
Udyr is without a doubt a fantastic jungler. In this build, he is very much a bruiser, which allows him to act in jungle if he would like to. However, he is best used as a meat shield to greatly damage the buff monsters, and then allowing Jinx to take the buff for herself, vastly increasing her abilities as she can use cool downs, mana, damage over time and attack damage. For fighting jungle monsters, alternate between Iron Mantle, Wilding Claw, Blazing Stampede, and initially Wingborne Storm. Be very cautious about using Wilding Claw and Wingborne Storm when the target's health is low, as they can kill the target without your knowledge.
Feathery Fighting
pheonix stance is best used against minion waves as a whole, to defend objectives. When they are pouring on an allied tower, for instance, or when you meet them in a lane and want to clear the lane, then you can use Wingborne Storm to burn them all away and defend. In addition, you can use Wingborne Storm on enemy champions as you pursue them, and on jungle monsters when you first dive into them.
Massive Massacres
Udyr and Jinx together have a massive amount of damage they can dish out. Against targets like the dragon and Barron Nashor, the combination of Udyr taking damage while Jinx and himself deliver it is quite effective. When Udyr is fighting big targets alone, however, his Iron Mantle is without a doubt the most critical. It will allow him to fight the target much longer than he would be able to normally. Meanwhile, he builds up attack speed with Bridge Between by switching out with Wilding Claw, which also deals additional damage to the target, and if necessary using Clarity to keep up the assault. This is the general method of attacking targets, whether they have been stunned by Blazing Stampede or not.

Note: It is not possible to stun the dragon and Barron Nashor with Blazing Stampede!
Bearly Travelling
Blazing Stampede has another use besides setting up kills, and that is basic travel. When you have a decent amount of mana regeneration, you can even use it to get back into lane faster, in addition to greatly increasing your mobility. Coupled with Enchantment: Homeguard and talisman of ascension, Udyr can become an extremely mobile bruiser.
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So That's Why.


In conclusion, Udyr and Jinx together make an extremely fierce combination. Udyr piles on damage and de-buffs to certain targets while disabling the other side's bruisers and tanks while Jinx takes out the high profile targets and makes sure to finish off the greatest threats first, before together they defeat the hardiest members of the enemy. Using this logic they attack all targets that they have want of, and with Jinx giving the scraps of her feed to Udyr, they both become extremely powerful forces, with Jinx carrying very hard and Udyr becoming a very powerful bruiser. Enjoy and may you jitter with glee every time you perform this lovely combination!

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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