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Wukong Build Guide by DaneshTK29

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaneshTK29

Jukong/Godkong - King of the TOP. Season 5 Will be updat

DaneshTK29 Last updated on September 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, my name is Danesh and I play as Just SkIIlz on EUNE - Plat 4 . I've played on EUW for a long time - reached Diamond, same name and I decited to move back on EUNE to play with my friends. I'm a big fan of Wukong and I'm a pretty good Toplaner. My skillz with the Monkey are very spectacular and all of my friends and league-friends told me to make a build for WU on Mobafire. So here I am, i'll try to explain everything I know about this champion, he's weakness, he's powers, he's ability for Chemistry with other champ, his counters and he's awesomess. This is my first guide, tho, and I don't know how to make it PERFECT. Please don't judge me, I'm a bit shy on new things. So here we go:

Wukong is strong fighter with a strong potential for total dominace. Yet, he's very balanced and can get in very hard situations.
He can overcome every champ in the league (Excepting Darius, this dude is the spawn of Satan).

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Dispite the CORE build I've shown you there are many other Items that are very useful on Wukong.

Ravenous Hydra - it's a very sustainable item, giving you enough life steal to resist vs 3 on lane and it makes farm very easy. Yet it can be so good that will force you to push. Yet, you can go RH with BC or TriForce and can be UNSTOPPABLE 1v1 - 2v1.

Black Cleaver - Some say it's the Core for Wukong. I say not. I've played this Monkey since he have been released. Yes, BC is a very stronk item but it stops some of the potential of Wukong. Now that he have Rage it has become a little useful, still not for core item. If you rush TriForce than BC you will have an unstoppable force by your hand. Starting with BC is not a very good IDEA. Reasons? - Give you hp - so TriForce. Gives you Movement Spd - So TriFroce, even double the effect. It breaks Armor - TriForce double the effect of Q (not the armor breaker but it doubles the Impact Damage and is perfect for him).
The single advantage to have BC is the CDR. Still not enough. Yet you can buy it after TriForce.

Guardian Angel - Wukong (almost) best friend. This item + decoy + flash = can't catch me. Never ever. Consider BUYING GA after 3-4 items and if you initiate and your team can't support you very fast it will give you a big chance to survive, even to end the battle. Plus gives you a boost of confidence, making you more tanky and they will not focus you at the first sight ! Told you, Monkey (almost) best friend.

Zephyr - If you want to have some fun, buy it. Just if you are winning the game and your team can't be defeated anymore. It's a good item for mobility, gives you dmg, CDR, works with BC if you want BC and not TriForce, Movement Speed and Tenacity. +masterys, its ok, they can stun you. xD

Elixirs - This is a very good options. I didnt played with old Elixirs but they worked so I tried the new ones. I can say they maked them even more powerful.
Let me explain:

Elixir of Wrath - This Blood Red by Feed Me (^_^), this red elixir is very useful. It grants you 25 AD, it boost your life steal by 10% which is nice and reliable, gains 30 seconds for every champion killed or assisted. I mean you by one in min 10 and if you are a killing machine or assist in many fights you gonna buy a new one in??? idk, min 20-25. It's reliable. It's good. It's fun. It's Tokyo. xD

Elixir of Ruin - this one is a bit weaker rather his brother. Ruin grants you 250 HP. You gain 250 HP by nothing. Ruby Crystal gives you 150 HP. I mean, its a Ruby Crystal with +100 HP over it. It's a shame it last just 3 minutes.
Still, it gives you a STRONG push effect. 15% turrets damage ?! What are you ?! Siege Minion ?! xD Imagine Wukong with hes Q, with TriForce and Ruin. 3 Qs 5 hits, bye turret.
Thus, it gives minions movement speed based on your MV and it gives them +15 dmg. SIEGE MINIONS ! ATTACK !

Homeguard - Consider buying Homeguard when you thing its right ! Just you know how your games advanses. If you need comebacks without teleport for defending, buy it in early. If you need for base def in late game - you know what to do.

Trinkets - Aaaa, my best friend. This trinkets are free wards and pretty OP. You upgrade your Stealth Totem and get 2 free wards (you can put the third one xD) Sightstone ?! No.. Greater Stealth Totem. Upgrade it quick. It's gonna be very useful. :D

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Skill Sequence and Utility

With the skill is a trick. I'll explain:

Nimbus Stirke AKA E :

Nimbus is the artillery of WUKONG. It has alot of DMG, it gives attk spd. What are we talking here. Too many champs wants this ability. Considering max it first is the best think.

Crushing Blown AKA Q :

This spell is one of a hell spell. It breaks Armor, it breaks Turrets, it breaks Champs, it breaks records, it breaks everything.
Consider it to max it if you face a strong opponent and you need to poke him. Crushing Blown DMG is preety stong after lvl 4 and it can make your opponent mad because it breaks too much HP (and hopes).

Decoy AKA W:

The most unique and useful spell in game.
This so called Monkey breaks hopes for real. Lee Sin Q ?! Blitz grab ?! Tresh hook ?! Lucian Ult ?! Cait/Jinx/Ashe ULTS ?! What are we talking about here ?! A living shield. Can block almost everything. Ezreal ult is the enemy. It can't be blocked just by Yasuo Wind Wall.And Zhonya. And Fizz. And Shaco with good timing on ult. Anyway... Decoy is so unique because it can be used as a shield, can confuse enemy, can be useful on Kill steal, a linving NPC Wukong that explodes, do dmg, confusing people. It creates havoks and chaos on the battlefield. Decoy can be used as an defensive spell and AN OFFENSSIVE SPELL. Gives you stealth for 1 sec. Enough to engage, Kill the carry, steal the baron, win the game. Practically, it makes Wukong untouchable. You can stand still by pressing S and your enemy will pass you thinking you run ahead. Yet it has 2 BIG problems. Pink Wards and a sound that it makes when you proc the spell. The sound it's like Fzzz. If your enemy knows the trick it's gonna be hard to Juke him. Yet, there 50% to follow you and 50% to lose you. So be careful while using this spell because it has a big Cooldown and for unexperience player it may appear useless.

Cyclone AKA R:

Cyclone is truly a cylcone. Creating chaos and havok around battlefield it gives Wukong bonuses. While he spins, enemy takes dmg, enemy trys to run, Wukong gain movement speed while he spins, enemy dies.
Cyclone knocks-up enemy creating opportunity for your team to engage while you initiate. It can kill a very low HP enemy - when you proc R enemy takes your base damage instant like 150-200 dmg just pressing R. For the next 4 seconds, your enemy will take alot of damage. You can use Cyclone for great escapes - knocking up enemys, gaining movement speed will make you reach your safe zone increasing your live chances.

By sayin' this, Wukong is: "The Most Complete Fighter in the World" - Yuri Boika.

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Teleport - Good for comebacks if you get outtrade at low level. Dont esitate to use it on early phase. Still can teleport on bot/mid - it grants you assists and kills. Returning with big advantage on lane.

Flash - Core spell. OP for escapes, tower dives, tower dives escapes, initiating (with Decoy and Nimbus), exiting initiating grouping with your "boyz" again. Big boy plays ! Alot of tricks to do with flash.

Ignite - My old friend. Since last 5 months I used Ignite by far in top. I used ignite since season 1 on top to be Honest. This spell is OP by simple fact it grants you a DoT DMG increasing your succes kill rate. It's very useful vs Voli, Singed and Mundo. TBH its useful vs all top champs but here comes a problem. The new meta maked top to be a tranzition lane. What I mean by tranzition ? Almost all Toppers uses Teleport. Even if you kill him, you must go to base to heal. Can't stay on lane with 34% HP. Free kill for jungler or it will force you to flash away. You remain without flash and your enemy insta-returns without missing too much creeps and farm. And he'll recover the exp lose while you are base, healing, and walking back to lane. It can cost your lane. But, it's useful for lane dominance and sure kill. So dont be afraid to use it. I spoke in theory here. Your enemy cand be a dumbass and dont know what to do. (Excepting Darius and Nasus. This too ADORE TO BE ALONE ON LANES).

Smite - For junglersm this is a top guide. I dont like Wu jungle. Still he got potential.

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Pros / Cons

Good with almost every champ.
Devastating if letted to make snowball.
He's stronk early and late game. Stacks in mid game.
Redutable fighter, good duelist.
Can make the diffence if used well.
Almost impposible to be defeated. On lane maybe, in teamfights never.
Can carry up the late game if he lost the lane but got carried by team.

0 sustain without lifesteal.
Very slow on early game.
Squishy if he comes normal on lane, not tanky.
Cant face two enemys in early.
0 in face of Darius.
Intolerance at Pink Wards.
Big Cooldowns.

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Team Work

He works well with almost all champs.
A good mix up is with Yasuo since he knocks enemys up and the Yas dude press R. 2 source of constant DMG.
Works good with Malph and Amumu who can initiate lefting Wukong to do Damage and saving his ults for a better situation or finishing moves.
A very good synergy is with Orianna since she passes her ball to him, Wu goes all in and it creates Hiroshima 2.
Can work with everybody. Very friendly with allys. Very mean and aggressive with enemys.

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The End.

Hope you like the Guide.
If you have any question or something to add/approve/dissaprove, please tell me.
Good Luck on the Rift. Don't flame and take care.

" My place is at the top!"
" Adapt to all situations! "
" Every mistake is a lesson! "
" I got this! " -
Wukong, The Monkey King.

(I'm very very tired. I'd might miss some words or misspeled. I'm sorry..hope you will understand my nonsleeper talks)