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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Jungle Amumu Bro

Vertical Dsb Last updated on January 21, 2011
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Chapter 1

Just spent 30 minutes typing up how to play him and then I post it and it says I'm not logged in so round two here we go.

The Jungle Amumu

Hey I'm Vertical Dsb and I'm going to teach you how to play the mighty jungle amumu (lucky you). Amumu is a ***** character to learn so don't expect to be pro immediately, I had to play at least 5-10 games before I even started noticing improvement.

When I first started playing Amumu I tried the sunfire cape build with ninja tabi and the Misunderstood Mummy guide and it never really floated my boat. I wasn't able to farm very well in a lane and basically had no shot at getting first blood or any kills at all. The complete sunfire cape build seemed quite low elo as any decent caster would roflstomp me straight away.

So the perks of jungling Amumu

- A carry can have his own lane while you stay the same level as a normal duo laner
- Can actually farm half decently, so yay for items
- Gives you the opportunity for ganking (sneaky Amumu ;D)

Summoner Skills

Ghost - you will often find you will need to cover a lane or get a fast gank so bam extra speed, great for getting away or chasing aswell.

Smite - Need to jungle


1/16/13 is my new jungling masteries, I used 0/9/21 previously but after talking to Chauster he convinced me to why 1/16/13 would be better. For those of you who aren't familiar with the top League of Legends players, Chauster is ranked #1 in Premade 5s and solo I believe.


Chauster (9:49): for amumu
������ id go 1-17-13 or something dumb
������ but thats IMO
������ 1-16-13*
Chauster (9:50): jsut enough toget
������ all the defensive reduction
������ from minions
������ +60 hp
������ and 30% buffs + 5 mp5
������ 15% summoner is overrated on junglers
������ shouldnt go 21 util on junglers IMO


Those are my prefered runes, any tank build runes will work in all honesty


The first 2 items are the only mandatory items for a jungle Amumu (5x hp pots and cloth armour), everything else is a recommendation or something that works well with him. Personally I always go for the merc treads as I feel ninja tabi is more of a low elo boot and should only be used in a rare circumstance when the enemy is all melee.

Then build a heart of gold from your cloth armour, every other item from here out is team dependant, you need to decide if you need magic resist or more armour etc.

As you learn to tank you will understand more about building yourself

Jungling Amumu

Firstly make sure you do this in a practice game first if you are learning, if you start in a proper game you'll most likely stuff up and cause your team grief.

I'm basically going into this explanation with the mentality that you have tried Amumu before and understand his skills and how he works.

The Jungle Route


- Blue = your jungling route
- Red = Creeps / monsters
- Pink = Where you team should stand while guarding you (will explain shortly)

Firstly you will want to grab your despair spell (middle) a piece of cloth armour and 5x hp potions.

Make your way to your golem


The enemy team will have noticed you having smite and may try gank you at your golem, get your mid and top / bot laner to come stand in the pink spots with you till your certain there is nobody coming to gank you. I generally wait until I see at least 4 enemy champs on screen before I start attacking the golem.

Click to auto attack the golem, activate despair, pop an hp potion (remember to use another when your one runs out), use smite on the golem and auto attack him and his smaller minions to death (toggle off despair, you will learn how this works).

You will have gained a level, put a point in tantrum, you should be poping your second hp potion while heading down to the wolves below the golem. Same as before, despair while attacking the big wolve and throw 2x tantrums then when the big wolve is dead toggle off despair and auto attack the smaller wolves to death.

Pop your 3rd hp pot as you head across middle to the ghost camp (your smite will have poped up again, save it) run in and auto attack the blue one, despair plus a tantrum or two should finish the camp you should level so chuck another point in tantrum. Pop your 4th potion and toggle despair off and head up to the lizards.

Make sure you have at least half hp and mana, attack the big lizard, activate despair / smite and a couple of tantrums to finish the camp off toggle despair off.

Pop your last hp pop and head to the golems make sure you have around 120 mana then despair and only one tantrum them, proceed to auto attack them to death, you will level so put one point in bandage toss.

You will want to recall now and grab a pair of normal boots and 4-6 hp potions, check lanes / ask team mates if they need a gank etc. You have the red buff so its worth using it, stun with your bandage toss and activate despairs / tantrums (can be hard to master).

If there are no ganks available take a lane while a team mate recalls or just keep on jungling.

Tip and Tricks

- Bandage toss is counted as a stun when it lands (can be hard to master) so stun away
- At around level 8 - 9 Amumu can do dragon if you have smite up, you can do it lower but I much prefer ganking / holding a lane instead of that.
- Bandage toss and your ulti make a great initiator so use it
- Your the tank, please don't be a ***** *** *****, thats the worse thing for a team so act like a ****ing tank and do your job.
- If you have spare money after recalling buy some wards to ward your golem with etc so your team can get easy ganks. If your daring enough ward your enemy teams golem so you can steal it when it pops up with a sneaky smite.

Here are my ranked stats with Amumu, I don't really play a huge amount of ranked games or play a lot of league of legends for that matter.

Some of my scores as Amumu

Amumus a great champ and can change the outcome of a team fight with one ultimate

TL;DR - go learn Amumu yourself <3


Chauster - Help with masteries
NickPham & Gaimcap - Amumu vs Dragon help

Feel free to check out and rate my other guides

Vertical Dsb