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Evelynn Build Guide by scatty2010

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League of Legends Build Guide Author scatty2010

Jungle Carry Eve

scatty2010 Last updated on October 10, 2017
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Threats to Evelynn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kha'Zix Late game, kha'zix poses no problems at all, but early game his jungle invades are absolutely terrifying. He can easily kill you early, so get your buffs and play safe.
Morgana Don't get snared. Simple as that.
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Introduction/Ranked Play

This is my Eve build that I use in my ranked games (Silver/Gold). Unsure if this will fly in higher tiers. However, it is a very fun build and you can often carry with it. You're no vayne, but you're damn close.

This isn't some master-tier guide, it's just what I use and I have a 80% win ratio on eve with this build.

Stick to the jungle and gank when you get your first red. Top or mid if possible, bottom if you have time.

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You could also replace all flat damage runes with armor pen runes (including quint) if you'd like. I find that the flat damage makes early jungle easier, however. Late game armor pen trumps the flat damage by far.

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Creeping / Jungling

Before I explain my beginning path, let me put this out there : Your Q fires in a straight line and will hit the target with the lowest HP percentage in range. Because of various things you will be doing, you may hit side minions (from blue or red) and they will get lower hp than blue itself, and your Q will hit the small side minions instead of the main blue/red buff. This will get you too low/killed early on to do anything but go to base. Line up your Q so it hits at least ONE minion and blue/red. It takes too much effort to get it to hit both, so I wouldn't bother because you'd take free damage from them while trying. This will also kill the small minion around the time you kill the buff holder.

In the jungle, you want to take gromp & smite him for his passive buff.

Then blue.

If you have 3 ~ 3.5 bars of health remaining, go for wolves. You'll get low, but you'll live.

Go to base.

If you took wolves, you'll have money for your second jungle item. (Hunters Machete/Hunters Talisman, whichever you do NOT have.)

Go immediately and quickly as possible to Red, and take it. If you have time, also snatch bird camp. Then gank whatever lane needs it.

You should pretty easily pop some summs, if you don't get a kill outright.

Keep your stuff warded and it's smooth sailing after that.

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Team Work

Your job with this build is to go straight for the carries. Yes, you can shred tanks, but the carries will shred you while you focus on them.

Whenever possible, avoid CC and get behind the enemy. Take out the adc/support and (if you''re low) run. If you have enough hp, start focusing the mid laner/top/jungle, depending on who does the most damage and who's wreaking the most havoc on your team.

Your team will usually initiate teamfights. Don't do that yourself, even if you have your ultimate for the shield.

Whenever you catch one or two enemies alone, and you know they have no backup, you are typically the fastest person with the most slows, so catch them with your ult, Blade of the Ruined King, smite, red buff, whatever slow you have. Your team will help keep them there.

You can usually 100 to 0 someone in under 2 seconds and get away even when the enemy team is there. If you're behind them and they don't expect you, go in, get the adc or support, and book it. Your team will handle the rest, you made a wonderful distraction.

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Skill Sequence

Whenever you want to fight someone, you have two choices.

ONE : If you're unsure that they'll die or think you might get counter-ganked.
Save your W.
E, Spam Q, auto attacks.
ULT Initiate is possible if deemed necessary.

Smite/Bork when available to slow them after ult wears off, or for the extra burst to nuke them.

I usually save ult for when they start to run, as E Q and auto's burst them quite quickly and make them pop summ's and run.

TWO : If you know for certain you will kill them.
Pop your W. This will get you in very, very quickly and not give the enemy time to react. When they die, W is reset. It removes slows, so if anyone tries to stop you with slows, use it again and get the hell outta there.
E, Spam Q, auto attacks.
Ult when they run.

Smite/Bork when available to slow them after ult wears off, or for the extra burst to nuke them.