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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drabog

Jungle Rammus Drabog's guide

Drabog Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey welcome to my rammus guide, what to say about rammus? He's a tank, a really good ganker, and also a good jungler. This is my main char and I played it since my first day on this game. So I made this guide to show off my build and initiate players to start enjoying this wonderful champion. Let's get started with the pros/cons list I've made.


Jungling possibility.
Really good ganker.
Move fast around the map with powerball ability.
Can taunt!
The most resistant tank in the game under his defensive curl ability.
Turret anihilator with his tremor ability.
Amazing chaser.


Hard to master, especially powerball micro.
Spend mana quickly in teamfights/ganks.
Silence makes his tanking harder since he needs defensive curl to tank efficiently.

Summoner's spell:

Smite: Rammus cannot jungle without smite, enough said.

Ghost: I pick it instead of flash since ghost is really good to gank early, and travel accross map, and since your free to go wherever you want then you may find it really useful as well.

Let's follow this out with the masteries explanation.

Masteries Tree:

Offense: 1

Plentiful bounty 1/1: The ''improved smite'', reduced CD, which is needy to kill faster in jungle, more gold when used, a must for any jungler.


Resistance 3/3: Your a tank! Any mitigation is to be picked in the tree.

Hardiness 3/3: Again, you have to be resistant, and for rammus armor gives him damage! Again, it's a must.

Evasion 4/4: 2% dodge, why not? The thing that is especially good with it is nimbleness, with that when you dodge and try to chase or escape with powerball it helps you move faster.

Defensive mastery 2/2: Yes, I tried jungling without this, and you take WAY more damage from minions, which makes your life harder in jungle, and you need to be quick/efficient in it, a must for rammus jungler.

Nimbleness 1/1: When you dodge you move faster, so great while you fight, or chase/escape.

Harden skin 1/3: Nothing else to take, so since the first point blocks 1 and the rest 0.5 it is better to leave it at 1 since it's only physical + not that much damage.

Veteran's scars 4/4: A must for any defensive tree, 60 more health at level 1, it's just great.

Ardor 2/3: More attack speed (faster jungling) and a little bit of ability power, not that great for rammus but I take it as free since I have nothing else to take into that tree.

Tenacity 1/1: 4 % reduce all damage, enough said.


Perserverance 3/3: Health regeneration, mana regeneration, just a need to jungle with rammus, since you use both of them a lot.

Haste 1/1: Better ghost!

Awareness 4/4: You level faster, you gank better, you tank better.

If you want to know more about the skill sequence, then read this.

Skill sequence:

1: Defensive curl (a must to kill golems at level1)
2: Powerball (You can't take something else better since it helps killing jungle faster.
3: Defensive curl (First thing to be maxed out in my opinion as Rammus jungle)
4: Taunt (Since you're going to gank at level 4, this is a must for a successful one!)
5: Defensive curl (Maxing out.)
6: Tremors (Ult!)
7: Defensive curl (Maxing out.)
8: Taunt (Second best thing to max out since it makes tanking really better)
9: Defensive curl (Maxing out.)
10: Taunt (Maxing out.)
11: Tremors (Ult of course!)
12: Taunt (Maxing out.)
13: Powerball (Nothing else to take)
14: Taunt (Maxing out.)
15: Powerball (Nothing else to take)
16: Tremors (Ult!)
17: Powerball (Last skill to take)
18: Powerball (Last skill to take)

Here we continue with my rune build.

Rune build:

Greater Mark of Desolation: You may have think armor vs armor penetration. But armor in marks give so much less damage than armor penetration + you get so much armor from items, masteries, runes, + leveling, so I pick up armor penetration to help out damage in jungle and teamfights/ganks.

Greater Seal of Resilience: Yes armor, since you jungle and tank, this is really good for you. And since the really good passive rammus has, he gets more damage from them. More damage, more resistant, perfect to jungle and tank.

Greater glyph of shielding: Ok, here it's a personnal choice, you may want to pick mana regen per level since rammus needs mana regeneration since he spend his mana quickly during the game, but for my part I prefer the magic resistance ones, since I don't pick many magic resistance item and that you will also be good tanking casters while not in curl.

Greater quintessence of fortitude: One of the best quintessence for tanks, health flat, you get so much more health at level 1 which is a must for jungling rammus.

Now here's come the item part.

Items purchase:

By order,

Cloth armor: A must to begin with, you need it to tank golem and jungle, you get more mitigation with it, more damage, that's it.

Health potion X5: You need a lot of health to jungle, so recovering it is a must if you want to not slow down your jungle.

Ninja tabi: Just after your first recall, you get this item, you may replace it later for mercury threads if enemy has a lot of casters/cc, then you may pick it, but otherwise I stick with it. It's also your first item to build since you're going to gank right after the first recall.

Aegis of the legion: This is my favorite personnal choice, I've used to get Banshee Veil before, but since last patch it has been nerfed pretty much, and aegis is cheap for what you get for Rammus, armor, health, damage, and magic resistance is really helpful for a tank, plus you give your allies a nice aura.

Guardian Angel: In my opinion this is really good on any tank, it saves your life, make you less stressful when you go into a teamfight, you can tank to your 0 hp if needed. It saves lifes.

Sunfire cape: I used to stack it before, but since last patch I only pick one of it, you may get way better items for the price you pay for it, really good item for rammus, health, armor, nice passive to damage, pick one of these.

This was the core build I always get. I'll still explain my opinion about next item, and what I get next versus casters or attack damage team.

Optionals items:
Thornmail: Anti carry/attack damage item, if the other team dps relies on carry like ashe/corki/miss fortune etc. Then pick it, you get a lot of armor from it and they will receive back damage if they hit you.

Force of nature: Really good versus casters team, if you need that extra magic resistance, + you get that movement speed which is really helpful to get away/chase etc.

Banshee Veil: Even if it got nerfed badly, I would pick it sometimes, but only for the reason it has it's passive ability, otherwise it's stats have been gimped badly.

Randuin's omen: It got a bit nerfed, but I would take it, really good to stack up with tremor, anti attack speed champions, slow them to make you tankier, armor, health, also good to chase with powerball.

Elixir of fortitude: Yes it has been nerfed, but I still find it useful, I always get them with the rest of my money and have that buff most of the time, I highly recommned using them for that extra health and damage, it worth it.

Don't know how to jungle with him? Read this!

Jungle: First off, buy cloth armor + 5 health potions, get at golem (yes the blue buff). Use your defensive curl to tank him, while you drink potion. Smite the golem when it's enough low to kill it instantly, to make sure no one can steal it from you and for a faster kill + gold. Kill lizards. You should be level 2 now. Get powerball, use it to the wolves, same process, tank them with defensive curl, while you drink potions. After the wolves died, walk away A BIT from them (towards wraiths), cause if you cast powerball right after they died without walking away a bit your powerball won't reach the wraiths before it has been done. So it would make your jungle longer and harder. Defensive curl, kill wraiths, you should be level 3, pick up defensive curl. Now heads to the lizard camp with powerball (red buff), hit them with the ball, kill little lizards first ( I do that cause smite is on cd even if you get lizard low enough when you first fight him ), then start fighting lizard while you drink your 3rd potion, kill him with smite. Powerball to the golem camp, defensive curl, kill them. Then recall right after. You should be level 4 after at the moment you recall, pick up taunt since you're going to gank right away. Decide which lane you will gank (get the one that is the nearest of your tower), use your ghost to travel faster and to stack with your powerball when you enter the lane. Gank the target with powerball (behind him if hes facing your tower) taunt, defensive curl, kill with partners. After your first gank you may return jungling, or kill dragons whenever it's possible, rammus can't solo dragon due to his low damage, so have bot lane helps you killing it. So basically, gank whenever it's possible, kill creeps in jungle to level up, get items.

Now I'll tell some tricks and tips to play rammus I've found by my own and that may improve any new player to the rammus champion.

Tips and tricks:

-Always initiate with powerball, cast it whenever it's up to do more damage and slow/interrupt casters.

-Skill to use in order is mostly, Powerball, taunt a dps quickly (so he won't get away with flash instantly), use your defensive curl to tank, do more damage, use your ult, and use your skills as soon as they come up.

-Taunt reduce armor, so tell your teammates who are you going to taunt to let the carry take care of them.

-Powerball is great used as an escape mecanism, but be aware, do not use it if you are near your target and slowed, your target will just go into you and make your powerball fail, use ghost first and powerball to get away.

-When you get sunfire it will aggro mobs into the jungle, so pay attention to not get too near of the wolves that are in the fog so they don't stop your powerball while you travel.

-When you come to kill golem from level 6, use all abilities, tremor, and even taunt to penetrate his armor, the faster you kill, the faster you get the buff, + you get the mana back easily and the cooldown of your abilities also come back quickly.

-If they got a lot of CC, you may want to take care with your powerball, and try to defensive curl earlier before you get CC or silenced.

-Master powerball! This is one of the key to a successful rammus, you have to hit the target in the face when they run away, so they get a little farther in the opposite side and slow them down.

-Try to taunt the dps, the tanks don't do as much damage, but if you can reach them, just taunt whoever is near you since your taunt range isn't far.

-You can get away from defensive curl anytime you want, so if you see your enemies trying to back up or retreating, remove it immediatly and start chasing with powerball. Since they are retreating, you do not need the defensive curl anymore and while this is is on you can't move as quick as you do with powerball.

-Taunt near tower, most of players know that trick, you taunt them near tower, tower hit them, they die, so hide in a bush and charge up your ball so you quickly get them before they get away from tower.

-Charge your powerball! Unless you are retreating or traveling, charge your powerball in a bush for an efficient gank, charge it to like half, you will still have time to go and reach them, if they try to get away, stack it with ghost so you make sure you get them and taunt them.

This is it, I've said a resume of what I know about this champions, I may not have said all, but I said a lot about him, if you have more question, ask me, my name is Drabog also in league of legends, just add me if you want to, or just play games. For my part, I've used to be really good with Rammus, since he's my main char and I used to be really good, this guide can only help you out being better at him. Please comment and rate if you feel like it, I hope you enjoyed that guide and that you will own as that jungler/tank!