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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Irtehstuff

AP Carry Jungle Snakes rule! How does that even work?

AP Carry Jungle Snakes rule! How does that even work?

Updated on April 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irtehstuff Build Guide By Irtehstuff 4,677 Views 3 Comments
4,677 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Irtehstuff Cassiopeia Build Guide By Irtehstuff Updated on April 13, 2014
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How to be a true jungle snake. part 1

Now before I start with the explanation, let me begin by saying, I was very bored one night, so while in a game I thought to myself; "Snakes belong in the jungle, ill do jungle Cassiopeia!" And I did. It was glorious, especially when I was told Cass is a bs champ, only reason we won was because of the Cass etc. etc. I was jungling... It was 4v5.
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Skill Sequence

Although a lot of people suggest the normal qeweereqe etc. For Cass I prefer getting an extra point in at lev 5, in mid lane it provides an extra poke and you're less screwed if you mess up your E (which you shouldn't; don't jump the gun on Twin Fang unless you have the aim of a gun). In jungle I don't have much of an explanation for keeping this aside from habit and it worked out.
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I run these because.... I want to, utility is for losers who haven't seen the glory of TRUE POWER.
explanation: POWER
explanation: POWER
explanation: POWER
explanation: Great utility
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Noxious Blast(Q) - Small circle poison, if it lands deals medium damage DoT and speeds up Cass. REMEMBER:has a delay, wait a sec before you pop the spam cannon on Twin Fang.
Miasma (W) Medium sized circle, expands over time. Enemies caught take slow and small damage over time. Helpful to catch victims because of longer range and slow
Twin Fang(E)- This is your pew pew right here folks, okay base damage but resets the cooldown to .5s if the target is poisoned. This ombined with passive to reduce costs makes jungling a breeze.
Petrifying Gaze(R)- Shoots the stink eye at enemy champs in a cone in front of here, stuns if they are facing her, slows if they aren't. Either direction does a good chunk of damage. Although you may get comments, dont be afraid to pop it even if you wont land stun, still hits hard and the slow allows you to keep up the chase.
Deadly Cadence(passive)- Each consecutive spell cast reduces cost of next spells by 10% stacking 5 times. This is an amazing passive for Cassiopeia, with this she only requires one strong mana item ( Rod of Ages) and she can keep from gonig oom for a very long time. this helps her prevent issues with most AP junglers once they run oom.
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Jungling and Ganks

On most junglers I prefer the lev 6 gank as opposed to the lev 2. If your teammates are in trouble at least get to level 5. Her Noxious Blast allows her to keep up a good chase on her victims and if she can land it, she's free to spam that Twin Fang until they die. For me, her jungling was surprisingly easy early on, I got a hard leash on blue because I was unsure of the strategy first time around, but once you reach 2 you can easily nuke the camps down with Twin Fang.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irtehstuff
Irtehstuff Cassiopeia Guide
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Jungle Snakes rule! How does that even work?

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