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Shaco Build Guide by GuthixScapeMC

AD Offtank Jungle Tanko - Shaco Tank Guide

AD Offtank Jungle Tanko - Shaco Tank Guide

Updated on March 12, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GuthixScapeMC Build Guide By GuthixScapeMC 69,385 Views 2 Comments
69,385 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GuthixScapeMC Shaco Build Guide By GuthixScapeMC Updated on March 12, 2016
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Welcome everyone to another one of my guides.

If you have never played Shaco tank or bruiser before then you are likely wondering, "Does this actually work?" The answer is yes, tank and bruiser Shaco works, however you need to have the right play style. If you are able to play into the fighter play style, then this build should work for you.

A quick introduction to me. I am a Silver Shaco player (currently) and I joined league on patch 4.20. When I first started to play Shaco, I was using the typical Glass Cannon One-Shot carries build. However as I progressed to level 30 during Season 5 (the tank meta) I quickly found that the build wasn't working for me, I loved Shaco but I alway's played the tank role in other games as opposed to low health high damage characters. At this point it was June 2015 and I decided to switch to bruiser shaco.

Once I got comfortable with it I quickly climbed the ranked ladder and got myself into Gold. A lot of time has passed now and we are in Season 6, with a lot of changes and more Tanky-AD items coming to the table, I have found and become comfortable with this build, which I find even more tanky then my old build, however I still deal just as much damage.

In this guide I will go over everything from runes, masteries, items, starting clears, and other information I find important to, you guys, the readers. And please if you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will do my very best to get back to you.
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Pros / Cons

Before we dive right into this Lets quickly go over the Pros and the Cons.

  • Team fight potential as a front line
  • Titanic allows you to split push
  • Titanic, and the 2 tanky-AD items give you great damage
  • More Health = More Damage
  • Great Duel Potential

  • Early game is hard for the first few games
  • First couple games will be hard to adapt to
  • Can't "One-Shot" carries
  • Harder to carry games, since you give up damage for tank stats
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We aren't going to spend too much time here since the decisions are pretty easy to make. So lets dive right into it.

Marks (Reds)
Not too many things you would want to bring here. I always bring 8 AD Marks with 1 Crit Chance Mark. However you could also bring either Armor pen, or Hybrid Pen Marks, I wouldn't advice it though.

A few choices:
  • Scaling Health
  • Scaling Armor
  • Flat Armor
I personally like both scaling health and scaling armor. I have a page for each that I swap between on a per game basis. Do they have a lot of AD? Bring scaling armor. Do they have a weak early game and limited AD? Bring Scaling Health.

Yet again a few choices. This one comes down to 3 different choices. Generally you are going to want 9 scaling MR blue's. However 2 other options are very viable. You can bring 6 flat CDR and 3 Scaling CDR for a total of 10% at 18. Or you could bring 9 Flat AP to improve early game power.

I personally only run scaling MR and CDR. However AP is a viable option that I know a lot of you clones out there love to do.

2 Really good choices here. Either 3 Attack Speed or 3 Attack damage quints. Both are good. I am not even sure which I prefer because of how close they come for me. Play around with both and pick your poison is the only thing I can really recommend.
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If you are new to tank Shaco you'll likely want to just stick with my masteries. However here are a few things you can swap around.

Double Edged Sword vs Expose Weakness
If you want to take a little extra damage in order to deal a fair amount more than consider swapping out for double edged sword. Since we are melee, we will take 1.5% more damage, but deal 3% more. The other option is Expose Weakness which will increase allied damage by 3% after you hit the enemy with no trade off.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor
If you think you can land 1 kill against at least 3 different enemies then Bounty Hunter is a good choice over Oppressor. The advantage of Oppressor is you have a permanent slow, so you are always dealing 2.5% bonus damage to enemies, the early game power is great, however if you know you can land a few kills, then Bounty Hunter's 0%-5% bonus damage might be worth the risk.

Why should I not take verterans scars? And why should I take Runic Armor ?
Why not take Veteran's Scars. Flat 45 Health can be the difference between living and dying, however Runic Armor brings a very important role to this build. 8% Stronger shields. This means that once they finally manage to pop gage or maw shield, it is 8% harder for them to get rid of it. This is a very nice touch for the build, plus if you get maw the life steal will be increased too.

Swiftness vs Legendary Guardian
Swiftness vs Legendary Guardian. Hard choice. I like swiftness since it reduces slows, and cc by 15%. However the 15 armor and MR would be nice for team fights. Comes down to which you value more, harder to lock down, vs harder to kill.

Grasp of the Undying vs Strength of the Ages
This is a hard choice at first. You are sacrificing 300 Health and sustain for % health damage and life steal. If this build didn't have so much health I would say go for SoTA. However the build makes you insanely healthy. The % Max health damage from both this and Titanic makes you next to impossible to duel or kill late game.

It is hard to get used to GotU at first, but once you do it is well worth it.
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This comes down to 2 main choices. Ignite for the late game True Damage and grievous wounds, or Exhaust for the whole game duel potential. For me Exhaust is too good to give up unless your team has no ignite. The duel potential is much too valuable and has turned countless fights to my favor.

Ignite only deals 70 damage at 1 and 90 damage at level 2. You deal just as much with a single auto attack.
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Creeping / Jungling

I have 2 starts that I am currently using.

Start 1:
Start 4 boxes at bottom lane buff, take it without Smite. Get Q second, invade enemy bottom lane buff, and try to kill them or steal the buff (or both).

Otherwise I do, Start 2:
Start 2 boxes at gromp, 2 boxes at buff outside of proc range. Clear gromp with Smite, clear blue and then clear the rest of my jungle. Ganking at level 2 or 3 if possible.

I am not going to go over exactly how to double buff, I'm sure you can find something on it if you don't know how.
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Team Work

You bring a few things to the team with this build.

Strong team fight. As long as you are properly playing front line, then the team fight of this build is strong. You are not a back line, so don't play like one. You should be trying to tank as many important, high cooldown abilities as you can, between you and your clone.

If you aren't team fighting at that very moment you should be pressuring objectives.

Is everyone top? Take dragon. Did they all just go back? Take dragon or take turrets. Don't take your jungle when you should be taking objectives.
You should be always be team fighting, split pushing, or be taking some kind of objectives.
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Tank Shaco brings a very unique play style to the table. It maybe difficult to get used to it, but once you do it is well worth it. It fits so well into the current meta, and the current AD tank items make you so strong.

Please leave a rating. If you hate me and think this is the worst build you've ever tried, leave a bad rating and a comment explaining why. If this build made you insanely successul and is helping you climb that ranked ladder, why not leave a possitive review and tell me your ranked queue stories of Shaco.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will try my best to get back to you. You should also check out the Shacomain's sub-reddit. Everyone from low-high elo that mains the clown posts there about their current builds, problems, and successes. /r/shacomains

I hope you enjoyed my guide, and the best of luck to you all in ranked.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GuthixScapeMC
GuthixScapeMC Shaco Guide
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Jungle Tanko - Shaco Tank Guide

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