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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Tatakai Sento

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tatakai Sento

Jungle Xin Zhao: S4 a Champion Melter

Tatakai Sento Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello in League of Legends I am known as "Tatakai Sento" and today I shall be making a guide on my favorite character Xin Zhao. Currently I am only a level 20 player so a lot of what I type may be a pitch out into left field for most. I am not looking to get passed over with out a second glance just here to make a guide to the way I play Xin Zhao. Now I am not saying that this is the only way for as I have not even reached level 30 I have not been able to fully test out this build, however over the course of my dedicated usage of Xin I have found this build fun and capable of carrying my team when needed in solo.

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Pros / Cons


  • Easy to gank once your level 3+
  • Has great jungle sustain
  • Really good single target burst damage
  • Ultimate can be used as offensive or defensive disruption
  • Can force fights late game
  • He is a very good snowball champ
  • He is an all in fighter
  • Your ultimate is a weak damage output
  • Tends to get focused first in team fights
  • Lacks an escape mechanism without your ultimate or flash
  • Needs to have a strong early game to be useful late game

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Since two of Xin Zhao's main abilities run off of his basic attacks I use Attack speed quints and marks to boost his attack speed as much as I can before the game even starts. Armor seals for gratification early on and since in the jungle you don't have to worry about magic damage early on Scaling magic Glyphs.

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21-9 split with none in utility. I do this so I can take out their champions as quickly as possible in a gank with a very decent heavy burst.

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In the Jungle you will want to start off at blue buff if you can get your team to help you. You don't have 5 health potions at start so having help is crucial. When initiating don't go strait for the Golem. Its the tank of the group and a big one at that, no go for the lizard men first thus reducing the damage all three of them are dealing to you. this will allow you to clear blue and any camp for that mater with more life. Don't think of them as just another minion or monster but as a mini team fight ignore the tank and go for the small fries first. Once you can do that you will clear quicker and with more life. Still you may need to use your summoners Heal spell to regain and survive the encounter Wile of course you smite the Golem.

After Blue Buff camp, Wolves. Again kill the smaller wolves first using the health potions as needed. Wraiths are next and fallowing the kill the small fries first rule you should be level two possibly level three. And your Smite should be up once again.

Judging on your health take the red buff or make a quick trip home and buy another Long Sword or upgrade the one you have to the Vamperic Scepter. When taking red buff initiate with "e" on the lizard king that way the slash hits both the smaller lizard men, refocus on the smaller lizards for "w" then "q" and kill them both off while casting smite upon the lizard king in the process. Next you will want to kill off the pair of golems before deciding if you need to go to base cause you have not yet or go gank a lane cause you already went back to base after the wreaths.

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Skill Combos

With Xin Zhao you have basic combo attacks with this build

The Gank

Jungle Camp Clear
Tower Beat Down
Minion Wave Clear(w/Hydra or Tiamat)

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When Towering it is always optimal to push your lane first still their are times when you wont be able too. Move in and just go for it don't back down from it even if other opposing champions are coming at you specially late game Early game however fallow the rules of the tutorial "STAY BEHIND YOUR MINIONS". Xin is abysmal in Team fights so feel free to stay out of them and go push a lane and take out a turret or two. Odds are that unless the other team is completely snowballing they will disengage to deal with you thus giving the rest of your team a helping hand.