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Warwick Build Guide by nicklacek

Jungling like a pro (22.4 my big update)

By nicklacek | Updated on June 22, 2012

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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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I'm Nicklacek and i try show you how to succesfully play Warwick and Lee in the Jungle.
I must remind two things about me :

1. I'm average player. I have got about 1000 games in normal and about 100 games in ranked.
2. I think, I'm prepared to this guide as these my main champions.

You will teach how to jungling as Warwick and Lee Sin.

Some rules, How to do this guide succesful for all, who like these champs.

1.Use your brain
2.If you use your brain, You'll find a some new techniques how to play your own style.
3.Don't be crazy in the game
4.You can be aggresive in the game, but don't be mad!
5. You must adapt in the game by situation. So you can't use same build in every game

Ty for your time and i believe you'll teach new things.
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Pros & cons (Warwick)

    1. Warwick is very good jungler. One of the best.
    2. Your ganks are succesful after some games, which you play as him.
    3. Ww have got great HP regeneration.
    5. Very good survival-passive,life steal, HS
    6. He have got combinated magic and attack dmg, so its great vs. all champs.
    7. Good for assisting on lanes, when laners are back
    8. Nice skins :-)

    1. Big cost of mana for HS, it can be a little problem in early game.
    2. Ww must know how to counterjungling or how to move, because he can be easy countered.
    In ganks too.
    3. Vulnerable to stuns, but its not big loss
    5. Until lvl 6 is ganking very hard, and succesful on lanes, where are not wards
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Pros & cons (Lee Sin)


1. Lee Sin is one of the best jungler too
2. Your ganks are succesful after some games, which you play as him Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Tempest / Cripple
3. Fast Jungling
4. Stable DMG early/mid/late. He is tanky so, he can't do dmg as AD carry
5. If you combinating spells and basic attack good, you will be unstoppable
6. Good survival, because your Safeguard / Iron Will will safe you in lot of situation. Shield, rushes to friendly units, life steal and passive attack speed
7. Ulti is blessing from GOD, because you can successful your ganks more. 1v1 is great too, and in team fights you must make up your mind, if you can use it on AP/AD carries


1. In late game, Lee Sin have got less DMG, because you must buy warmog and FoN for some survivability
2. I think, he is hard to play, and you must get some skill to play him successful.
3. I don't know what ^^
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Greater Mark Of Desolation
This rune is urge for most of AD champs.

Attack speed is pretty nice for Ww, because you will get maximum of your passive faster.

Seals and Quintessences you can combinated. I say you how.

There is time for some survivable runes.

5x Armor or 4x Magic resistance
4x Armor or 5x Magic resistance

Anything of these combinations is better. It's on your desiction what you choose.

Quintessences: You can choose about:

Armor penetration, attack speed, attack damage, armor, health.

My favourite Q runes

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
1x Critical strike (2% is little but, I have got a lot of luck on first crits in the jungle, It will help you much
1x Health (26 healh can safe your life in lot of games)
1x Armor penetration


Greater Mark Of Desolation
This rune is urge for most of AD champs.

If you add attack speed runes for Lee Sin, you will not have a urge to buy some attack speed items in game. Passive + runes.

Some armor is good for junglers, and survivability

I love my critical strikes in the jungle and if I ganking. Very funny :-)

5 attack DMG is good start, and you must scare your opponents with your DMG in early/mid game.
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Masteries (Wariwck)

I play 11/10/9 skill tree in Masteries.

Your pros:


+ More DMG to tower
+ 10% Magic penetration


+ 30 health (=56 health in start of game yes?)
+ returning 6 DMG against minions and monsters (I love Riot), It will help you in early game


+ Mana regen (It can you help in early game)
+ Runic Affinity
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Masteries (Lee Sin)

I play 21/9/0 skill tree in Masteries.

Your pros:


+ Executiner
+ 10% Armor Penetration
+ 3% Life steal (It's good to the jungle, and for survival)
+ 10% Critical strike DMG (In late you will have got 20% chance on critical, it can be good)
+ Summoner's Wrath


+ Summoner's REsolve
+ returning 6 DMG against minions and monsters (I love Riot), It will help you in early game
+ Health regen, Armor, Less DMG from minions

- Nothing
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Summoner Spells (Warwick)

You must have it as jungler!

It will help you in killing of monsters like Blue golem, Red lizard, Dragon, Nashor.
You can use it for your own:
    1. First killing of Blue buff
    2. First killing of Red buff
    3. In mid/late game killing of all creeps in the jungle faster. (small golems, buffs prefered)
    4. Stealing buffs, if you will counter theyr jungle
    5. Stealing Drake and Nashor (Need some skill)
    6. Good for pushing lanes [If you mett some idiot player and they have got promote in normal game(not Dominion)It work on promotes minions too]

Flash is one of the best spells for escape or hunting.
You will use it all time and big cooldown will stress you, but you get kills and you can safe your live.
You can teleport own *** over slim terrain!!

is pretty spell, but on Ww in the jungle is less usable than
You can gank the lanes and use your
And R->W->Q or W->Q->R... It depends on situation. Distance of enemy turret etc..

Don't think at this spell as this champ. You will be more survival, but you can use your , and "life steal" passive.

If you wanna be faster than you are... Your BS will help you very good on long range in late game. With ghost you will be fast as Blitz with E abillity, but it's not so important with your , and

Another are useless, because you must have and some escape/hunting spell or

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Summoner Spells (Lee Sin)

Every jungler must have it.

It will help you in killing of monsters like Blue golem, Red lizard, Dragon, Nashor.
You can use it for your own:
    1. First killing of Red buff
    2. In mid/late game killing of all creeps in the jungle faster. (small golems, buffs prefered)
    3. Stealing buffs, if you will counter theyr jungle
    4. Stealing Drake and Nashor (Need some skill)
    5. Good for pushing lanes [If you mett some idiot player and they have got promote in normal game(not Dominion)It work on promotes minions too]
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Skill Sequence(Warwick)

This spell gives you a good heal in early and do divine dmg to champions. It's good for 1v1 fights, and you can go under the turret, if you have some armor, but on few seconds :-).
If you don't play AP Ww you mast have it too for heal and DMG+surival = great jungling, great fights, few deaths...but you must know how to use it right.

Vs. champs use it as soon as possible, because cooldown isn't big and you can apply on enemy more times.

Great abillity to team fights and 1v1 too, You can smash the enemy very fast. In the jungle it's very useful too.
If you are vs. player. You can use it after first stun of enemy, or if enemy haven't got stuns you can apply it, when you start basic attack.
You must combinated it with HS for bigger dmg, and heal after some DMG from your opponents.

I can't say you, how divine is this spell.
    1. Great for ganks!
    2. Great for hunting!
    3. Great for escape!
    4. Great for map orientation!
    5. You can smell opponent, who is in fog of war in the jungle etc..

You must do 50% DMG as soon as possible to the enemy, because you will get this spell and you can hunting/escape faster. After doing first 50% Health enemy will be scared, or clever and he can attack you still and you must make up your mind if you must run away or you are better and you can kill him. If enemy is scared, you have a big chance to kill him in running around the map ^^

This ulti is very useful.
    1. Easy ganks! If is lane warded it's not problem too.
    2. You can... nonono you MUST cast it on enemy's AD, AP carry in teamfights.
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Skill Sequence(Lee Sin)

Simple passive, very good passive. Ala Chuck Norris.
You must do a good combination od spells, if you wanna be faster as Chuck Norris.
Good for Creeping and PvP
+ Energy refund

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

+ Good for ganks.
+ Good for creeping.

=> last hitting

- Hard to aim

+ Survivability => Life steal, spell vamp, shield, attack speed, armor, escape

Sometimes I active this spell first instead of Safeguard / Iron Will, because it can help you more in ganking than Safeguard / Iron Will
+ Slow, reduction of enemy attack speed.
+ Good DMG
+ Nice for Ganks and hunting

+ Good ganking
+ Divine DMG
+ Good for teamfights and 1v1
+ Little cooldown

How to combine these abilities?

Jungling and ganking

Imagine this situation:

You killed wraiths and Red buff. You are looking for gank. You will see bot lane, that is pushing by enemies.
You have got Safeguard / Iron Will and Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.
Bot lane is warded, but enemy doesen't see you, because they haven't got ward in the bush.
You can ping on enemy and gogogo. You teammates will go too.
Use Sonic wave on enemy (with lower HP) and run toward the enemies. After 2 seconds use your resonating strike and do some bassic attack.
If someone of your teammates have got boots, you can use SAFEGUARD on him and help him again.

If you don't like ganking without Tempest / Cripple, or if you can't ganking anywhere. You can kill Wolves and after kill Blue buff for mid AP.

Pure combination in team fight:

Use 2x Q on AP/AD carry the best, after use 2x E and kick him to your team. After you can apply your shiled on your carries.


If opponent haven't got a mood to running away from you. You can do this:

Q -> bassic attack -> 2x W -> bassic -> Q -> bassic -> you can use your ulti and kick opponent under the turret or somewhere. Your Q or E is now ready to use them again.


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Builds (Warwick)

There is a lot of builds and you must adapt to situation.

So build for beginners:


BR, Sshoes,Wend are recommended for good start.
Next three items are on your delivering. Game situations. I will show you down.

Second Build is less tanky, but more for DPS.

For advanced junglers:

3x It makes your ganks easier, and Ww don't need or in early jungle. It's big pros of Ww.

Zeke's Herald

Other builds are less recommended, but if you can't make up your mind, you can choose of those both.
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Creeping / Jungling (Warwick)

I'm starting on wolves with and 3x and with Hunters call.
I'm focusing big wolf and don't use . After I'm going for blue buff(First blue buff are for junglers except junglers with energy or something else). Your AP carry will pull golem and you can DMG him. If is Blue golem under 40% (you must know how much DMG will Smite do) I use . I do it after 60% DMG, because enemy team can steal it, but if you will see enemy you kill Blue with SMITE.
After I'm going try gank Top or mid, but mostly are all carry and I have time to jungling again.
Wraiths->Small Golems/Red buff(If you have SMITE so red). Always hold focus on bigger creep.

After red Buff I can try gank bot or mid...

Sometimes will be peaople flamers in the game and they can curse you like:,, You are noob, unskilled etc... Although you do all correcetly.

Some rules:

1. Every jungler must have got Smite... If not your team can't steal Drake, Nashor, Bufs, and you can't do fast push.
2. Never go on lane from the jungle, if your team don't know you are ready to gank.
3. In late you can jungling only if you have time on it. If you are pushed, you wasting time.

You are starting at wolves, because you will do jungle faster.
There is not a problem with Wolves->Blue->Wraiths->Red ... you have got passive and HS you can do it. You wwon't die.
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Creeping / Jungling (Lee Sin)

1. Kill wraiths.
2. Kill red buff.
3. Go gank near lanes.
4. If you can't go gank, so jungling more.

If you wanna guide how to gank, you can watch some videos or see Skill sequence in my GUIDE

Basic gank:

1. After red buff, you can goin to gank. Nearly lanes, and you can try to kill them.

2. If lane is not warded. (In low elo on mid, or in normal games it's good for you, because they don't know, that wards are about 50% of win chance.

3. So run to the bushes and try to aim your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to the enemy. if you hit the enemy, you press next Q you will dash to the enemy.

4. You are lvl 2 so U can't have got Tempest / Cripple, but if your teammates aren't blind, you will be successful.

5. Affter gank, you can recall, or go to the jungle or another lane. Depends on your health.
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Last words

Thx for reading, ty for commnets and votes.
PLS write me a PM what I must add here, because this is my first build
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