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Shyvana Build Guide by NewBie Player

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NewBie Player

Jungling Shyvana !

NewBie Player Last updated on November 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Shyvana is new hero i really like, its nice cause it has many variables of skills not just right click and GG... her 1st skill is Twin Bite a skill that attacks ur enemy twice with ur basic attack at max lvl, at dragon form u attack every target thats in front of u, burnout is a great jungling skill which deals dmg every sec and refreshes its duratation by ea normal hit to max 6 sec + it increases your movement speed, at dragon form u leave a fire trail behind u. Flame Breath a single target shoot that reduces champion armor by 15%. Dragon form its passive is to give u armor and magic resist, while u activate that passive is doubeled and every skill becomes AOE so makes u pretty good at teamfights :D

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Hi, so this is my 1st guide, and my english sucks, so dont troll me too much :D, so i like to start with jungle at blue golem (so my teammates who are going to solo can get more exp), and ask for a pull. After blue i done u can rush up to wolf, wraiths, mini golems, and red (u should be able to kill all of them without going to base). After i aquire red i start gaking (with lane that needs gank most). Then when ur finish with ganking u can go back to jungle, make lvl 6 and then ur going to harras lane easly. Be carefull if there is Shaco cause many Shacos are going to go at ur bush and plant thoes annoying boxes and ur going to drew fb . At 8 lvl u should be able to solo dragon.

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Mid Game

So u advanced to lvl 12, and u have a kinda good items. When there is a teamfight since ur like offtank/hybrid u should go in 1st or if theres tank let him go in and then follow him by using ulti. This is a time (mid game) where u kinda need to stop jungling too much cause ur teammates will need u for teamfight so try to stick with ur mates more often.

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Late Game

Yeah this is a cocky time where u have to be extremly carefull cause 1 wrong move can lead ur team to lose. Try to focus champions that deal most dmg when in teamfight avoid champs like Galio, Malph, Cho, an tanks like that. So that would be all from me, hope u like it comment and suscribe, let me know ur questions or propositions :D

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Runes, so i take these runes cause of easy jungle and sustanable stats at late game, attack damage same as attack speed or armor helps u survive and kill jungle ur in.

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Why do i buy these items? well i buy these items cause of great mobility at late game like warmongs armor and atma impaler, trinity force i buy cause of extra speed which is great combo with phantom dancer and burnout, i like it cause trinity force passive is rly good with urs twin bite, great damage output.Wits end i buy cause it helps u sustan ur self at mid game, its great magic resist what is great against ap team + it provides u with extra attack speed.

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Ranked Play

Ranked thats the thing i dont like these days cause of restart of elo so u get matched up with players that just reached lvl 30 and started ranking = auto lose... anyway if u gonna play ranked game with Shyvana i belive theres is not much to change only thing that u should buy more wards so u can prevent ur team of getting much ganks.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing DPS
Incredible pusher
AOE on every skill in Dragon form
Great chaser
Good initiator
Can be tanky
Shes.. A Dragon!
Has no CC
Cant sustain early game

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so as u know u should start with 1 cloth armor and 5 hp pots and start at blue golem --> after blue golem go to wolfs ---> after wolfs procceed to wraiths ---> after wraiths mini golems ---> and if u have like 40% hp and 1 pot left u can go and kill red, if not go regg ur self and buy madred razors, or u can buy vampiric scepter and procceed from wolfs. After that buy wrigglers lantern then go for a boots. After you bought boots collect some money for giant belt or rescuve bow, if u buy giant first then go for warmong then after it go for wits end, if u start with rescuve bow and buy wits end after it buy a warmong armor.When u bought thoes items ur already became a strong off/tank to make ur dmg even better start buy parts for trinity force ( shen, zeal, mallet). With trinity force ur like pff offtank carry to make u even better go buy phantom and atma impaler.

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Skill Sequence

Originally I thought that getting Flame breath to poke was the best way to go but chasing enemies with Burnout does so much more damage and speeds you up to the point that you will hit them for more damage than flame breath ever could. Burnout is
by far the most important skill to get!

After Burnout is maxed, Twin Strike will really be ready to do some damage, as well as be able to get spammed because of our attack speed.

Max Flame breath last and win the game.

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Summoner Spells

One of must usable summoner spells in League of Legends it kinda makes u a great escaper, great chaser and much stuff, it can be combined with ur ulti to chase or to escape, acctualy its well with all of your skill if the target is faster and it has low hp you just need to flash up and use twin bite :D
I'll be honest, Ive become addicted to ignite and it's usefulness throughout the entire game, whether it be forcing an approaching enemy back, finishing a tower hugger/runner/flasher, there's just so many uses it's hard to choose another skill