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Nasus Build Guide by bossman305

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bossman305

Jungling With Nasus

bossman305 Last updated on December 30, 2013
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Intro to Nasus.

Hi Guys,

Just a bit of an experimental build with Nasus in the Jungle, was playing with him a fair bit today and decided to really try to jungle him and get him doing high damage within a jungle game play. Please note I haven't tried this build in a PVP game yet.. will update as soon as I have.

As everyone knows Nasus has a standard 10/15/20% lifesteal passive which makes him going jungle easier then most champs.

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Get Him Jungling Hard.

Now given that I haven't played him under a PVP game in this build. VS AI he works well and is basically a big hulk. My friend and I made some what of a top/jungle duo which can work well to your advantage if you can lure the bots or people through jungle and behind the tower.. After killing blue first to start my jungle mission my top lured the AI down through jungle and up next to the tower... this is why I have got Wither as your second instead of syphoning strike. if you time it right you can slow your enemy just as he's trying to run back through the tower and it will give you time to get an assist or even the kill. for this reason you must have Syphoning strike either first or 3rd wither must always be second while using this build. providing your top laner is good. after you have initial kills / assists start jungling.

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Syphoning strike + Phantom Dancer.

Early game you want to try to stack up as much syphoning strike Stacks as possible. in a lane you can get to 200 easily by 10 mins... going off what I did VS AI I got to about 150 by 10mins. to boost your movement speed purchase Zeal early as the movement speed helps and the crit and attack speed definitely put a turn on things. build up enough Cash to get phantom dancer. whilst still having hunters machete phantom dancer.. by level 8 you can solo dragon easily using smite and it need be your ULT (you could do it at 6 providing you have phantom dancer).

If you want to get a bit more movement speed to chase or even to move between lanes for ganking by your basic boots of speed. I wouldn't recommend going any further then those though.

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Mid to End Game Building.

Once you have phantom Dancer you want to get sheen not long after and work on building it into Trinity Force. between the Phantom dance + Trinity Force you should have enough movement speed to eliminate boots as well as have fairly good damage coming out of auto attacks and your abilities.

if you want to keep farming jungle for cash do so but by now you should well and truly be ganking the hell out of people / bots..

Finish up building Spirit visage first for the extra life steal then get frozen mallet to secure those kills... finish it up with a Warmogs visage and a randiuns Omen... and start dominating.... with this build I could solo Baron with ease.

there is not particular order that you should finish up with Randiuns Omen or warmogs just personal preference.