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Zyra Build Guide by BlasterWorm10

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlasterWorm10

Just a random OP Zyra Build! :P

BlasterWorm10 Last updated on August 20, 2013
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Hello everyone! This is my first guide and it is on the the champion Zyra!. This build had an odd combination of items, also this is my first build :). This build is sort of based all on damage and Team fights. The way i came about making this build was i saw the free pick today and saw Ezreal and others but Zyra caught my eye, i have been hearing alot of good things about her and quite a few picks in the LCS so i decided why not attempt to make a build on her! Enjoy! :)

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons of Zyra i have now played a fair few games with Zyra and found her really fun to play with. The cons can be, i feel that if you don't have something to boost your attack speed that you are at a disadvantage because the damage that she can scale to is incredibly good and very useful in team fights. Pros are that she can do alot of damage as just mentioned and if you your abilities correctly you should get a good and positive KDA which we all want!. Also another plus that i have found with her is that if a person if running away you can just hit your Grasping Roots and you basically are granted a kill. Her ultimate is extremely fun to use and also extremely important at the same time, if you hit it at the right time you have basically turned the team fight around which is very important. Also if you are trying to invade Baron or Dragon you can hit your ultimate on multiple targets which is also a great plus to have!.

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The items on this build are abit odd i believe to see on a Zyra but i went for it anyway. It basically highlights the damage that Zyra can put down, which some people are shocked by!.

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I cannot talk about runes for this build it is all up to you.

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The same with Runes but i would go down the offensive route if i were you. :P

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Team Work

Teamwork is critical in LoL as we all know but with Zyra i fell she can single handedly turn a team fight around. I was playing her bot lane with can be strange in some cases but i feel that she was fine if not dominant there. Especially in team fights Zyra excels in what she is supposed to do and that is to deal damage and kill people!. She especially excels in 2v2's in her lane.

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Creeping / Jungling

She has no problem with last hitting and is very viable at last hitting as well as killing the Golems or Wraiths at level 8+.

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Skill Sequence

She can clear the creep wave very effectively by using a combination of Deadly Bloom, auto attacks and grasping roots i feel that, that is a very effective way to clear a creep wave or even kill a player with it.