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Kalista Build Guide by WeisserHimmel

AD Carry Kalista, The First Blood of Vengeance (Top Lane) [Patch 5.13

By WeisserHimmel | Updated on July 11, 2015

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So, you want to play someone cool on Toplane. But you're sick of these Melee Offtanks or these Satanic Autohitters that are somehow Offtanks too. Eventually, you'll think of ADC's,. Vayne? Meh. Vayne is great, but you'll have to poke until level 6 to get one Full Engage every 60 Seconds? No Thanks. Why not Kalista? Kalista is pretty gankable, she can kite extremely well, she got her own wards, and she got a guaranteed first blood if done right.

So we'll start with Q, buying a Short Sword and moving on to the Toplane.
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AD and AS is the thing on Kalista. With her recent changes on her Autohit DMG (only 90%), you'll don't need that much crit anymore. Instead, lets focus on the E (increases by 50% instead of 35% on Additional Spears). Attack damage for more - well - Damage, or Attack speed for more Stacks. Choose depending on your playstyle. (That's insanely important, dont do something you cant play)
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One word: Attack speed, Spell Weaving, Mana and HP on unit kill.
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Skill Sequence

Skill the E like Hell. Ult depends on the jungler, if he ganks alot, get it at 6, if not, max your E and skill the Q. The W depends on Junglers too (and with some skill, you can use it to deny farm). Since it can deal great amounts of damage against tanks, you should have it atleast on level 1 or 2 when your jungler comes. (E deals damage anyway, you'll just need more stacks)
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After you bought your items (Dorans sword, short sword, even dagger would be okay), you head toplane.

Against Melee or Ranged Casters, you let them push a bit at first. Don't let them fall back to their tower, that makes it impossible to do anything than farming. Let them push a bit, clear some of their minions, make sure there won't be a new wave when you start attacking, and kite the hell out of them. Stay out of their range (!), give them 2 autohits, jump back and forth until they get scared and then follow them as far as possible. Your E can easily deal 200-250 damage with some Stacks, so Firstblood will be yours.

Against Ranged Autohitters like Gnar or Teemo, it's a bit Harder. Play Carefully, don't go in too Harsh, and you'll win eventually.
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Tips & Tricks

#1 You can deny farm with a good W.

#2 Always get 2 minions death when you farm with e, or you'll run out of mana soon.

#3 Exhaust reduces damage dealed by the exhausted champion by 40%. Use that.

#4 Q can transfer all stacks to another target if the first one is killed. Great for farming or
League of Legends Build Guide Author WeisserHimmel
WeisserHimmel Kalista Guide

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Kalista, The First Blood of Vengeance (Top Lane) [Patch 5.13
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