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Karma Build Guide by Petersfun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Petersfun

Karma's a *****

Petersfun Last updated on October 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is petersfun, I am a major karma fan it might not look it but constant harass and snares in lane is op ;P, I will go over how to combo use your abilities in lane and in team fights i will add more to this guide later on.

Why Karma?
Karma is a great harasser for the team she has a Ult that if played right can make a impossible team fight a win

Pfft your lying.
Believe it or not, if you ult + e YOUR WHOLE TEAM gets a shield and a speed boost you have a low cooldown dot Snare, and a Q thats on a really low cooldown

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Laning Phase

Why Dorans Ring and Pots?

Karma really isn't Mana hungry plus the extra Abilitie power and increased mana regen AND 4 mana per enemy killed helps alot with mana problems, the Health Pots can be switched with Mana Pots if you are that convinced, its your preference.

Combo Breaker!

How does one "Combo" as Karma
    To Combo you want to W E(If you need to get closer) Wait for Snare to Prock R Q

Why use that combo?
The Reason you always want to start off with w is because the snare lasts as long as your Q+R
Meaning that you can do DOT and Know for a fact unless they flash you can land you Q+R

What if i do it the opposite?
Well you Could Q+R then W but they might escape the circle of Damage in the center loosing a possible kill or the could just dodge it.

How to use my Ult to the Fullest Extent in lane?

Elementary my dear,
I almost never use my R+E Unless its a 3 or 4 man gank, Because your W will Heal you when mantra'd and you still have that shield plus the speedboost and the snare from your W.

Now R+W I use this when I'm versing a Heavy AP Burst Champ Like Annie or in some cases Brand because the Health you get back could Save your life intirely and get you the kill

R+Q I use this bad boy all time, Long range poke AOE is great for pesky Melee mid laners, BECAUSE the INCREASED slow HELPS alot when you are trying to get away meaning Karma has better Kitting then Ezreal with a ICEBORN. Her Q is low cooldown to boot so you can R+Q W E Q and get away or get a kill

Why do i have to get CoolDown and a Death Fire Grasp?

(Im just going to put how to use the DFG in this Title to.)

Low cooldowns on a low cooldown kitting champ = OP, Nuff Said
As for DFG (Death Fire Grasp) the added LCD is great plus the Extra Damage when casted on someone

To Effectively Use the DFG Combo you want to do as so
W E -(If you have to i usually save it for a escape), (When enemy is Snared) - DFG, R+Q = insta Kill, if not than just ignite :)

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Team Fights

Coming Soon!