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Karthus Build Guide by ZerockK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZerockK

Karthus || Press R and Taste their tears

ZerockK Last updated on January 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why have I done a guide it's only karthus?

So people think Karthus is just an easy champ? Get fed from other lanes with your ultimate get carry mode and win through the mid/late game? Not really, this is a new out look on the kill stealing ultimate, im not saying don't use it to get a kill or 2 because lets face it a fed karthus is how to carry the late game, but when you get quadra kills with your ulti all though planning then you get to taste their tears their beautiful beautiful tears hmmmmmmm......
This guide is a completely mid based guide if your not mid don't play karthus its really that simple to be fair. Karthus needs level advantage and CS (creep score) To do **** all in the game.
So here we go enjoy the guide, if i play karthus and its a normal game I win, pretty much end of if im mid as karthus with this build i don't lose unless my team are spastic or im mid against 2 shot blanc (The ****ing skanky *****)

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Standard runes really for any AP Carry, you could go for flat AP and Mana regen but i like to focus on my post level 10 game inwhich karthus really has the strength of a god. Other than that runes are pretty simple seriously its not hard to see that this is bread and butter through all builds and guides.

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Since we arn't rolling flash the extra gold per 10 is a nice litte addition but as long as you get the 15% spell pen from Offense and the Mana and Exp Gains from utility its free to pick how you like in all honesty. This is just my preffered guide and how I like to do it.

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Karthus is a pretty solid champ, he isn't some squishy ***********er like most guide will have you believe and you know why? His passive, you may say but yeah thats when he is dead but this is when i get my kills all the time 100% this is why you start with a Rod of Ages This item needs to be purchased first(after Sorcerer's Shoes) because firstly it has a stacking passive only farmable through time and no other route to it and also the fact the health makes you into some strangely tanky AP BEAST!!! Second item is onto the trust and loved Rabadon's Deathcap Now this is when your AP starts to get nasty and your Lay Waste Will live up to its name. Now that you have the foundation of insane AP and Damage its time to up the game, we will penetrate them worse than a catholic does to his young helpers. BAM its Void Staff time now people are scared as **** your walking round inititing getting focused but still nuking the ****ers what can they do other then roll over and die. If you get to this point fast and whilst having a reasonable mid lane say couple more kills then death its really over for them, if you have 2 levels over all the lanes then team fights are yours. If the game drags on you Will of the Ancients Will make you an unkillable wall its perfect synergy with defile constant ticks will keep you nice on health then when you finally die you can just carry the **** on Archangel's Staff The Second from/Last item its up to you completely If you can't carry past this point your probably on a bad team against a pro team or a very bad karthus and should just Alt F4 and cry yourself to sleep.

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Optional Items

If you are like me then you may think twice about the Archangel's Staff and may want to take a different approach.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is one item that you could replace it with, this item gives you a hightened survivability in the fact it has health another slow to add to your wall and the ability to kite a melee with defile on and laugh in their face. As well as this is has sickening AP for what it does and is an amazing item.

Zhonya's Hourglass this item allows you 2 seconds of standing their with defile on taking absolutely no damage what so ever its nice for the armour and 100 AP beautiful if thats your thing not my favourite but against a melee heavy team it is a beauty.

Force of Nature Seems off but against teams that are just ganking the **** out of you and heavy on the AP it allows for alot of resistance as well as giving you movespeed and epic health regen to boot.

Abyssal Mask This item will help you penetrate the team whilst resisting them and also an amazing amount of AP really can be an amazing item for you against them tanky teams.

Banshee's Veil this can sponge heavy spells block stuns and slows and gives you a nice amount of health, mana and magic resist to top it off, its annoying to play against and amazing to play with try not to have it poked off by the enemy and make sure you soak something sexy can saves you once every 45 seconds.

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**** SON DAT ORANGE BOMB HURTS!! Basicaly Lay Waste all day ****ing long once you have this ability (level 1) you will destroy thats right at level 1 its basically GG for the noob in mid anyway if you can lead with your ability and predict their movement then their dead, the amount of FBs i get before the minions even spawn is crazy. Once they are slowed through your Wall of Pain they can't really dodge this its a seriously over powered move especially against ******s at low ELO it destory everything.

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Wall of Pain It may not hurt on its own but with a well minded karthus it will cause them pain to the soul when you slowly suck the life out of the ****er when you laugh at them as they slowly crawl to escape you **** son your karthus you can turret dive that **** bang down a wall splash some Qs press E and let Defile rape and then if you die dw you can carry on nuking "**** THEY GOT AWAY" Press R ***********er thats what its their for.

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Hey that guy looks like a christmas decoration

Defile Free mana cheers pal, oh wait if I activate it people die nice one. Amazing ability it really is, leaves you in lane and them in pain. Pretty much one Lay Waste minion kill will get have all of its mana returned via Defile its so amazing for getting them last hits and when you role with clarity you will be able to seriously harrass and not even care its beautiful and the thing is with the harrass as soon as they are half health you can turret dive and still guarntee yourself a kill.

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Requiem Read it and weap. Well this is the part where you make them cry and then drink their tears for the pure ***** and ****ing giggles, This is where the main game play of karthus comes in, you should go in second or third and get right in there, no sitting at the back being a ****ing ***** you get in and eat some face, you die, oh you can still nuke ****ing sick one sonnnn, there all low hp your dead and you press R, you have set them up with a kill so you can get your Triple/Quad/Penta this is seriously unstoppable if done correctly, i will enclose a video and show it in action it is really nasty, I'll also need to play some karthus to get you some match histories <3 Requiem I love you, Requim you make them poo, Requiem they will die, Requiem watch them cry <3

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So lets top off this deathsinger melody

Farm hard don't be afraid to Q minions you have clarity and Defile if there is a chance you can get a kill but might die, ask yourself will it make me better than them, eg do they have a TP if they dont and you do then you will gain more exp and minion farm therefore it is worth it, do you have a zilean for increased exp? Yes then its worth it. It a case of common sence.
Get them kills Get them items carry the game kill their nexus and win its that simple ;) run in die, nuke press R and let Requiem Smite all of them mwahahaha!

Cheers guys first proper build so rate up if it works (which it will) and ill be updating this everytime something new happens or when i need to add some more rambling.

Peace out Zerockk!