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Kassadin Build Guide by Nebuchanezzar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nebuchanezzar

Kassadin - In and out <3

Nebuchanezzar Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Kassadin build. I use this build in ranked solo queue play (1600-1700 ELO) and it has served me well. Feel free to try it out, i hope it works as well for you as it has done for me :3

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Pros / Cons

- Best chaser in game
- Inbuilt flash
- Silence
- Play right and die rarely
- Good poker (Q spell)

- Lacks hard CC like Annie, Malz etc.
- Can be annoying to farm with in lane caouse his melee autoatk
- Not the best AoE dmg nor sustainable dmg compared to some other AP champs,
but he makes up for it by being a sneaky assassin :D

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Summoner Spells

For summer spells, always get incase your R is on CD when you need to escape, its a lifesaver and almost everyone in ranked play use this. Secondly you can choose between , or . Ignite is great for finishing off, it can help you get kills in your lane early game, and is also important if you see champs like WW or Vlad in enemy team. Teleport is also very good on Kassa for picking up faraway kills that you wouldnt have gotten otherwise. Cleanse can be an option if you see ****loads of CC in enemy team.

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Pretty standard caster runes. marks ofc, i take late game mana regen for long team battles and chases. Early game AP glyphs and Quintessences for laning power. You can replace them for lategame AP runes if you want but i prefer early ones.

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Pretty standard caster build. All you want from offense and the mana regen, CDR etc. from utility. The reason i dont spec more % mana is caouse this build doesnt focus on having a high mana pool, you will have to return to base once in a while to refuel but that isnt too big of a deal.

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Skill Sequence

Quite self-explanatory imo. Max your spamm spell Q and leave W for last since its kind of a filler spell.

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This build is not about having a big mana pool, but rather about survivability / AP. This means that you will have to visit base a bit more often (unless you get your hands on a blue buff, which isnt hard rly). Instead of a tear we will be going Philosopher's Stone for regen, as it gives nice HP regen aswell and some GP5. After that, go for a Catalyst the Protector since you need more HP and MP, plus the level up replenish is just great. Now go straight for as the mobility and Mpen is nice to have.

Finally its time to get the much needed AP. Go for pure power with a right away for a solid start. Then get for more HP and a slow everytime you use Q. After this, build catalyst into cause now you should be in the later mid-game phase and team battles are getting dangerous. You need that lifesaver spellshield.

By now everyone should be close to level 18 and your enemies have started to get a decent amount of MR. So counter that with a nice . However if noone in the enemy team has over 100 MR (which is unlikely) dont build void staff, and go for one of the latter items instead. For your last item you have 3 different choises; 1. If you take too much physical dmg, get . 2. Getting nuked too much? Get . 3. If you have no problem surviving really, get which gives some nice mana regen and loads of CDR. CDR is in my opinion not vital on Kassa but it is useful. Lastly dont forget to pot up if you should actually get full geared :)

Now you might be asking why i would actually build on Kassadin.. well as i previously stated this build is designed to work in mid ELO ranked play, and chanses are great you will get jumped and focused from different directions. Therefor its good to have a decent Health pool. Also the slow every time you cast Q prevents your prey from running to safety.

You might also ask why i dont go for . The reason i almost never go Mejais is that if you should get many stacks, you WILL get focused more in mid-high ELO, which is a bad thing. You want to generate as low a threat as possible since you are an assassin that needs to be subtle. Also Kassadin puts himself closer to danger than most other AP champions. In short i would rather have a safe build than going Mejais. However if you totally dominate the enemy team, feel free to get dat Soulstealer :P

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If this build is gonna work as i intend (get items in time) you need to be a good last hitter in lane and get most of the creep kills. Kassadin is more item dependant than Annie and Malz for example and needs his farm alot. Even if you should end up with having only 1 or 2 kills by end of midgame you should have your items if you farm like you should.

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Team Work

In team fights, use your powers to harass the enemy as much as possible with Q and E. When the clash comes, take out their squishiest carry asap. If you are confident you can get away with it you can dive in with R to ensure a kill, or if the enemy got the upper hand, save it as a way to dive back.

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Ranked Play

If you play Kassadin in ranked mid-high ELO, you will most of the time be placed mid against another AP carry (atleast in EU where i play, or sometimes you might be boing top lane instead). In lane early game you want to be focusing on getting last hits while poking the enemy with Q and E at the same time to get the upper hand. If the opponent has too big advantage play defensively and lasthit at tower and get some health pots next time you teleport to base. By the time you have Philo stone and Catalyst you should be able to sustain youself quite well and hopefully be able to zone out the enemy or atleast farm all you want.

Keep in mind that even though this build works in ranked it can ofc be used in normal games aswell, it will probably just give you an advantage against less experienced players ^^

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Thats all from me for now. Hope you found this guide helpful, and please vote+comment :)