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Katarina Build Guide by Da3monix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Da3monix

Katarina Not So Easy

Da3monix Last updated on November 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Katarina with this build

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Akali All of your abilities can hit her in her shadow ability use that to your advantage
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My name is Da3monix and I play on NA server. This is my first champion build so give me any feedback you may have. People say Katarina takes no skill to play and is easy. I am about to prove those people wrong. Katarina has little health so anyone that can burst you such as LeBlanc will probably take you down. This guide will teach you how to dodge these people and burst them down first. This is the reason why you need Abyssal Scepter and Haunting Guise first to get magic penetration to help do more damage in the long run. You need Rabadon's Deathcap to allow you to do massive damage to your opponent the 30% more magic damage helps this is why you get other items first to allow Rabadon's to have it's full effect the earliest possible in the game. In this build read EVERYTHING so if you did not look at notes go back and read them. Do NOT skim anything in this build guide or you will probably mess up somewhere in your game.

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To Farm with Katarina you need to wait till minions get low (Shocking I know) but you can't let them get too low because minions are your one way ticket to poking the opposing champ. If you really need farm Q the minions then take down the ones that are lowest. don't worry about not killing them if you hit them with your Q it will allow you to do extra magic damage to that minion. If you need to wave clear very quickly or get that one siege minion use your W. Do NOT use your E you will be wishing later that you did not use it.

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So like I said in Farming use your Q to poke opposing champs from afar, and to wave clear. Use your W inside of a minion wave to do a lot of damage and to take the minion wave out quickly.Use your E to teleport out of sticky situations and to teleport in to crush your opponent. Now for combos use your E to teleport in than use Q to allow extra damage to be dealt next use your W for even more damage. Now you probably have them to half health or lower do not use your R unless they will not get away. If you do you will just chase them off. While than can be good you do not want them to get away if you don't chances are they will still stay in lane. Use that to your advantage use that combo again but instead of not using your R use it for the finishing blow and try to use that combo even faster this time so they have no chance of getting away. Even before this make sure they use their blink ability so they definitely have no chance of getting away. You can get away with using your E in a 1v1 it helps disorient the opponent because it teleports you behind them. and also use your W as much as possible. Remember your W has a very short cooldown so use it a lot because you have AP not AD that is your golden ticket. most other mid champs use mostly ranged attacks that is why you have a advantage in a 1v1. And make sure to get assist in to every kill you can because Kat's passive reduces all of you abilities cooldowns by 15secs which by Kat's cooldowns is amazing because it resets a of your cooldowns and takes a 3rd of your R's cooldown away. I know your like woah woah Da3 what do all these fancy words mean well here you go.
Blink- An ability that allows you to get out of sticky situations.
AP- Ability Power it allows your spells to do extra damage to your enemies.
AD- Attack Damage how much damage you do while just normally attacking.
Cooldowns- The amount of time it takes to use an ability again.

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Team Work

There is not much to say about Katarina's teamwork except that in a teamfight you want tio be the last one in so that the focus is not on you and you can teleport in and W than ult to take them down low and possibly get a pentakill. You do want to roam pretty soon after you win your lane use your E to your advantage and surprise them by teleporting out of a bush into a enemy champ and going all out. (When I say all out I mean use the main combo and ult use all of your abilities.)