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Katarina Build Guide by FlameAnnie29

Assassin Katarina - The Penta Kill Machine.

Assassin Katarina - The Penta Kill Machine.

Updated on October 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlameAnnie29 Build Guide By FlameAnnie29 5,009 Views 0 Comments
5,009 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FlameAnnie29 Katarina Build Guide By FlameAnnie29 Updated on October 4, 2013
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Hello guys!
This is my first guide so it won't be that great but it will give you useful tips.
In this guide, I will show you how much Katarina is OP. Katarina is a Penta Kill Machine. Her ultimate is so deadly; I scored 2 Pentakills with her. I hope you will enjoy this guide, If you don't like it give a thumbs down and tell me the reason! My summoner name is FlameAnnie29 and I am on EU.
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Now for the Items! Now Liadry's Torment Is an item that you can't change! That item MUST be bought on your first Recall ( If going well) That item plus Ignite] and your Deadly Combo Will do massive damage! Now if you want to change Rylai's You can but I won't recommend that! When you do your Ultimate You slow them so you can catch up or your team mates can!
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    Enemies CANNOT catch you.
    Easy PentaKill with your ultimate
    Very Hot.
    Not Squishy In early.

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    Very Hot
    Need Ganks to get kills
    Very Low Kills And High Deaths
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Team Work

Now, now. Teamwork is really Important You must not jump in in the middle of the teamfight. You must wait! If all the 5 Enemies are low and they are together Jump into them and PENTAKILLLLLLLLLLLLL.
If you jump in the teamfight when it started you will get Killed Do we want that to happen? No! so keep this in mind.
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Tips And Tricks

•When you are going to do an ultimate into the teamfight you must do bouncing blades on the Enemy Team. Why? - When you throw them and a dagger comes up their head it means if you auto attack; you will get EXTRA damage. Now; It works the same on your skills! Example- Watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PLgn_5mNxg
NOTE- She hides in the Bush So nobody can see her. She throws bouncing blades and ultimate! It is very useful.

Katarina is OP and Deadly. So; when you are getting killed by 1 Enemy you Bouncing Blade him and JUMP + ULT AND SINISTER STEEL! Combo them!
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I hope you enjoyed!
Thanks to Jhoijhoi for giving me guide tips;
MissMaw For giving me tips too!

+1 If you like! Thanks c:

Summoner - FlameAnnie29
League of Legends Build Guide Author FlameAnnie29
FlameAnnie29 Katarina Guide
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Katarina - The Penta Kill Machine.

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