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Katarina Build Guide by Prefexx

Katarina- What Cooldowns? [Patch 5.8]

Katarina- What Cooldowns? [Patch 5.8]

Updated on November 12, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prefexx Build Guide By Prefexx 3,197 Views 0 Comments
3,197 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Prefexx Katarina Build Guide By Prefexx Updated on November 12, 2023
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello and welcome to my Katarina Mid guide. This is my first guide and I don't really think people will actually use this guide but thanks for taking your time to look at it! (if anyone sees this) I know Katarina like the back of my hand and have extremely good success with her in ranked play. She can be a very good asset to a team with how much AP damage she can dish out. She also has clean up potential with her passive Voracity.

Why Play Katarina?

Katarina is a melee assassin mid champion who relies on killing you before you can even blink. Her Shunpo gives her strong mobility and also an easy way to engage or disengage a fight. She will have trouble with most mainstream mids such as Zed, LeBlanc, Fizz and more. What she does have, however, is great team fight potential with her passive Voracity.
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Pros / Cons


+ High Damage
+ Good Teamfights
+ Easy Roam Potential
+ No Mana
+ Ability Cooldown Resets
+ Easy to Play


Katarina has high damage that she uses to easily pick off squishy targets. In teamfights she is able to shred ad carries and clean up their whole team. She is a major threat in the early to mid game as she can easily roam to other lanes with her high mobility and use her Shunpo as an easy gap closer. No mana? This makes Katarina a great mid laner as she doesn't need to constantly back for mana and your blue buff can go to the jungler. Her passive Voracity is what makes her so unique. Whenever she gets a kill, her Bouncing Blades, sinister steel, and Shunpo reset allowing her to have amazing clean-up potential. Along with all of this, she is fairly easy to play.


Although Katarina has great strengths, she does come with setbacks. A major counter to Katarina is that hard CC can counter her ultimate Death Lotus. This is what mid champions such as Ahri make laning difficult. Since Katarina is such a dangerous champion she is targeted in teamfights. Being squishy makes being focused extremely dangerous when using Shunpo to get into fights. Having no CC does make it harder to lane as most mid laners do have some sort of CC. She is a melee champion which does make her vulnerable to pokes especially when abilities like her Shunpo are down.


- Squishy
- Ultimate easily countered
- Targeted in Teamfights
- No CC
- Melee Champion
- Vulnerable when abilities are down
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Summoner Spells

Essential Summoners

Flash is pretty much a mandatory for all mid laners. This Summoner is used to escape ganks, go all in for a kill, and save yourself from bad situations that would end up getting you killed.

Ignite gives you a lot of kill potential and is an essential for mid lane assassins. Use ignite to finish off those pesky 50 hp survivors and also help in adding damage to your already terrifying burst. Ignite also reduces healing effects which is another big plus.

Situational Summoners

Heal could be used in some tough matchups. Use this against burst heavy champions such as LeBlanc or Zed to help you stay alive in the early laning phase.

Teleport is used mainly for top laners. If you do want to use teleport for the extra map pressure and to get back into lane faster then you can grab it. In my opinion, teleport is not very useful as you already have great roam potential and in mid lane you are already close to top and bot lane for a convenient gank.

Exhaust is viable if you want to shut down the burst of your enemy laner. The 40% damage decrease could help a lot if you are up against someone like Zed. It could also help you get a kill on a weak target trying to escape your wrath. This summoner is very situational as I would only take it 5% of the time.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are a must have on Katarina. Enemy team building MR? No problem! Since almost all of Katarinas damage comes from AP, if the enemy team starts to build MR this will help you cut through it.

greater mark of hybrid penetration
greater mark of hybrid penetration are useful only, and only if, you have trouble last hitting minions. Now, this could be huge if you have trouble last hitting minions as getting that cs gold could really influence on how your laning will go. If you have no trouble last hitting minions then use the magic penetration marks because all her damage is in her skills.


Greater Glyph of Ability Power are my favorite glyphs to run on Katarina. I feel like Katarina is a full damage champion that could shred enemies in less time than it takes for them to react. The ability power glyphs gives you a lot of starting AP to help you get started on getting fed.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist could be used if you want to be a little more safe during the laning phase as most mids are AP heavy. Even though I enjoy extra AP some MR could help a lot with champions such as Ahri or LeBlanc.


Greater Seal of Armor are what I normally run because not only does it help with mid lane champs such as Zed or Yasuo. Armor seals also help with the auto attack pokes mid laners like to hit you with.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health are probably the safest choice of seals when playing Katarina and are what 70% of Katarina players use. I recommend scaling over flat because they out scale flat health seals at level 6. The health really helps you especially when you end up going in a teamfight as you are normally targeted.
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21/9/0. The 21 in offence gives you great damage potential that helps you early and scales off into late game also. The 9 in defense will help you not get shredded in teamfights. You will not be needing any points in support because you are an all out assassin.


Double-Edged Sword fits Katarina perfectly as the assassin she is, high risk for a high damage reward.
Sorcery is for the even shorter cooldowns on her abilities which is perfect for Katarina because she is cooldown reliant.
Executioner because it works well with your clean up potential in teamfights. Katarinas passive Voracity works well with this because of the damage you do to the low health targets running away. Since you do more damage to low health targets it will be easier to get resets.
Dangerous Game also synergizes really well with Voracity as it helps you even more with your clean up potential.
Devastating Strikes Gives you much needed Magic Penetration when the enemy team starts stacking MR against you.
The other masteries in the offensive tree just gives you more AP.


Block is really helpful for the harass that ranged mid laners can dish out on you.
Recovery helps recover from the the previously stated harass that they oh so constantly give you. There are two types of people you will encounter when you play Katarina. One who will constantly harass you to shut you down early, and the one who will play extremely safe to try not to feed you. Either way, this is a safe choice in masteries.
Enchanted Armor and Unyielding lets you build more damage without being completely vulnerable.
Veteran Scars give you more health so you can be safer in the early game.
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Skill Explanations

Katarina's skills are very unique as you can use them to engage, disengage, escape, and assassinate with a low cooldown. I will explain what they do and some useful tips on how to use them effectively.

Passive: Voracity

Whenever an enemy champion dies within 3 seconds of Katarina dealing damage to them, her cooldowns will be reduced by 15 seconds.

This is what makes Katarina the unique assassin she is. When you get a kill all your skills reset except for your ultimate (where the cooldown would just be reduced by 15 seconds). This allows you to kill someone then quickly jump on another enemy for quick kills.

How to Use: Voracity
  • Use her passive in teamfights by jumping on to different carries when your skills reset. Once she gets kill or assist Katarina can use her full combo again.
  • Diving someone under tower is relatively easy since she can flash or Shunpo onto the target then Shunpo to safety after getting the reset.
  • Katarinas ultimate has a 45 second cooldown at level 3 which means 3 kills will reset her ult. Use this to deal maximum damage in teamfights.
  • This is what makes her the "Queen of Cleanups" as she can kill someone, hop onto another, kill them, then hop onto another directly after.

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That's all for now

If you have made it this far, thank you so much!CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM NEEDED. This is my first guide ever and I would like to know how to improve this, what to add, etc. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks again!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prefexx
Prefexx Katarina Guide
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Katarina- What Cooldowns? [Patch 5.8]

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