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Kayle General Guide by mrskill45

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrskill45

Kayle as ADC

mrskill45 Last updated on September 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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There are many people who will flame you for playing Kayle as adc, typical flames are:

lost we have no adc,
no dmg kayle,
lost bot,
surrender at 20,
just let us lose fast,
go other lane kayle i do adc,
and much more.

(you can see what i mean if you just look at the rating of this thread. And the Discussion shows you that the most people have no plan and just downvote it and if they try argue they are most time wrong, but it doesnt matter they will continue and never understand)

I played her as adc around 1000 (really) times and in nearly each game people flamed me like this. They also pick other Champions to do the adc and/or take a troll support (for their opinion) and do not help you at lane. And it doesnt matter how strong (champion/skills) you are, if you get matched into the loser team you will lose it. But they will not care about this and still report you.

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Lane Phase

Whatever you play if your opponents are strong (champion/skills) and your support not, you will lose your lane of course, there is no way out. But they will say its just lost because of you play Kayle as adc.

Many adc champions count on harassement abilities like Varus for example, Kayle counts on healing. Thats why you can start with a Sapphire Crystal also if you expect that they will hit you often.

During the Lane Phase Kayles fightning strengh should be medium, take care of Draven and Corki they should count to the strongest at this time.

Because Kayle is just 63 % ranged (16 sec cd 10 duration) you will miss around 10 % of the minions if you cant lasthit them as meele, thats why a ranged support would be nice who can get them instead of.

If you play against Caitlyn who counts on lane domination by long range autoattaks, you could add a Soraka as support which can give you mana for endless healing by Kayles "w". Together with Sorakas heal i think it should be over with Caitlyns advantage. And even the Lane Phase would end 100 creepkills to 150 ck it doesnt matter. 50 ck should be around 1000 gold and this is 400 HP for example. Kayles shield is much more effectiv than 400 HP.

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Many players are not really good, thats why the most games in LoL are chaos games in which a real (5on5) Teamfight not happens even after 45 minutes. But maybe you are one of the better players and get maybe also matched with better players. In this case you will see why Kayle is the strongest adc.

You need to be sure that the fight begins after you activated your "e" or it will maybe not ready if you need it. You should activate it also always slightly before you want to do your first hit because i think it interupts/stops your autoattack. Not to forget, you need to be fast, because of you have the range just for 10 seconds.

Try to find a good target, best would be the opponent's adc most time. So just move and attack him as long as possible. If he gets out of your range or died you attack the next best target.
Next to this simple usual job you need to have always an eye on your Lifepoints and opponent's attacks. Often you have to shield youself directly you joined the range of the opponent's abilites. You must to be faster as them because you cant activate your shield while you are stuned. It feels a bit like you are just a football for them while your shield is on and you get knocked and grabed to everywhere and get stuned by everyone :). You dont take any damage from them and after 3 seconds the most of their stuns should be out and over. All other adcs would be already dead at this point, while Kayle has still 100 % life and continues fighting. And since you was the focus in all of this time your team had time to kill their adc.

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You will note that Kayle is also the strongest adc in 1 vs 1 later in the game. If you do your 1000+ dps like each other adc also, you will see that her shield dominates each other ability of the other adcs. Who cares a Draven ultimate which does maybe 1000 dmg to you if you are unheartable for 3 seconds in which you can deal 3*1000 to him and his stun just last 1~ second or so.

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At least in some games people apologized for their behavior after they saw what Kayle is able to do. But to show the difference you need a balanced match what is rare in LoL with this matchmaking.

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Marks 9x Greater Mark of Critical Chance 0,93 %

Quintnessences 3x Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance 1,86 %

Seals 9x Scaling Health 24 HP at 18

Glyphs 9x Greater Glyph of Scalling Magic Resist +0,15 magic resist per level (+2,7 at champion level 18)

+ 14 % Crit Chance
+ 24 Magic Resist at level 18
+ 13 Armor

You will maybe ask why Crit Chance. Crit Chance is early dps like other Runes, flat ad + 15 for example. You will have a bit less dps at start with it but later you can see the difference.

Since you start with Trinity Force which benefit from Attackdamage and not from Crit Chance you dont have a advantage with Crit Chance but it isnt that big disadvantage.

When you got Trinity Force and Infinity Edge you have around 220 Attackdamage and 35 % Crit Chance. I try give a example what will proably happens during 6 seconds (should be around 1 attack each second).

+15 Attackdamage Runes
15 + (TF proc 15*2)
22 (crit) + (TF proc 15*2)
22 (crit)

+14 % Crit Chance
0 (crit additional) 220 AD *1,5 = 330
0 (crit)
0 (crit)

Later in the game its better anyway to have more Crit Chance in your build. You would have only 65 % instead of 79 % what makes a big difference(for runes) for my opinion.

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Nothing special, 21,9,0.

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1: Infinity Edge after finishing AS Boots or T 1 Boots
2: Trinity Force after finishing UP T 1 Boots to Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi
3: Bloodthurster
4: Statikk Shiv
5: Guardian Angel
6: Phantom Dancer

It seems as many situations gives you just a very short time to hit and there you could need the most burst which Trinity Force can give you. Even with Kayle who can just use it 2-3 times per battle its still worth it. The other way would be to build 1 more Phantom Dancer instead of Trinity Force what makes more damage over time. (1450 dps vs 1300 dps +700 T F dmg proccs all 3 ~ sec)

Many adc players make the same mistake and count on any other boots instead of Mercury's Treads. Why they want do some more dps by attackspeed boots (1000 + 20 % AS = 1100)~ if they can get out of a stun earlier instead of. Fiddles Fear last 3 seconds and Mercury's effect reduceses it for 1 sec. So you can hit with 1000 damage while you are still in fear with your 1100 damage. It cots 300 more but you get 25 magic resit for it (10% ~ less dmg against ap dmg)

Even as Kayle you should build an defensiv Item. For my opinion is Warmogs is still the best item for that because its continuous good. I try to give a example. Kayle has around 100 Armor, 85 Magic Resist and 2500 HP (with Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Merkurys, Blood Thurster and Phantom Dancer).

2500+1000*200/100 = 7000

Magic R
2500+1000*185/100 = 6475

= 13 475/2 = 6737,5

Guardian Angel
2500*250/100 = 6250

Magic R
2500*210/100 = 5250

= 11 500/2 = 5750

GA proc
30% of 2500 = 750 HP

750*250/100 = 1875
750*210/100 = 1575

= 14 950/2 = 7475

GA advantage
Guardian Angels effect to revive you last 4 seconds in which your opponents need to leave your position often (what gives you an advantage) but for that you cant do something,

Warmogs advantage
while you would still do some more damage (because you stay a live a bit longer) with Warmogs what could make the differece to kill a opponent earlier who cant do dmg then.

Guardian is stronger as Warmogs with its effect but it will be not ready for each fight. Both should be strong its on you to decide which you prefer. The most time Warmogs was better and i played it for years maybe thats why i prefer it anyway.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust.

Why exhaust instead of barrier? Kayle has already the strongest shield in this game and you can do more with exhaust as with barrier. You can use it to reduce damage from the opponent's adc during a teamfight to save everyone from your team. Exhaust slows your opponent and gives you together with Kayles "q" a good cc to be dangerous. And sometimes you lose your range during a fight while there is still the opponent's adc fightng against you. With exhaust you can reduce his damage a lot and because of he is slowed also you can reach him as meele.

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Background Notes

You can simple calculate how much damage over time Champions do on

Resist calculation
100 / 100 + amount of resist = prercental amount of damage you get.

Effectiv Health calculation
EffHP = HP * (100+Res)/100


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