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Kayle Build Guide by Vynishh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vynishh

Kayle Lane Pushing and Late Game DPS

Vynishh Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey people, Vynish here with a great Kayle lane pushing and lategame DPS build. This is my version of what a kayle should build to push lanes aggressively and very fast to put the opponent out of position. I hope you guys like and give it a try if you don't like it make sure to comment why!

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Pros / Cons

-Pushes lanes extremely fast
-Does a lot of damage late game
-Good Support

-Need to farm very well to get the build done
-Very Squishy early game
-Cannot solo anyone early game

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I go with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration runes this makes your e and q hit exceptionally harder than usually.

I go with Greater Seal of Ability Power & Greater Glpyh of Potency runes to get that good boost early game to help your farm out.

I finsh my runes with Greater Quintessences of Potency runes to further help out early game and get your farm going faster and get your items much faster.

These runes help a lot early game to get you faremd for late game. They also allow you to do decent amount of damage at bot lane with your carry.

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Start out with Long Sword and a Health Potion. Then follow this build

Tiamat : This item helps extremely well with your E ability and help farming a ton. Also the pushing bonus from this item helps a lot and also help with team fights.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity : This item works extremely well with Kayle. It helps your E coming off CD almost right when your E is over. It helps wonders for pushing.

Ionic Spark : This item helps farming and pushing a ton! It also helps when your having a team fight and every enemy is close together.

Nashor's Tooth : This item is great for a lot of reasons. 1, it helps out your ap output which helps all of your spells except your ult. 2, it provides a lot of attack speed which helps farming, pushing, and also DPS. 3, it provides you with mana regen and cooldown reduction. This makes your E pretty much a continues spell which is great for staying in lane, pushing, and DPS.

Guinsoo's Rageblade : This item will give you a massive increase to damage. It increases attack speed over every attack you make. It also increases your ap and ad making your damage output very extreme. This is very good for pushing and late game team fights.

Hextech Gunblade : This item works wonders. At this point your damage will be out of the world. The both spell vamp and lifesteal works together with your E (your E deals both ad and ap damage) to make you nearly godly.

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Skill Sequence

What you want to max out first is your E. Your E ability does a lot of damage and pushes lanes very well. The next ability you want to max out is your Q ability. Your Q ability does damage based off of ad and ap damage making it a very good damage output. Next max out your W ability for late game heals + Hextech Gunblade makes you almost unable to die especially with your ultimate.

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Summoner Spells

Surge : Surge is a great summoner spell to burst any champion with it's increased attack speed and ap. It combined with Ignite makes almost anyone squishy besides tanks.

Ignite : Ignite is a great summoner spell to use against Sion or anyone with life steal or spell vamp. It basically almost makes anyone a instant dead combined with Surge .

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All together this build is very good for pushing and late game DPS. I love playing Kayle with this build. It makes farming/pushing/killing an easy task for anyone. I hoped you enjoyed this guide please comment I do like constructive criticism.