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Kayle Build Guide by Mind Of Kayle

Middle Kayle Mid Lane - Hard Carry Games ✔️Up To Date✔️

Middle Kayle Mid Lane - Hard Carry Games ✔️Up To Date✔️

Updated on November 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mind Of Kayle Build Guide By Mind Of Kayle 3,719 Views 0 Comments
3,719 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mind Of Kayle Kayle Build Guide By Mind Of Kayle Updated on November 4, 2022
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Runes: Vs Meele

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Basic Setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Kayle Mid Lane - Hard Carry Games ✔️Up To Date✔️

By Mind Of Kayle
- Good scaling
- High range in late
- Amazing wave clear in late
- Good team fights
- Needs time to scale
- Quite a lot of hard match ups
- Easy to counter pick her
- Weak against cc
- Games can often end before late
Abilities and Skill order

Passive - evolving
Radiant Blast -Its good to start trades with Q because it breaks armor and magic resists. Its also good tool to poke or slow down enemies. Use it to clear range minions faster when u need to crash waves.
Celestial blessing - Use to heal up, dodge skillshots, escape from ganks, catch enemies. Active also increases your attack speed.
Starfire spellblade - Main last hit tool before level 6. Dont use it too early in combat because less hp enemy has - more damage u will do.
Divine Judgment - Ability which makes people survive.

Skill Order

Level 1

- E

Level 2

- Q if you have a lot of hp.
- W if u enemy damaged u on level 1 and now u have worse hp state than enemy.

Level 3

- If u took W on lvl 2, take Q now
- If you took Q on lvl 2, take W now.

Level 4

- Q

Level 5

- Q

Level 6

- R

Then priority is following:
R > E > Q > W
Why Mid Lane?
Mid Lane is safer and easier because lane is short and you are close to your tower. Its easier to break enemy freeze on mid lane than on top lane which is nice when u play kayle. You will also stack dark seal easier because u will sometimes see good situations as mid lane has access to a lot of places on map.
Press the attack is better than lethal tempo on mid lane(lethal tempo is also getting nerfed in 12.20) because lane is short, as mid laner u will experience a lot of action before late and a lot of mid laners have burst. This keystone is the best as for kayle mid lane.
Triumph is the best one. Overheal is viable with fleet.
Alacrity is the best one, but vs Annie, Veigar (if u struggle with his E), take Legend:Tenacity
Last stand is the best one, take Cut down if they have 2 or more hp stackers (for example zac, garen).

Take Bone plating vs meele champions, if enemy can poke it out easily then take Conditioning and always take Second wind vs Ranged mid laner.
Take Overgrowth vs meele mid laner but if enemy team has stuns, take instead of Overgrowth. Vs ranged mid laners take Revitalize but if enemy team has stuns, take Unflinching.
Starting Items

start Dorans blade vs meele mid laners.
start Dorans shield vs ranged mid laners.
start Cloth armor vs AD assassins, its amazing!

First Backs

- If u play against ranged mid laner, you buy these first items: , refillable potion, dark seal and Berserkers and then u continue with Core.
- If u play against meele mid laner, you buy these first items: dark seal, boots. Vs Yasuo, Yone, Kassadin, Vladimir, you just add Cull before Dark seal. Then u continue with Core.

Core Items

Your next items are Nashors tooth, Berserkers (Dont mind if u already have it), and Rabadon.

When u build nashors tooth, always start with Recurve bow, then finish your nashors.
Upgrade your dark seal to Mejais when u will have 10 stacks of dark seal.
Quicksilver sash can be bought against Malzahar or Mordekaiser, but finish it after u get full build.
You can buy Zhonya before rabadon if enemy team has burst or someone who can delete u (for example its good vs nocturne, fizz, zed if they are dangerous for u).

Last Item
Void Staff - Good antitank item, buy it if u need to do more damage to tanks/bruisers. Zhonya is usaully the best.

Sell Boots
Sell berserkers and buy Cosmic drive if u have enough gold. If u need void staff or zhonia , then build it instead of cosmic drive , your W gives u nice movement speed anyway.
Laning Phase
Always when u can, ward raptors at 1:21as u can see on picture.
After u crash waves in match ups where you are going to push early (check threats - match ups in my guide) keep last hiting minions until level 6 and play safe as u do in all other match ups.

After level 6:
- In ranged match up, you want to push as match as enemy will does.
- In meele match up, let enemy have few minions advantage (at least 3) and then dont let them crash wave to your tower . You can for example short trade them, thin wave if it gets bigger. This will prevent enemy from roaming and you will be in pretty safe position. If enemy has kill pressure, you let him crash. Sometimes, you can have kill pressure even on yone (hard match up) because u are ahead and sometimes you wont,but u will probably feel it.

Dont join fights in jungle where your jg is fighting enemy one and both are full hp, you will die after mid laner will join! Join it only if your jungler is
wining hard - like he has 90% of hp while enemy jg has 30% hp and gonna die. When you get prio on lane (for example u crashed waves when enemy laner just died or recalled) and you see good situation(for example enemy bot lane has 40% hp, feel free to roam if your bot lane can help you in this fight. When u are gonna recall on cannon wave, try to recall when cannon wave is like behind tier 3 tower if u can. Try to dont mispush! If u mispushed and enemy set uped freeze while u have low hp , then just recall and buy something (the most match ups can just kill u). Good control ward spot is usually pixel bush.
Creep Score

Try to get at least 45 creep score in 6th minute vs Meele and 50 creep score in 7th minute vs Ranged. When u are going to last hit and enemy has ready his spells, he will probably use some spell (for example u are going to last hit minion under your tower and enemy Ahri has her E ready so she will try to burst u) so pretend to last hit and bait out enemy spell, then u can freely last hit, that works the best vs long cdr spells like xerath w/e, Ahri r, lux e...Image source:
1. In team fights, stay at max aa range, behind your frontliner, kill enemy frontline and then u can kill backline.
2. Before u join fight or some for skirmish, ALWAYS use MINIMAP - check how many people u are going to fight, how many people are going to help you and how many enemies are MISSING. 3 enemies are missing = 3 enemies can join fight. Example: you are planning to fight 2v1 (which looks worth), u check minimap and lets say enemy adc+top laner is missing (and u dont know where they are), you wont join that fight.
3. Ward the middle of the lane if you cant prevent enemy from crashing waves into your tower so you can see where they go/roam after they crash.
+ - you can use it to disengage or to get closer to champs.

+ AA + AA + - Basic trade

Minion + + AA + - Kayle 1v9 Special - Execute combo
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mind Of Kayle
Mind Of Kayle Kayle Guide
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Kayle Mid Lane - Hard Carry Games ✔️Up To Date✔️

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