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Kayle Build Guide by Paolinho

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paolinho

Kayle mid Morgark's advanced guide: the teamfight monster (4

Paolinho Last updated on July 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Kayle with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina very easy match up. all you need to do is ulti when she ults after shunpo and you should be able to win any trades. just beware of the roaming potential of katarina, try to push the lane as much as you can (avoiding focus from the jungler or making your jungler aware of your intentions, in order to set up a counter gank) the only way she has to win against you is by getting kills from other lanes to make an edge on you, but by bullying her out of lane that should never happen.
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Hi everyone, and welcome to my Kayle guide!
hope you will find this guide useful, any feedback is very appreciated :) Let's get things started!
Kayle is a very strong champion in the current meta-game, because she can bring out a lot of team protection, an heal/speed up, and tons of damage in the teamfights.
Hope that after this guide you will like kayle as much as i do, the feeling when u splat enemies with 2.40ish attack speed is just too awesome :).
In this descriptive section i will talk about the choices i've made regarding item builds, runes masteries, and give some tips and tricks in order to be successful with her!

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Pros / Cons


- great lane pusher early, viable split pusher
- sustain from heal makes her defensive playstyle very easy
- great counter to a bursty/pick up team comp (ex. thresh or blitz into zed combo)
- INSANE aoe damage in teamfights
- ability to DESTROY enemy carries with this build (u almost deal true dmg cause of wit's)
- INSANE dps


- kind of mana hungry throughout the game
- screwing up your ulti even once can cost you the game if it's close enough
- kind of squishy early game
- there are gaps in which you don't do damage in teamfights if not cdr capped

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Runes choices

why full attack speed and not magic pen?

After the recent changes to the runes and on items, i've figured out that on kayle attack speed is much better than magic pen overall, we want to maximize the amount of autos we can do in a certain amount of time (most of them being the time duration of the ultimate)instead of relying on burst damage. Another bonus of attack speed is that if you're focusing the champion in early game, the damage from your basic attacks will be also maximized, which is a nice bonus that makes kayle a little bit stronger in the early game, whereas magic pen doesn't influence basic dmg at all.

Remember to adapt the defensive runes to your playstyle!

This is the most important thing in this chapter: if you are the kind of player that wants to focus on farming, without trying to bully or out-trade your opponent, you should consider running both armor and mr scaling, since you will get the same stats at level 6, gaining more and more stats as the game goes on! Or if you want to obtain some advantage as soon as possible go for the flat ones and bully your opponent out of the lane! :)

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Item build: Morgark, are you crazy? No rabadon or void staff?

Ok let's talk about this shall we.
Before 4.11, the build kayle was relying on was focused more on ap than attack speed, even though she gained some attack speed from the core items, it wasn't that focused. But now, this 0.2 ap ratio on your e makes your precious rabadon and any else ap item half effective.

What does this mean?

This means that right now if you build so much ap on kayle you are focusing more on your Divine Blessing and your Reckoning to deal damage rather than your amazing Righteous Fury

So how am i going to optimize my gold in the shop, in order to make kayle a beast into the late game??

Basically i've come up with the idea that Wit's End is a good item on kayle because of the synergy it has with Runaan's Hurricane with Nashor's Tooth, and with Holy Fervor, they all stack up together, reducing the magic resist of the targets that are hit (which makes it building Void Staff SUBOPTIMAL on her, since 35% magic penetration is applied on CURRENT magic resist, that is AFTER the shred from Wit's End and Holy Fervor ), dealing bonus magic damage on hit, and this amazing item Runaan's Hurricane makes it spread among the champions: THIS is the reason why this item build is INSANE in team fights
The Guinsoo's Rageblade is a bonus to barely reach attack speed cap with the active, so that not even a bit of juice from items will be missed!
1 NOTE IS MANDATORY: after you get Guinsoo's Rageblade you should SELL your attack speed boots, and get the magic penetration ones, in the very late game, so no stat will be missed, we will make the active bonus from Guinsoo's Rageblade count too!

As i said in the build guide though, you can still consider to build both Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass instead of Guinsoo's Rageblade if you want to maximize the heal from divine's blessing and the damage from Reckoning, but you will miss the insane attack speed that is the KEY of this build, which makes kayle VERY strong, even with the current nerfs to her kit.

If u want mega uber synergy with runaan all around, or if the enemy team is stacking mr and health to counter your damage, you should consider building Blade of the Ruined King instead of Guinsoo's Rageblade. this will make your synergy with runaan MEGA INSANE.

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understanding your strenghts and weaknesses with this build

First off

It's obvious that with this build you will be a great split pusher, but you need to be careful in engaging 1vs1 against any good duelist champion, since you are mainly focused on AOE dps, so you're not unbeatable in the 1vs1. you should seek teamfights as much as you can, since you will destroy the enemy team if they're stacked up.
Simple as that: get your autos on 2-3 champs at a time-->best dps in game.


You should understand the enemy's abilities so that you know exactly when to ult and who to ult. That's the difference betweed a bad kayle and a good one. ex. you know that you're against syndra blitz, and vayne. syndra managed to stun your allied trist and she's about to get grabbed by blitz and there's no tank to soak that grab. You should know that the best time to ult her is right before the grab, so you will soak all the dps from that chain cc and allow trist to w backwards to avoid death.

Last but not least

Remember to check your cdr and know at all times if you can have your Righteous Fury up at all times or not, so you are aware of the possibility of sitting in a teamfight for 2-3 secs not autoattacking waiting for cooldowns, and please, NEVER go melee in teamfight, it's called SUICIDE-ATTEMPT.

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Summary+ bonus tip for kayle wanna-be pros :)

Alright folks! This guide is almost over, and i wanna thank you all for reading through what i've learned through years of playing Kayle. There's 1 bonus tip that i wanna give you if you're not aware already: you should try and force yourself to learn the ways of the attack moving. I know that for some this is hard, but it's such a huge quality of life change for Kayle kiting mechanics that i don't wanna go over it without mentioning it. I personally use the keybind A right below my spells, easy to reach. If you're not familiar to the attack-move and stutter step, here's a link to a youtube video of Cinderhelm explaining what it is and how to do it.
Stutter Step, Attack Move, and Awesome Keybinding Trick
Thanks again for reading it through and leave a comment if you find that i should change anything in the guide, thanks!