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Kayle Build Guide by akroma21

Kayle the Arch Angel of Wrath

By akroma21 | Updated on August 26, 2011

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Hey eveyone this is my second build so I'm trying to increase my skills in building guides and builds for champions that I love to play. As u can see this is a build for Kayle and why i choose her is because she kicks ***. A mix between a hybrid dps/support or just full AP support. The way I prefer to play her is hybrid as should everybody else or something is wrong with u lol. This build is just off the top of my head and i think it works but u may look and say why two hextech gunblades? Well because its gives AP and AD which both benefit Kayle in big ways. Seeing how the newest patch made reckoning based off AP and AD it helps. Also it gives spell vamp and life steal which both are great because life steal is life steal duh and for spell vamp you will be casting a lot so more life for spells you cast. Well I hope u guys enjoy my guide and try it out sometime.
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( Magic Penetration Marks) I use Magic Penetration Marks becuase most of her damage is AP except her auto attack and now part of reckoning. Also it works well with Madreds Bloodrazor as well so it gives it that little extra kick of damage.

Greater Seal of Vitality (Health Per Lvl Seals) I use Health Per Lvl Seals because Kayle can be squishy most of the times so this gives her little bit more boost of health so u can stay in there and keep fighting.

(Mana Regen Per Lvl Glyphs) I use Mana Regen Per Lvl Glyphs because I saw that Kayle had mana trouble in early game so this also helps to keep you in lane so u dont have to keep going back to base and getting more mana.

(Flat Health Quintessences) I use these because it adds more to her health which she doesnt have that much so yet again this adds to her survivability and you can stay in lane longer.
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For my masteries I choose 9/0/21 because I go all the way down to the bottom in the utility bracket so I have CD reduction on all my spells and my summoner spells. I go 9 into offense so I can get the magic penetration and more CD reduction. I believe this is the best way to put her masteries a they work well with her.
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Starting Items: For my starting items I start with a Meki Pendant, 1 health potion, and 1 mana potion. I start with these because meki pendant gives mana regen and the health potion and the mana potion both keep you in lane longer.

Core Build:
(Tear of the Goddess) I rush this item as fast as possible so I can start stacking on the mana buff. This is deffinately a must item to grab becuase it increase ur mana regen and every spell u cast u gain more mana to ur mana pool.

(Boots of Swiftness) I choose boots of swiftness because it gives her great chasing ability and combined with the speed buff from divine blessing she is very quick. There are also alternative shoes u can get like Sorcerer's shoes for the extra Magic Penetration or Mercury's treads if the team is heaving on CC.

(Nashor's Tooth) Now this item is amazng for Kayle for a couple of reason and those are that it gives her even more mana regen which is amazing, it gives ur AP a good boost, it gives u CD reduction which helps you get off more spells, but the most important one is more attack speed! Once you get Nashor's Tooth ur farming capabilitys become much better.

(Manamune) Once you finish off Manamune you should see a significant increase in damage depending on how much u have stacked on Tear of the Goddess. This item gives you more mana regen so it's all in all a great item.

(Hextech Gunblade) Now this item is amazing or Kayle becuase it gives her pretty much everything she needs to kill everyone. It gives her attack damage, ability power, life steal, spell vamp, and its active is always good for the people who like to run away all the time.

(Trinity Force) (optional) The reason why I put optional for this is because u can either take this or madred's bloodrazor. How you make that choice is based upon how the other team is built. You would get Trinity Force becuase it gives u that extra health so u can survive longer in team fights and it gives u another slow and more attack speed and movement speed so it is all around a great item for Kayle.

(Madred's Bloodrazor) (optional) This item also optional becuase it can be used if the team has a lot of people with **** tons of health and u need the extra kick to shred all their health away. It also gives you more attack speed which nothing is wrong with that.

(Hextech Gunblade) Now this is your last item and you all maybe be saying why are u getting two hextech gunblades and I shall answer that for you. Im doing that becuase A. I want to lol B. It gives her more of the stats that I talked about in the previous hextech gunblade section. You will be unstopable with two of these.
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Skill Sequence

For Kayle her skill sequence is something u have to tweak around with mostly I start off with Reckoning then throw on Rightous Fury to rip them apart becuase of Reckonings damage boost. How I play with Divine Blessing is mostly on what the situation is say if someone needs a heal I'll use it for that. Say if someone needs a little extra speed boost ill use it for that. Now for your ultimate I usually use it on the person who is getting focused because if your getting focused your obviously the one putting out the most damage so you would save them so they can get off that killing blow or they can get away.
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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells I took Ghost and Clairvoyance. The reason for choosing clairvoyance is because i usually hate it when people dont call out mia and it also is a gank stopper which is something that I know everyone hates. As for ghost its there for chasing or for running away either one lol
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Well I hope you all enjoy my guide/build to Kayle she a pretty good champion a mix between a suport and a killer dps and thats why I love to use her. Now get out there and try this build out and rate it haha

League of Legends Build Guide Author akroma21
akroma21 Kayle Guide

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Kayle the Arch Angel of Wrath