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Kayle Build Guide by Tamaru

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tamaru

Kayle, The Queen of Support

Tamaru Last updated on June 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kayle, she is a champion that many people love to play, but rarely get to play her. Why? because fighter kayle is a character that doesn't fit in well in top-teir ranked teams. The solution? Treating kayle more a support than a dps! I have 100 games with kayle under my belt and i've been playing support with her for quite some time now.
This is an overview of how the spells in Support kayle work, with some examples at the end. this is just a breif overview of the spells, there will be more to come video-wise of kayle on this build.

This is my first guide so please give me some feedback on what i can change or do differently next time!

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A common misconception of people who read this build think that i'm boast kayle is a full on support, but that is not what i mean at all! I'm primarily looking into making her support side flourish early game and let your max damage output shine late game where it is really needed, giving more successful overall games when playing kayle. That is all <3

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Spell Overview

Reckoning Is a spell that is key when using a combo against an enemy champ. You want to view this spell as if it was an exhaust that gives you more damage when used. this combined with your team stuns can catch cripples after team fights,so Be sure to keep this spell up at the end of team fights so you can catch the runners!

Divine Blessing is your key support skill. Don't just view this as a healing spell though, you should also be aware that no matter how much health you have you can use this spell as a free ghost as long as you aren't draining your mana to get around. When chasing or helping a teammate catch up, put divine blessing on them and let them get the kill.

Righteous fury is your primary damage spell, which is why i prefer to level it last. Why? because you are looking to support early game and help your teammates at the maximum level you can, and as the game progresses into the late phase, you'll need the damage then for the team fights. You should use this spell one whoever you popped your Q skill on.

Your Ultimate is a tricky spell to master. You can use it for some many things such as running, baiting, saving a glass cannon in team fights, turret diving, and simply saving lives. Be sure to save your ultimate until you are certain you or someone else is absolutely DEAD. One more thing, you are better off using this on your teammates, don't be afraid to save them over yourself since you are the support.

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Early game you should be purchasing Health Potion as well as Mana Potion in order to be sustained with constantly healing yourself, so you can use your heal moderately on your partner.

I'm going to skip the obvious first two choices and move on to the Revolver

Why so early? because by now you are in late laning phase, which is where you will do or take the most damage. You want to be able to harass the other team and do real damage, but at the same time you want to be self relent with potions and spell vamp so you can use your heal on your partner instead of wasting it on yourself. This has been successful for me in most situations, unless laning phase is over.

This item is so useful on kayle late game because it gives you a small boost inn all the stats you have already accumulated with your previous items. It is a pretty standard and general item to get on kayle, so not much is needed to be said about it.

shurelya's reverie This is a good item to finish off the game with. When you buy this item you'll notice a final spike in your Righteous fury, and how you can constantly keep it on with all the cooldown reduction. The active ability allows your teammates to chase and finish kills or run from a lost team fight so they can't ace.

Other Items That work well with kayle
Spellblade is a great item against teams that have a massive amount of CC. I'd suggest getting this for that kind of team right after the laning phase/during the team fight phase so you can keep up with your heals and ult if you are being targeted.

This is a great last item because of the burst damage late game that most AD carries will perform on you, as well as giving you some ability power. This is also useful because then you can save your ult for other people and just use the hourglass on yourself.

Spirit Visage is a good item to get early on in order to increase your early game healing on yourself as well as giving you some extra beef so you you don't die instantly. The CDR also helps with your heal when supporting.

Quicksilver Sash is always a usefull item when be targeted by the enemy team and there is a Urgot/Malzahar/Amumu/Warwick on the other team. This is a very general anti-suppress item.

Archangel's Staff is a good late game item to boost your AP and win the game. The Mana regen and increase will also help you with your heals as a support.

Deathfire Grasp Is a personal-level item. If your team is trying to nuke one specific character then this item would help. the cooldown reduction is a big plus for your heal and ult, and the item is overall okay for kayle, but not too great unless needed in a specific event.

Malady can give you a big boost with Damage if you feel that you are not doing enough, even though this build represents kayle as a more support-y type character, she still needs to do decent amounts of damage. This is especially good for teams that are stacking MR.

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Heal may seem like a begginers summoner spell especially with a character that already comes with a heal, but this will save you and your teammates in team fights and other situations so many times. If kayle is out of mana, then this is basicly a backup. Or if you can't keep up with the healing and someone is going to die, you can use this as a last resort. It comes in handy especially with a support like kayle. This is a suggested summoner spell for low-level players when playing support kayle.

Flash can get you out of situations that your Heal speed buff can not. It is good for situation when try to save yourself, or even saving a teammate. Don't be afraid to use it in combination with your ultimate in order turret dive. This is a primary summoner spell that i suggest.

Clarity will allow you to use your heal rapidly as long as you moderate your other spells. Kayle is very mana reliant, so having this could mean you never have to leave the lane. I usually have 1500 when i first leave the lane because of this. This is the second summoner spell i highly suggest.

Clairvoyance is a great mastery to use, but i only tend to get it whenever i'm playing with my arranged team on vent. Why? because you can use it to find out who is laning where and what items they have by using it on the platform right after you buy an item, and later using it on a tower. This can let you decide who lanes where depending on their choice and can give you a massive advantage. Of course it lets you check for ganks and baren as well.

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The most crucial part of Support Kayle? ASSISTING! people tend to aim for kills when they should be worried about healing and letting their team get the kills since kayle isn't the best fighter for a team. You should focus on what benefits the team all over compared to striving for kills.

Early Game

Early game is a crucial part of kayle, them main goal of playing kayle early game like this is to not die. Stay healed, Don't dive, make sure your lane partner is okay, farm creeps. The longer you sit in lane and get creep kills early on, the more successful you will be after the lane phase.


I really will only back one time early game, and that is when i have enough for my boots, 3 of each potion, and a sight ward(if you're bottom lane you want two for mid bush+dragon). After that i will probably back after big fights or ganks. Late game after i hate a rageblade/Hextech i will stay with my team and heal them and almost force me team to keep pressure so that the enemy can't do anything about it since you're just keeping everyone healed at this point in the game, after winning or losing a Major team fight, or killing a turret, i will back and get what i need.


Since you will be the team's support using this build, you will want to be the primary person warding. After your first back you should have one ward for the bush in the river, so that you see any ganks incoming from there and be prepared. If you are bottom lane you will need one for dragon, so that when your team sees that they have taken dragon, you can wait five minutes for it to respawn, then go grab it for your team, leveling the advantage of extra gold. Late game if you grab a few wards and just place them at the buffs and put them in the jungle of the enemy as you are pushing, you can see enemies with low hp, junglers, or opponets that are alone. This will give your team the ability to control the map and gank anyone that is alone. Wards are INCREDIBLY useful in any level or bracket!

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So i know these aren't the best scores, but i just played two games to get some scores to post up temporarly so you can see that this works, hopefully people can send me in some screenies of how successful this was? thank you!(Excuse the XP added, i was on my other account and didn't realize, i'll update this eventually!)

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Thank You

This is my first guide, so i hope you like it! please give me any feedback, or what i can improve for the next guide i make!. I'm going to be adding some screenshots of scores that you submit, and some of my own. I'll also be uploading and adding some gameplay examples of Queen Support Kayle.

Good Luck,
BraveLittleToast Aka Tamaru <3

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