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Kennen Build Guide by Rizer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rizer

Kennen-AP? I think not.

Rizer Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, you probably haven't seen my other builds before (Isuck.gif LOL) but this is my third, and I thought today I'd show the community what I think is a rather rare build. I played Kennen recently because he's been on rotation for a little while now, and I decided that I would go AD for a couple games. Why? Because his second ability, Electrical Surge, has a passive that causes every 5th attack to deal an additional amount of magic damage based from 80% of his AD. Now, read on if you wish, as I go into the details of how this AD Kennen can work, if you do not read on however, don't downvote just because this build might be out of the ordinary.

P.S. If you DO vote, please insert an actual comment, not "." or "ahfhdjfh". Lol, seen plenty of guides (none of mine) with people that do that, as funny as it is (Yes I DO laugh at it xD) it doesn't help put someone's guide at the score they should be at. -Rizer, Meow, i'm a teddy bear!

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Pros :D/ Cons :C

-AD Kennen can't burst too quickly but after being in a fight for a second, he can deal insane damage, higher than AP Kennen.
-AD Kennen has better sustainability due to lifesteal.
-Despite his lack of AoE damage, Kennen is much better at anti-carrying and focusing people down in teamfights.
-He's a flippin' ninja.
-AD Kennen has low ability damage
-Can't burst as well as AP.

Couldn't think of a lot of Pros/Cons...

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Skills Overview and How They Can Work With AD

Kennen's Passive: This works really well with ALL Kennen builds because you basically get a free stun just by landing your abilities, for AD Kennen, nothing is different, just get your stun off, that's your priority when you are in any fight, if you don't, you loose your effectiveness as a teammate. (Besides being a big, old fashion damage dealer, but that's it.)

1st Ability-Naturally a bread 'n' butter skill, even on AD Kennen this can have a decent damage output when landed, and best used between your auto attacks, however, late game it'll be hard to do that (due to your insane attack speed) so just use it whenever you can. *NOTE* If you are low on energy, use this last, as it will have the least effect when trying to finish someone off or escape, it would be better to use your Electrical Surge. If you don't have any marks on them, that's a time to use Q.

2nd Ability-You'll want to level this first, as it is your main damaging ability. You can use this for many things, first off, in the early stages of the game, use the passive to harrass, last hit minions until you have the passive effect ready, then run up, hit a champion, run back. You can use this also in conjunction with Lightning Rush to destroy minion waves, however without AP the active has less damage and you won't instantly kill an entire wave. The rest of the uses are obvious, although I want to note that you should save this ability until after your ultimate if you use it, this will let oyu hit EVERYONE affected by your ultimate, and add that extra mark towards another stun.

3rd Ability-Your gap closing/escaping manuever, when used correctly can do a lot of things. First off, hitting an enemy with it will restore your energy, meaning using it, pulling off a Q hit, then running into them will bring you back up to use the rest of your abilities. Another thing, this costs a very high amount of your energy (110) meaning you must decide whether to use it to escape or get to a fight, as it's cooldown has a decent length. When using it to get to a fight, always initiate with your ultimate, being fast with your ultimate on let's you use it to it's full extent.

Ultimate-A very awesome ability, can almost instantly turn the tides of a teamfight, stunning half the enemy team and dealing damage to them, as soon as you activate this, use your W, this will let you hit their whole team and speed up your stun. Always initiate a fight with this ability, this will disable the team and prevent them from fighting back while you tear them up, RAWR!!!

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Summoner Spells

I go with and , this will let you be very mobile, you will be able to catch up to anyone and get away fairly easy.

Other Viable Spells:

You can use this defensively and offensively, this can allow you to have an easier time with their carry or disable someone during a gank, as well as hinder your pursuer.

This can pack a punch in any 1v1, and finish off their carry during a teamfight.

I'm kind of iffy about these, however they are legit and can work wonders in sticky situations, mostly meaning Cleanse but a surprise push form the enemy can be countered with Teleport, so they are both pretty nifty sometimes.

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Rune Options

Because you deal magic damage with all of your abilities, I go with 9 Magic Pen reds.

For a boost on your survivability, because we don't get much of it for this build (not including Lifesteal here) I run 9 HP/level seals, however, HP regen and armor also work.

It doesn't matter too much what you get for Glyphs but I'd suggest 9 Attack Speed or 9 CDR. As a side note, AP/level glyphs are legit imho because they give a boost where you have none.

For Quints, I go with 3 Armor Pens because of the fact that we focus mainly on auto attacks and will need some anti-armor.

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Mastery Build/Suggestions

I go both 21/0/9 and 21/9/0 depending on the situation mainly because both Defense and Utility are great off-trees, and Offense our main tree for obvious reasons. I grabbed a lot of the mage-y as well as AD-y stuff because Kennen has all magic damage and AP ratios, I didn't grab crit damage however as we don't get any crit chance as of the current guide.

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Items and Stuff

First off, I'd like to point out that as a starting item you can go with a OR because they both can work amazingly in early laning.
Starting with boots you will also need 3x and skip as well.

Ok here is where we get our core items. Always get a B.F. Sword ASAP after you have your doran's and/or boots of speed, this will greatly boost your damage output and the passive on W. Now that you have that, time to move on and pick up and an The Emblem will help you a lot because you'll be able to be out on the field for longer periods and survive fights easier as well.

Now that you've got a start on your build, it's time to finish your first core item, Once you have this, your attack speed will be at a high level, so your W will activate quicker, on top of that, you'll hit pretty hard and the armor pen will help against tanky people as well.

Now we'll want to grab a as this will boost our attack speed even further and give us a 20% lifesteal and increased HP regen aura, helping our team out a lot. After that, you've completed your core! After that's done, I like to grab a because it gives us the 2 main stats we want the most, AD and Attack Speed. As an added bonus, it can shred high HP targets with the passive and it gives armor, which helps against enemy AD carries.....and Garen.

After you've finished a Bloodrazor, go for a for extra lifesteal and epic damage when stacked up. Thanks to Dotter for the help with Guinsoo's!
Lastly, we'll need some survivability. is one of my top picks as it gives you nice survivability and the spell block is awesome. You can trade this out for a if your having problems catching up to people.

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Coming soon!

Email me at: to submit a picture for the gallery!

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Final Note

Thanks to the people that supported my AD build for Kennen, and the people that dealt with my feeding! xD


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Change Log

8/31/11-Changed Guinsoo's to Bloodthirster.