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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Sheno

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheno

Kha'Zix - Burst/Sustain/Jungle Builds (3v3 coming soon!)

Sheno Last updated on November 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I - Introduction

Hey guys, Sh3n0 here. This is my first guide and I really haven't been playing League for too long, so bear with me. (I'll try and make it pretty so it isn't a text wall. (eventually)) Leave some comments if you guys want me to add something. <3
If you make a comment about the build and I see it, I'll try to respond! I'd like it if I could get some advice on making this guide better. Thanks for your time! :)
I'm going to make one of those posts that you see every once in awhile with that pretty little picture that tells you not to over extend. Not to be mean, but you need to know it if you don't. Please don't down-vote before trying out the build!
Feel free to reuse my picture. It sucks but if it fits and you don't care, you might as well.
Table of Contents:
I - Introduction
II - Evolutions
III - Runes
IV - Summoner Spells
V - Items
VI - Pretty Picture <3
VII - There's no Team in Teemo
VIII- Pros/Cons
XI - Glass-Cannon Build
XII - Jungling!
XIII - Summary
XIV - Voting

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II - Evolutions

There are many DIFFERENT ways you can evolve. I personally prefer to start with my E, while some prefer their W.
Other (less useful IMO) Ones:
Note: The reason I don't get my ulti is because the stealth only lasts one second, that's one second for a bit of defense but less damage and healing. (3 seconds, total)

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III - Runes

Theses runes are pretty common. You could/i] switch out the Flat MR glyphs for Flat AD glyphs. The current runes are set up for high AD and good armor/MR for early game.

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IV - Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells!
The summoner spells I usually use are Flash/ Exhaust.
There are a few other good replacements.
Ghost instead of Flash
Ignite instead of Exhaust
I've seen people run Exhaust/ Ignite, but I haven't tried it. Do it if it suits you.
BarrierBarrier instead of Flash Flash (Customs <3)

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V - Items

B3 - Do I need to explain this one?
HoG - Buy one if you're getting out farmed (GP10 and Health OP)
Zerker's - You could also take up Merc's or Tabi, depending on preference/composition.
Wriggles - Nice early game damage, armor, and a free ward!
Phage - Health and damage that you'll probably need for top lane, with an occasional slow!
Bloodthirster - Great item for the AD, you'll definitely need one.
Phantom Dancer - why do I get this? That bit of sustain damage really helps, TBH.
Frozen Mallet - Why WOULDN'T you get a Frozen Mallet? OP slow with some health. <3
Guardian Angel - Free life? Yes, please!
Bloodthirster - More damage, extremely useful. (Or a Last Whisper)

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VI - Pretty Picture <3

Path I take to Red
Wards (The one at red only if you plan on taking it)
Caution Warding - Place wards there if they have a teleport, or if you want to be cautious.
Safe. <3
Careful, bro.

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VII - There's no Team in Teemo

Need music yet?
Listen to it, it's good! <3 Ballerauille

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VIII - Pros / Cons

__________________________________ ________________________________________

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IX - Stacks!

Getting max stacks on your Bloodthirster is extremely important. That 80 AD can mean the difference between winning or losing a teamfight. Always try and keep your stacks up, unless it'll cause your team to lose. (Teamfight, Baron, towers, etc.)

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X - Team Work

Work with your team! Jump in from behind and destroy that ADC! Your team will almost always win team fights once you smash the ADC that's chillin' in the back. If the ADC is far enough away from his team, he's gone.

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XI - Glass-Cannon Build

My friend tried it and told me he did good, but I have yet to try it. With the new Riven skin I've been playing her a lot more recently. It is up to you whether or not you try it, but it can't be too bad if you're going for burst. At full stacks you'd have almost if not more than 600 AD.

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XII - Jungle!

I honestly don't jungle much as Kha'Zix, mainly because I prefer Amumu/Udyr. Please comment about jungling Kha'Zix if you're good at it! :P

The build is what I use, Warmog's, Atma's, Frozen, GA, BT, Boots...they're all good items together. You could build more bursty, but if you drop the Warmog's I'd also drop the Atma's.
Good luck jungling, and don't forget to use your Wriggle's while you have it!

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XIII - Summary

Please don't down-vote before trying out the build! This build should give you tons of burst with some sustained damage. The ADC/APC won't know what hit 'em. >>>The reason you shouldn't get an IE is because his Q can't crit. The only reason to get an IE is in the burst/sustain build where he has ASPD and CRIT from the Phantom Dancers.<<< Your stacks on your BT's, get them.

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XIV - Voting

One last thing to ask of you guys, don't vote by simple assumption. Please play multiple games with the build and comment before voting. Hopefully your comments can make this guide and the readers better! For anyone who upvotes or downvotes and >COMMENTS<, I thank you.