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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Yamada802

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamada802

Kha'Zix - I'm gonna F***k the World [Jungle]

Yamada802 Last updated on October 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all: My english is BAD. Okay, so hey guys welcome to my Kha Zix Jungle guide c:

About me:
I am just a normal 16-Years old boy and play often LoL. my Elo is just 1309 and not the best.
there are no positions i wont play^^ but my favourite ones are AP carry, soloTop and finally jungler

and THIS is my first Guide ever so i need every Comments to make this one(or mabe the next one ) better.

Why Kha'Zix?
Kha is a very cool champ and not hard to learn but if you want to master him, you need a lot of games playing him


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Pros / Cons


- Fast jungle
- Very High DmG output
- A very special champ
- You can 'fly' around the map
- DAT SKIN *-*


- Hard focused
- if got stunned, u are almost dead
- dont know why not to play him...

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Runes and Masteries

There is not much to say about. I take the same Masteries and Runes for playing AD Carry but in my opinion they are not bad for Kha Zix jungle because he can deal more damage and they are also good for lategame

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Summoner Spells

For the first option Smite is a must have as a Jungler. Just do it. every Buff, every Dragon every Baron and every Counterjungle will be much easier with this little spell^^

For the second Spell u can choose whatever you want but i prefer Flash because its a good combination with your jump or your ultimate and you can save your life or the life of your teammates.

DONT PICK THESE SPELLS: Heal Clarity or Clairvoyance ! These spells are useless for you let the support take one of these but not you ! YOU ARE THE BEAST

every other summoner spells have their own playstle and might be good if u can handle them :D

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Hell yeah! :D i was scared about this chapter because i cant explain why to buy these Items but here it is:

Start items:
Cloth Armor + Health Potion x5

almost every jungler can jungle with these items. but why no Shoes? because the +armor and the 5potions can let you jungle longer without risk. and you can counterjungle as well as u can gank with full HP. You dont need 5potions for Kha in the jungle but it is much better than 3potions ^^

Mid game CORE items:

Berserker's Greavers -Situationally shoes! This is for much dmg output but u can choose every shoes u want
Wriggles Lantern - Typic Jungler Item and a good passive for warding Dragon/mid/top/etc.
The Brutalizer - ARpen is always good... for your Q its the best! but sell it later

Late game Goals:

Trinity Force - All what you need for Survivability
Last Whisper -Replace your Brutalizer for this item
The Bloodthirster -Replace your Wriggles for more AD and Lifesteal
Maw of Malmortius -Why this item? they will focus you X-TREME! if you follow this build, you will deal 'Tons of Damage' with your Q and your E (your W is not focused in this build)
With this build you can kill their AD carry in within 3seconds and when you have low life its faster than that :D
Guardian Angel - For a nice Mres and Armor + A helpful passive

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What should i evolve? // 4th EVO ?!

Its simple! :) in my opinion u just need to evolve Q E and R if you play ARGESSIVE!!!

For BG's or passive playstyle evolve W E and R because you want to do extra dmg with your spikes....

if there is a enemy Rengar .... who has stacked his Bonethooth Neclance to the maximum and u almost have 3 Evolutions [ LVL 16+ ] its possilbe that there is coming a Buff in the game called : Showdown Fight... if you read the histories from Rengar and Kha, u can see they are quite similar.... so they will fight for : 'the best Hunter' and IF YOU WIN! you will gain the last evolution and a buff Called Victory! :) ULTIMATE PREDATOR :D

IF RENGAR WINS: he will gain your head and u will walk headless xD no no just kidding :D his neclance is transforming into your head and he wont loose any of his stacks.

So go for it and Kill him :)

FIRST EVOLVE YOUR Q !! You will deal XTREME DMG in ealygame

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Very easy ^^ Go for your blue at 1:55 and ask the midlaner if he can pull the buff ^^ try to kill the little creeps first, because your Q passive will deal extra damage to isolated enemies
in this example the big Golem

next, go for Wolves and start the fight with your W but stay close to them! so you will gain a little heal^^

continue with the wraiths and spam your Q and your W if you hit lvl 3 take a point in your Leap

Now you can choose what you want to do: Red or 2Golems. i recommend the golems if your Smite is NOT ready... but if its Ready, go for Red and then Try to Gank a lane. Otherwise take the golems and go back to your base for buying sth.

DONT FORGET TO GANK OR YOUR TEAM WILL QQ YOU...its annoying if their pushing hard and want ganks ._.

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´LVL 3-6 :

Simple try to jump at the enemy and AUTOHIT 1TIME for your Passive, then Q and then finish with your teammate. WORKS BETTER IF THE CHAMP is ISOLATED ( passive form Q )

´LVL 6 +:

same thing BUT this time activate your ultimate for better are invincible :)

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Okay okay i thinked its much easier to write a guide but for the next one ( or mabe if you wish a update) i will make some pictures or videos... but a big problem for me is, that i dont know how to handle this 'easy' guide maker' do they place these cool little pictures and those big Spell icons... im confused.

BiG THX to HappyRage, he helped me with that build

I hope it was not so boring and pls leave a comment (maybe your Stats, some good words some ideas ....)